BLOG POST 2 - Political Correctness

That is a statement that I believe from the bottom of my heart.  I believe that Political Correctness has run amuck and is ripping the very foundations of our Free Constitutional Republic and Society apart.  It is, frequently, making civil discourse possible and the PC Police seem to be everywhere monitoring everything.  Well, everything that a Republican, Conservative, Constitutionalist, or Christians says while excusing the Leftists.  I have come to accept the reality of hypocrisy as being a normal part of today’s political world.  No, I do not mean that I embrace it but that I acknowledge it is prevalent and possible permanent but reject its validity or value.  It has none!

I agree with the assertion of columnist, Joy Pullman in her article “80 Percent of Americans Think Political Correctness Is A Problem In America.”  No, I do not know if 80% or 10% think that but that it is a problem.  However, her research was drawn from 8,000 survey respondents, 30 one-hour interviews, and six focus groups.  That is impressive!  YouGov has released a report called, “Hidden Tribes.”

What I found interesting in this report was that the strongest objections came from racial minorities and those who had never attended college.  Is there a correlation with the college educated crowd of today and this philosophical view?  I believe there is.  High-income college graduates were the most supportive of political correctness.  The people in those groups were also more likely to identify as agnostics or atheists as well and they were extremely liberal in their political ideologies.

I have contended for a very long time that Political Correctness is a breeding ground for both Toxic Liberalism and Hate.  I believe that it is a breeding ground and a launching pad for the incredible ‘hate speech’ that is flummoxing many in today’s America.  Within the various minorities the report indicated that Asians opposing it was 82%, Hispanics were even more opposed at 87% and American Indians even more opposed at 88%.  The interesting but understandable statistic was that white Americans opposed political correctness at a mere 79%, but alas you have to account for the devoted and irreconcilable liberals within that group.

This report indicated that Progressive Activist “have an outsized role in political discourse, even though they compromise a small portion of the population (about 1 in 12.)”  I guess the squeaky wheel truly does get the grease.  With the complicity of the Media hawking the talking points of Leftism, Liberalism, Progressivism, Socialism, and Globalism it is no wonder that the major idea presented is that of the Politically Correct World View.  Sadly, there are still thousands if not millions of well-meaning Americans who believe that if it is on the Internet or News it must have some validity.  They have a utopian view that is demonstrated in naivety and blind trust.  That is a sad condition, but one that I believe exists in today’s world.

When this mindset and mandate is pressed to its limits you some astounding examples review.  In Washington State, the prisons no longer refer to those incarcerated as inmates or prisoners but ‘students.’  Students?  Students of what?  Did they skip class and wind up incarcerated?  I guess that makes sense to the followers of political correctness and liberalism but not to me.  According to the National Review, student leaders at the University of Oregon considered removing the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote, “I have a dream.”  Why would they do that? Was it racism?  Hardly, it was because of Political Correctness and insisted that it should be removed because it did not address discrimination based on gender.  I am not making this up.

The United States Air Force appears to be caving to the Political Correctness Police and has issued a warning against using the terms, ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ because they are offensive.  In Seattle, there are numerous examples including mandating police to refrain from using the word “suspect” and use the term, “community member.”  That is Political Correctness Insanity.  Everybody is a community member but not a suspect and there needs to be a distinction.  Princeton University has banded, the use of ‘Man’.  There are clearly examples where the word man might be replaced with something more appropriate but when it comes to ‘man and wife’ insisting that this become ‘spouses’ and ‘partners’ is a bit much, in my view.  Other examples are ‘manmade’ is now ‘artificial’, ‘workmanlike’ is now ‘skillful’ and ‘layman’ is now ‘non-specialist.’ 

The British Medical Association has told its members that they are to no longer refer to a woman as an expectant mother’ but simply a ‘pregnant person.’  In 2015, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee declared the phrase “politically correct” as taboo.  They stated they considered the use of the term microaggression.  Wow!  You are required to be politically correct, but you cannot call it political correctness.  That is laughable!  Let me give you another that should blow your mind.  In the summer of 2017, middle-school math teachers were able to take an online course entitled, “Teaching Social Justice through Secondary Mathematics.”  According to CampusReform.org, the concepts include recognizing that, “For centuries, mathematics has been used as a dehumanizing tool,” and “math is a powerful tool for advocacy or oppression.”  What was the bottom line in their argument?  It was Mathematical Identity which, they argued, “raises the issue that when we think of renowned mathematicians, many of us reference educated Western white males.”  There you have it, the dastardly educated Western white man is the root of the problem.

In totalitarian states, the use of limiting free thought and speech is one of their prime tools and political correctness is such a weapon.  The totalitarian seeks to prevent the individual from developing and engaging in free thought and limiting their freedom of speech.  That is anathema to the American Constitution but embraced by the Leftists of today’s America.  In the totalitarian state, any form of thought alternative to the party’s construct is classified as a “thought crime.”  We are bombarded daily by the MSM, politicians, activist, entertainers, the Hollywood liberal elitist that there is “appropriate speech” we must all follow.  Appropriate to whom?  To the liberal leftist, not the 1st Amendment expression of Free Speech but the Liberal definition.

Today it is virtually impossible to navigate the minefields of political correctness and avoid an encounter with the PC Police.  We can no longer say, “Merry Christmas” because it might offend someone.  If we are to follow the mandate of the madness of Political Correctness, we must cease identifying a person as a homeless person but as an outdoor urban dweller.  A Prostitute is a to be identified as a sex worker or sex care provider.  I guess an Illegal Immigrant would be an irregular immigrant or undocumented worker.  A Left-Wing Riot is simply a peaceful protest regardless of the violence and chaos.  It has become obvious that the names ascribed to all Conservatives by the Liberals are a part of their new dictionary.  A Racist, Nazi or Fascist is anyone who disagrees with those on the far left.  Simple enough, right?  There are hundreds of words and phrases that could be inserted I will leave their discovery to you.

In November we have the opportunity to challenge the political correctness totalitarian posturing of the Democrats and those following the toxicity of liberalism and socialism.  We dare not allow them to return to power if we have any hope of restoring sanity and/or civility to our Republic.  If we want to protect and defend our inalienable rights we MUST defeat the Liberal Leftists in November.  Please, Vote!  Vote for America!

God bless you and God bless America!

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