I would hope that every American patriot would say, Amen, (so be it).   One of the things that give me cause for hope is the Trump nominee for Attorney General and the federal judge that has stated there needs to be a reopening the Hillary Clinton email investigation.  The latter has to come as a severe blow to the Clinton camp and the Democrats.  Of course, we will hear that this is nothing more than a partisan activist judge making this ruling.  That is in contrast with the silence of the left when Obama judges rule against President Trump. In those cases, the Democrats and MSM insist the judge is just following the rule of law and the constitution.  Interesting how that works, isn’t it?

U.S. District Judge, Royce Lambert said that the spirit of the Freedom of Information Act required such action.  He said that despite the government’s claimed presumption of transparency, “faced with one of the gravest modern offenses to government openness, [the Obama administration’s] State and Justice Departments fell far short” of the law’s requirements in a lawsuit for documents.  But, couldn’t they do whatever they wanted, and should we question their insistence that no wrongdoing had transpired?  After all, to question Mr. Obama is to be racist and to question Hillary is to be sexist, right?  That’s how they view it.  Thankfully, we have finally found a judge that doesn’t see it that way.

I like his words, “fell far short” because it is, in my view, and the view of many others, a mountainous understatement.  Obama claimed that his administration was the most transparent in history or would be.  We discovered over his eight years in the White House that ‘transparency’ meant telling us what he wanted us to know and nothing else.  Transparency to him and his administration seems to mean about the same as Bill Clinton’s definition of “is”.  It is virtually like a preacher saying, “I’m closing now” and then continues to speak for another ten or more minutes.

Judicial Watch filed its Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in July 2014 seeking to force the State Department documentation and talking points on the September 2012 attacks on the U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, that left the U.S. ambassador and others dead be released.  The suit began before the revelation that Hillary had used a private email account and server while serving as Secretary of State.  The State Department attempted to ignore, side-step, and do an end-run around the request.  They claimed that additional searches would be required and failed to disclose that they had received 30,000 emails returned by Clinton.  They lied and ignored the legal request for information.

The Judge declared that the government’s actions reflected “negligence born of incompetence.”  He stated also that “At worst, career employees in the State and Justice departments collude to scuttle public scrutiny of Clinton, skirted FOIA, and hoodwinked the court.”  That is a powerful statement from this judge.  We know that Hillary used a private email server and email account was to keep the prying eyes of Congress out of her business as Secretary of State.  She and Obama believed that they could do whatever they pleased and were entitled to do so. 

The State Department could not be expected to give to Congress what it did not possess.  She had them and they had not gone through official channels.  Her supposed out was that she was not conducting official business, but we know she was.  She contended that she sent nothing of a classified nature via private emails, but we know she did.  She contended that there was no exposure or danger regarding our national security, but there was.  It was illegal and deserved further investigation, but it was swept under the rug.  Former FBI Director, James Comey initially called it ‘gross negligence’ but that was changed to be ‘extreme carelessness’ to protect Hillary.  He even admitted that she and some of her associates lied to the FBI.  We know that they attempted to destroy the server and other devices.  All clear evidence of an attempt to cover-up the wrongdoing. 

The fight over William Barr, the George H.W. Bush-era leader of the Justice Department being nominated as the next Attorney General by President Trump.  What are his crimes?  He has spoken favorably of President Trump.  That is a mortal sin to the Democrats and the Media.  Nancy Pelosi has chimed into this imbroglio saying his nomination is “deeply concerning.”  She added, “Barr has spent the past two years auditioning for the job by stoking partisan attacks on our nation’s law enforcement community and encouraging the President to use the Justice Department as a political weapon to pursue his rivals and undermine investigations into Trump and his family’s scandals.”  Sounds like what Obama did, but that was okay, right?  Senator Diane Feinstein could not resist offering her criticism saying that Barr holds, “expansive views of executive power and his partisan statements about pardons, the Mueller investigation, and Hillary Clinton.”  Touch their golden goose and you are unqualified.

Chuck Schumer promised a lengthy and difficult fight in the confirmation hearings.  What else would we expect to happen?  After the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, we should have been alerted to the intent and plan of the Democrats in every confirmation hearing from that point forward.  They do not like Whitaker, the acting AG and no one other than a liberal activist would please them.  I say, “Atta Boy, Mr. President.”  If this man is confirmed, I am encouraged that the DOJ may finally take a stand in favor of the Constitution and insist on the Rule of Law.  He may not be what he appears but if he is, I am encouraged.

I take these small happenings as encouragements and pray that the Republicans in Congress, especially the Senate will get with the program and back this President.  If they do, we could reclaim the House, keep the Senate, and the White House in 2020.  Much water will flow under the bridge between now and then, so it is imperative that each of us invest ourselves in the Fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!

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