Today is January 1, 2019.  It is difficult for me to fathom that we have reached 2019.  When I was a senior in high school and looking forward in time, I could not fathom the year 2000 much less 19 years beyond that date.  I was struggling with the reality of the Vietnam War and the probability that I would find myself there.  The draft was in full bloom and I had watched numerous of those graduating ahead of me receive their draft notices and many of them were hustled to that far land.  It seemed more than a probability but a likelihood that I too would see a land that I knew nothing about and fight a war that I hardly knew why it was being fought.

As fate or life would have it, I did go to Vietnam and spent a year in that country.  I served my tour of duty and returned to San Francisco, California and heard and felt the hate of students from the University of Berkley.  I was incensed at their insensitivity to those men who were being transported in wheelchairs and on stretchers.  We were not, as they called us, baby killers. We were not, as they labeled us, warmongers.  We were young men serving our country in the best way we knew.  We were ordered to that war and went out of a sense of duty and love for our country. 

What will we see in the upcoming year?  With the Democrats now having control of the House of Representatives and their avowed determination to investigate, investigate, investigate rather than legislate it will likely be ugly.  We have a growing economy and if both sides would get together setting aside partisan ideological differences we could see even more national prosperity.  In today’s American politics it seems that Democrats and Republicans fit the saying, “East is East, and West is West and never the twain shall meet.” 

We could look forward to progress toward becoming One Nation Under God, that pursues liberty and justice for all.  We could see healing begin in the many areas we are divided.  I wish I could tell you with absolute certainty that this year will see a return to foundational constitutional principles being observed in Washington, but I do not believe that will be the case.  I believe that this president is purposed in keeping his promises to the voters and Congress is equally purposed in hindering his ability to do so.  We endured eight years of the push to ‘fundamentally transform’ our nation.  We have a president that has shown the willingness to stand firm in pursuing his promises, unlike previous Republican Presidents. 

Those of us who desire limited government, the guarantee of those unalienable rights granted to us by God and the preserved in the Constitution and a Constitutional Republic are viewed by those on the Left as members of the ‘Flat Earth Society.’  Will we see a de-escalation of the chaos, protests, and resistance by those on the Left or will we see an escalation?  Will we see the wedge that has been driven between classes and races begin healing or will we see further divide?  Will we see corruption exposed and justice return to being blind treating both Republicans and Democrats alike?  Will we see the Intelligence Community continue to strive to undermine this President or will we see a restoration of integrity to those agencies?  Will we see our border secured or will the Democrats succeed in eliminating it?  Will we see continued victory against Terrorism especially Islamic Terrorism or will those on the Left succeed in impeding our military’s ability to do their jobs? 

I am not as optimistic about 2019 as I would like to be.  My optimism waned a bit in the loss of the House during the mid-term elections.  Too many of the Republicans in the House and even the Senate seem to either be afraid of the Democrats are they agree with them.  The latter is as likely as the former because the politicians on both sides of the aisle desire Big Government and fight ferociously to keep their position and place of power.  I sometimes wonder if we truly have two different parties or if they are largely the same with a few differences, but nothing substantial.  How can we fix that?  I’m not sure that is possible until 2020 and even then, it is questionable for some districts and states seem intent on sending Anti-Constitutionalist back to Washington term after term.  We can, as individuals and grass-roots organizations take steps to influence the precinct conventions and thereby the State and National platforms, but it will take incredible effort and resilience. Are we up to the task?  That remains to be seen.

Now that I’ve thrown down the gauntlet, what am I going to do personally?  Am I going to speak and write about what we should do while sitting on the sideline or am I going to get my feet wet, hands dirty and dive into the dirty water of the political arena locally?  If I do not dive in I guess I should stop speaking and writing for that would appear to be hypocritical and reactionary rather than proactive.  I see inactivity as perpetuating the problem rather than pursuing the solution. Therefore, I am researching how to become involved locally at the precinct level.  I do not feel that my purpose is to be a candidate for political office but to have a voice in platform and choice of candidates. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “I have a dream…”  Well, I have a dream of a restored revitalized constitutional republic in America.  Is it possible?  I cannot say definitively that it is, but I refuse to be deterred from my belief that it is and my willingness to invest all to ensure it.  That is my commitment for 2019 and 2020.  If we fail in 2020 I will have to reevaluate what I am doing and consider the steps needed for survival and the fight.  I am not saying I will throw in the towel if we fail in 2020 rather that we may be forced into survival modes for those desiring our destruction will become fully emboldened and will cast aside all restraint.  I realize that we may never reach the 2020 elections before full-scale chaos become a reality, but I am preparing as though we will.

May God bless you and may God guard, guide and govern America again!

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