America, we either deal with the division that is not only existent but prevalent in our nation today or we see it destroy us like a terminal illness.  No matter where you stand on the political spectrum and what you think of the Democrats or Republicans, the Leadership in Congress or the President, America is a prize worth fighting for.  The Constitution, in its Original Intent, is critical for the survival of the Free Constitutional Republic. 

If you believe that the Constitution has outlived its usefulness and is as antiquated as the rub board or wringer washing machine, you will vehemently disagree with what I am going to say.  If you believe that the Constitution was and is a viable document that has allowed us to enjoy a governmental experiment like no other in history with incredible success, you will agree with most that I assert. 

The basic issue in America is not simply division it is the Constitution!  Even our Founders disagreed as they hammered out the wording of the Constitution and then formulated the Bill of Rights.  However, they all had one desire in view, AMERICA.  Not just a new nation but one that recognized the inalienable rights of All Citizens and would provide a means to protect and preserve those rights.  They wanted a Republic, not a Democracy for they understood the perils of a Straight Democracy, unlike the proponents of doing away with the Electoral College today. 

We are in a Crisis, not just because our borders are porous, that is a serious issue, but because of various elements within our government becoming propaganda tools and political weapons.  Our federal law enforcement community has been corrupted.  Our intelligence community, the Internal Revenue Service, Homeland, and many other federal arms, agencies, or bureaucracies have as well.  I fully support the enforcement of our laws.  Those laws, if bad, need to be eliminated and if good fully enforced.  However, the selective and partisan enforcement of our laws is unacceptable and detrimental to our prize, the Republic.

The paranoia of Richard Millhouse Nixon was well known.  It was not applauded but considered one of the major reasons for his political demise and the scandals that were an outgrowth of that condition.  However, the paranoia of the FBI is being lauded as patriotic and heroic by those on the left.  Sadly, too many on the right, are either unable or unwilling to see the depth of that corruption and how it is detrimental to All Americans regardless of political persuasion. 

I believe that just a few years ago if such mismanagement and partisan targeting had been revealed it would have resulted in an outcry of outrage from most Americans.  The distrust of our federal law enforcement agencies is being justified with each new revelation of how deeply partisan the meritless and costly investigations truly are.  I now wonder if the “insurance policy” by the FBI authored by former agents Peter Strzok and Liza Page was more about CYA for the agency than preventing Donald Trump from winning.  They did not believe he would even as they penned the plan but knew that there could be negative exposure of the agency and wanted to guarantee protection from prosecution.  That is more than disturbing it is diabolical and beyond self-serving.  I don’t care if they were Democrats or Republicans, this is repugnant and destructive. 

According to ABC’s Jonathan Karl, the Mueller investigation into which the counterintelligence probe flowed will yield “zero evidence” of collusion: “We are now just, I believe, weeks away from getting a final report from Robert Mueller, and there is so much anticipation, so much speculation about what he is going to show. He’s been looking into, you know, this whole range of issues. And I am led to believe by people who have interacted with the special counsel that we should be prepared for him to release a report that is anti-climactic.”  The fact that the FBI somehow believed and possibly believes that it to be their patriotic duty to treat a sitting president as ‘guilty until proven innocent’ is a revelation of how deep our problem is in America.

The Clinton email investigation and handling by the FBI was nothing short of judicial prostitution.  The FBI sold its soul, if it had one, in taking measures to ensure that the candidate they believed would become the next President was protected.  It was not their love for Hillary that motivated them, but their love for position, status, and power.  They wanted to ensure they were on the good side of the presumptive president, so they sold their integrity to give her and the outgoing president cover.  I don’t know what to call that but political or judicial prostitution.

I have wondered from the beginning, how far the FBI and other political operatives were willing to go to take Trump out and I believe I am beginning to come to grips with that question.  The answer, in my view, is they were willing to stoop to any levels, pursue any pathways, and do anything to DUMP TRUMP.  The pursuit of Trump did not begin with the election or even the firing of former FBI Director James Comey.  That pursuit began during the campaign and before Trump was the nominee for the GOP.  It was authorized and possibly orchestrated by the Obama administration if not Obama himself.  That is cringeworthy for all lovers of Freedom!

The indictments by Robert Mueller against Trump people and the absence of indictments by the FBI against Democratic operatives are incredibly revealing.  The Democrats have been given a ‘free pass’ and a ‘get out of jail free’ card but any Republican or Trump supporter who crosses any legal line is immediately exposed to the full force of the law.  If that does not trouble you, your troubler is broken.   The FBI showed no interest in the perjury cases or incidents with Obama, Holder, Clapper, Brennan, Lynch, Clinton, or Rice to name a few.  But they were devotedly determined to bring every violation of any Trump supporter to incur the full weight of justice.  Surely, you see the hypocrisy in that and it should cause you to realize the depth they were willing to pervert justice and use their agencies as political weapons.  THAT MUST END!

If Robert Mueller releases his findings and there is ‘no collusion documented’, and that is what should happen, the FBI and other agencies will live in trepidation.  They have been scrambling to give themselves cover and using the MSM to advance the theory that even if nothing is found, something is there.  Sadly, those who want to believe that the President is a traitor and such a despicable human being he is deserving of nothing short of execution will believe their spin and advance their talking points. 

I don’t want the FBI or our Intelligence Community to be deemed so corrupt they are useless, but we are getting dangerously close to that place.  Any student of Civics would realize how deeply flawed the assertions that President Trump is a national threat are.  Any president can tilt our foreign relations toward any country they desire and that is not really any of the FBI’s business and does not indicate treason or provide a basis for impeachment.  It is his responsibility to deal with foreign affairs.  Withdrawing from a war or buttering up to a dictator, presumably trying to find common ground to secure an agreement that is beneficial for America is not a crime.  It might or might not be the wrong approach but is within the purview of the duties of the president.  Congress is the ‘check and balance’ of our Constitution, not the FBI.

What we have been witnessing is nothing less than today’s “Watergate”.  Brennan’s convening of a ‘working group’ at the CIA headquarters that included Peter Strzok, James Comey to stymie Trump’s campaign is the problem, not Donald Trump.  Using a political opposition document purchased by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC, knowing it was not verifiable smacks of a modern “Watergate”, not a legitimate action to protect America and Americans.  It was political gamesmanship and partisan weaponizing of our federal agencies.  THAT IS TRAGIC!

America, we can either allow this to continue and watch our Republic disintegrate before our very eyes or reclaim our government. How can we do that? What do we do?  Again, my faith demands that we Pray, Pray, Pray and turn to God as the first course of action.  The second course of action is to become informed and the third is to become involved.  We Vote Out all those who will not protect and defend our Constitution. We Vote Out all who want to take us down the path of Socialism and destroy our Republic. We cannot sleep through this, it is far more than a bump in the road.

God bless you and God bless America!

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