I’m quite serious and will possibly be unfriended by some because of this post, but here goes.  Since the Presidential Election of 2016 and my expressed support of the GOP and in that President Trump, I have been challenged numerous times by those who are adamantly opposed to him.  In fact, their dislike for him is so strong they were and may still be willing to allow the Liberal, Leftist, Socialist, Progressive, Globalist Democrats win.  Some of them have claimed that they are the true patriots and conservatives because they oppose Trump.  I find that a very quizzical position at best and incredibly disturbing at worst.

I know I am a conservative in my political and life views.  I am a Vietnam veteran and a committed defender of our Republic.  I am proud to be an American and believe that I am a patriot.  That seems to be in question to those who call anyone who supports this president a ‘cultist’.  I have a difficult time grasping the reasoning of those who claim to be Conservatives, defenders of the Constitution, and patriots who would cede the House, Senate, and White House to the Democrats because of their angst or animosity toward President Trump.  That is more than a little perplexing to me.

I did not like many of the ideological or political views of Mitt Romney or John McCain, the previous two GOP nominees, but I could not envision any scenario in which I would either not vote or vote for Barack Obama, the Democrat.  Therefore, I, as my brother has said, “held my nose and voted Republican.”  I saw, and we experienced eight years of horrific policies and the systematic dismantling of our military and the perversion of our justice system slanting it in favor of anti-Americanism.  There were millions who stayed home and refused to vote for Romney and allowed Obama to win and they claimed moral high-ground and patriotism in their actions.  I confess I cannot understand that reasoning.

If a person is a professed liberal Democrat I can understand their vote and even appreciate their sincerity in their argument for their ideological position.  However, if a person claims conservatism and their opposition to the GOP candidate makes them a patriot, I find that an incredibly bitter pill to swallow.  There are no perfect candidates and there never will be.  Therefore, we sometimes find ourselves with the choice of defeating liberalism or letting it succeed.  In that case, I believe it is very principled to vote against the liberal.  You may disagree and that is your right and I will defend your right.  I disagree with your position and believe you are doing harm to what you claim to be in favor, the Republic, the Constitution, and Conservatism. 

Not all Republican nominees will be 100% conservative. nor will they have the particular polish or personality that we might prefer.  However, when faced with a binary choice, as we do in virtually every presidential election, if we are conservatives we must choose to defeat liberalism.  I say that even if the GOP candidate gives us conservatism lite rather than solid conservatism.  A little is better than none.  I agree that is a terrible position to be in, but until we regain control of the Party or see the real development of an alternative that is our choice.

I cannot fathom any true conservative being opposed to Tax Cuts.  I cannot see any scenario in which a true conservative would be against Border Security or National Security.  I cannot envision a situation in which a true conservative would be better served voting for or allowing the liberal to win regarding our 2nd Amendment Rights, 1st Amendment Rights, Religious Liberty, or Free Market Capitalism.  I cannot believe that any true conservative wants the federal government spending our tax dollars on entities such as Planned Parenthood and abortion on demand.  Maybe you can, but I cannot.  I cannot believe that any true conservative would be opposed to reduced unemployment, reduced entitlements for those refusing to work and simply taking for those who do.  I cannot believe that any true conservative would be for Government Run Healthcare, the rogue use of the IRS to harass conservative individuals and organizations.  That, to me, is not conservatism.

I do not hide from the fact that President Trump was not my first choice.  However, when he became the nominee, I threw my support behind him because he was a far cry better than Hillary Clinton.  I have been pleasantly surprised and appreciative of his determination to stand against the Democrat threats and not cave as previous Republicans have.  I see him as somewhat of a pragmatist rather than a conservative or politician.  He sees a problem and believes there is a solution and sets his mind to finding the solution and fixing the problem.  Does he get it right 100% of the time?  Who does?  Will he make mistakes?  Who doesn’t?  Which one of us is perfect?

I find it both amusing and aggravating that those who are part of the Never Trump Crowd like to call those of us who support him “Cultist” and yet get offended if we identify them as a “Hater.”  I have worked with people that I found repulsive, but in order to achieve an objective I needed them, and they needed me, so we found common ground and pursued the prize desired.  My prime objective politically is America.  I believe that it is critical that we defend her against the toxicity of liberalism and that may mean we elect presidents and other candidates that are not our most favored people. 

If someone tells me they are a conservative and their conservatism affords them patriot status but voted for the Democrat, I find it difficult to see conservatism in that action.  If you are a conservative and love America and Freedom, as do I, then let’s join together and set aside our personality preferences and unite against the toxicity of liberalism in the Socialist Leaning Democrat Party of today.  I am not trying to be antagonistic but simply detailing my failure to grasp the position of some conservatives today who are willing to see the Democrats win because of their dislike for the current GOP President.

God bless you and God bless America!


  1. Shania says:

    Thank you for sharing thiis

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