At least, by those on the Left, for they seem to have lost sight of the Original Intent of our Framers and Founders and the Colonials fighting for the Free Constitutional Republic they gave us.  Maybe, they haven’t lost sight of it at all but have shifted in their ideological positions to the point they no longer want what our forefathers gave us.  Maybe, Socialism, Progressivism, the Deep State, and Totalitarianism is what they now believe in and desire.  If that is the case, the War we are engaged in is far more serious than most Americans seem to believe.  If that is what they believe and desire, this is truly a Fight to the Finish for Freedom!  I cannot decide for you, but I hope I can offer some insights that will help you understand where we are and how we got here.

Mark Levin, lawyer, former Reagan DOJ official, now radio conservative commentator, and an author has written a new book that I highly recommend.  It is “Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism.”  It was released in 2017 so it is over a year old and many of you may have already gotten and read it.  It is worth the price and time to do so.  Mr. Levin, in my view, is always insightful and pulls no punches when it comes to America and our need in this fight for Freedom.  He is a staunch constitutionalist as I believe I am, but he has the educational and historical background to see it in a way that many in the public sector do not.

If we were to, as Mr. Levin has, go back and research the phenomenon of the beauty of and need for limited representative government, we would be appalled at where we are today in America.  This is not the America of our Founders and not even the America of our grandparents.  I would say parents, but all who read this have not attained the chronological travel through time as I.  The 19th and 20th Centuries produced some significant enemies of our system of government and made Benjamin Franklin’s statement poignant in a new way.  He said when asked what kind of government they had produced, “A Republic if you can keep it.”  That is the question of the hour, can we, or will we?

The drift or shift, as described by Mr. Levin in our ideological, social, moral, and understanding of what a Republic is has produced serious dangers and pitfalls for our future.  The shift to mobocracy rather than representative democracy has and is crippling our ability to self-govern with any semblance of success or sanity.  When those driven by personal ambition and lacking in moral fiber gain power, as is representative of our government for the past fifty or more years, the Republic is damaged.  When we lose sight of the intrinsic value and inalienable right of freedom and the necessity of recognizing natural law and its inseparable elements we endanger our Republic.

The Founders and Framers approached the formation of our Republic and its government from a strong natural law, traditional morality, with individualism, capitalism, property rights, liberty, freedom, and rejection of tyranny.  Today, those in Washington, especially in Congress and many of the bureaucracies desire a tyrannical oligarchy and seem to believe the “know best” and we are the ignorant plebs or deplorable elements of society.  They are the elite and believe themselves to be entitled to dictate to the rest of society what we can and cannot do.  That is the face of the Democratic Party today and there are far too many Republicans who have boarded that train. 

Today, for whatever reason, the Left seems to be embracing the views of statism/socialism and even communism.  This is what the progressivism of today embraces with full allegiance.  Mr. Levin walks the reader through the progression and postulations of 19th and 20th-century progressives and the damage they have done.  A warning that must be heeded by all who desire to see America remain the Free Constitutional Republic with limited government our Framers and Founders established.  Their views and those of today seem to be heavily influenced by Plato, Rousseau, Hegel, and Marx. He introduces a new name to me and possibly you, Herbert Croly, a father of modern liberalism and progressivism in America.  If we consider the damage done to our Republic by the administrations and influence of Wilson, Dewey, Roosevelt, and others we can discern how people like Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were elected. 

We have been on a multi-generational path and plan through our educational system to destroy conservativism and constitutional originalism in the minds of our children and now their children.  John Dewey was a chief proponent of using education as a means to ‘counteract and transform’ the individualist tendencies prevalent in America.  He saw education as the primary tool and powerful weapon to replace our Americanism and Individualism with the embracing of the ‘cooperative and collective.’

Mr. Levin suggests, and I believe he is correct, that a Progressive is one who believes in the perfectibility of man by governmental tinker and control.  He also suggests that they believe that if the tinkering and control do harm, the good intentions of their ideology and agenda immunizes the well-intended progressive.  Balderdash, is what I say to their mindset!  People like Wilson sought to create an incredibly expansive and powerful activist and interventional government.  He called his desired system, “unbounded activist government.”  Now doesn’t that make you all warm and fuzzy?  An All Powerful and Expansive Government dictating our lives.  That is not the America we need and why I say we may need to rediscover America.

Today, the impasse in Washington has everything to do with the conflict of the views of the Progressive, Globalist, Socialist view, versus the Constitutional view.  However, it is a sad commentary that too many of the GOP have no clue what true Constitutionalism really is.  They too have morphed into Big Government Advocates and the only difference between them and the Democrats is they maintain a smidgen of loyalty to the Constitution.  None of them seem to realize or remember that this is supposed to be a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  They believe themselves to be the only wise and noble in society and we (citizens) do not know what is best or even what we want.  The fact that we keep sending the same bunch back to Washington might be a validation of their views.

If we don’t resist the resistance and insist that all our elected officials regardless of party, follow the Rule of Law and protect and defend the Constitution we are aiding and abetting the destruction they are proposing and perpetrating.  What can we do?  I sound like a broken record but Pray, Pray, Pray is the first order of business.  The second is to become involved, informed, and Vote!  I did not say vote, vote, vote but VOTE.  We cannot allow voter fraud to shift elections if we hope to save the Republic.

God bless you and God bless America!

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