The movie from decades ago, “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” comes to mind when I contemplate the state of politics in America today.  It is not just the political, or politicians, but the insanity and lack of reason have permeated such a large swath of our society I fear for the Republic.  I can hear some saying, “There he goes again with the Alarmism!”  I hope that I am bringing to light a current state of reality that will inspire and motivate each of us to become involved in both politics and society.  We are not islands, and none of us live in a cocoon, we are part of the American Society and if we let it become what it will without attempting to use our influence to guide it in the right direction we may well deserve what we get. 

Before you call for my head and request a large vat of boiling oil to pour on me, consider the reality that each of us has a voice, a vote, and an opportunity to influence someone else.  We may only influence one person but that is all that it takes when society as a whole becomes involved.  America may not choose the path I prefer, believe is best, and desire, but if everyone becomes involved I can deal with the outcome. 

I have never liked hearing about the ‘Silent Majority’ because, to me, that is like a Christian claiming to be in God’s ‘Secret Service.’  If I do not express my view, cast my ballot, and seek to inform my friends, family, and others as well as my elected officials as to what I believe to be the best course of actions, I have acquiesced my responsibility and duty.  My family deserves better.  I deserve better and refuse to be a sheep or a rat following the pied-piper to destruction.

Today’s national Democratic Party has taken a very Sharp Left Turn politically.  I don’t mean a shift to the Left but a very sharp and well-defined turn toward everything that America was not, is not, and should not be.  The question could be and should be asked, “What prompted that turn?’  What is behind that radical shift?  I doubt that I could successfully detail all the reasons but have a couple in view that I will share.

Bill Bennet and others have cited the fact that the New Democrats focusing on the 2020 elections have placed the eggs of higher taxes, universal healthcare, open borders, and late or full-term abortions in their political basket.  Will, that play well in 2020?  Time will tell, but I pray that it will mean their defeat in such epic proportions that hopefully they will rethink some of their positions.  However, if history is an indicator of the future, they will not only not rethink their positions and move toward the center they will double and triple down with more Socialism, Marxism, and Leftist agendas. 

Flannery O’Connor wrote that sometimes you have to, “push back against the age as hard as it pushes against you.”  President Trump has pushed hard, something the Leftist had never experienced from a Republican President or Congress for that matter.  That caused such intense hatred and indignation against him they have pushed back harder than ever.  Their hatred has pushed them to the brink and so clouded their judgment they have allowed their perception of who he is and what he stands for to become fictional rather than addressing his real policies.  

It is my view, maybe not yours, that President Trump’s policies are somewhat conservative, but largely traditional and laced with moderation and compromise.  Is that good?  Mostly, but the Democrats and the Never Trump crowd are so filled with disdain for the man they cannot see the opportunities to do something good for America.  They only see him, and he is like a red flag to a mad bull to them. 

The Democrats are calling for higher taxes on the so-called rich, but when you find out who they deem to be rich, you find that it touches many of us who are anything but wealthy.  There are calls for increased taxation ranging from 70-90% depending on which Democrat you are talking to.  Tax increases on the wealthy always lead to tax increases on the middle-class and affect all people through higher prices and costs.  How is that good? 

They want to eliminate all Private Insurance and transition into a Single-Payer, Government Run Medicare For All Healthcare system that is so costly and economically lacking sanity it should frighten every American.  Sadly, most do not consider the costs or any potential dangers in a fully government-run healthcare system.  I have touched on those before so I won’t go into the potential genocide and other factors inherent in that type of system. 

The Democrats want Open Borders and are resisting the Wall at all costs.  Why?  They were for a wall in the past but now that it is Trump the wall is Immoral and Ineffective.  What changed?  Only who is in the White House.  The shutdown of the U.S. economy cost approximately $11 Billion and the estimated cost of the Wall was less than $6 Billion.  We could have saved over $5 Billion by simply building the Wall. 

Why are the Democrats so vehemently opposed to the Wall?  Well, based on their arguments I can only conclude that they do not believe in borders or limits on immigration.  The bottom line is they do not believe in America or America as established by our Founders and enjoyed by previous generations.  They want a fundamentally transformed America that is more like Venezuela than a Free Republic.

On the matter of Abortion, they are advancing such late-term abortions that polls indicate their voting members are at odds with their position.  Polls indicate that only 13% of Americans and 18% of Democrats favor third-trimester abortions.  It might shock you to hear the views of Howard Schultz and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on their proposals.  Schultz said that Medicare for all was ‘not American.’  Bloomberg condemned Senator Warren’s plan saying, “We need a healthy economy and we shouldn’t be embarrassed about our system. If you want to look at a system that’s not capitalistic, just take a look at what was once one of the wealthiest countries in the world and now people are starving to death: it’s called Venezuela.”

There are a few Democrats, although quite liberal, who see the extremism of the New Democrat Party as dangerous, un-American, and destructive.  I pray that the rank-n-file Democrats who work for a living will also wake up and resist the push to Extremism that is the plan and path of Toxic Liberalism in America.

God bless you and God bless America!

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