2020 AMERICA – What Will It Look Like?

I can hear someone say, “We just finished the 2016 and 2018 elections and already we are in the 2020 campaigns, can’t we have a break?”  The answer in America is NO!  We have allowed our political cycles to become endless and although we get brief respites from the actual campaign trail activities we are never far from campaign positioning and jockeying.  Simply put, in America, we must endure Endless Political Campaigning. 

I’ve had people ask me, “Why do you, a preacher, involve yourself in politics?”  I’ve had well-meaning and sincere believers tell me that my time is wasted in politics and what I should do is solely focus on the Bible, preaching and teaching.  I would love to do that, but the reality of today’s American political tumult keeps dragging me back seeing a need to “sound the alarm” when many are opting to remain silent.  I don’t like politics, but it is a way of life in America and in order to preserve Liberty and Freedom for my children and grandchildren I find that, for my sense of duty and responsibility, I must speak up and speak out. 

One of the many reasons that I speak out and write is because of the sleaziness of today’s politicians and activist and sycophants.  We have all witnessed the hijacking of words and the twisting of meanings.  It has been done by various sectors of our society but nowhere more evident and destructive than in politics, especially the politics of liberalism.  George Orwell was correct when he said, “control the language and you control the people.”  That could be applied to the political argument and voiced as, “control the language and you control the argument.”

There are so many examples it requires no citing of numerous examples but when I hear the Leftists twist language and use politically correct speech I feel frustration.  But, when I hear some on the Right who are supposedly conservatives and constitutionalist using Leftist terms I cringe.  When I hear conservatives calling things like Medicare and Medicaid entitlements, I feel a sense of anger welling up inside my being.  We have allowed the Leftists to commandeer the language and largely put conservatives on the defensive.  The Main Stream Media has joined them as have the Hollywood elitist and millions are parroting the terms as valid. 

I read in Orwell’s writings of a story where he illustrated how easily language controls people.  He referred to a Chinese woman who said that in her native dialect there was no equivalent word for privacy.  Privacy was a concept foreign to her parents and that privacy did not exist in her parent’s home.  After living in America a few years, the thought of returning to China where there was no privacy was maddening her.  There was no lock on her bedroom door and when she placed a table in front of the door to gain some privacy it sent her mother into an unhinged rage and accused the daughter of being unloving and claimed that America had ruined her. 

If we lose the language we will lose control and the process of brainwashing will achieve its fullest expression.  We have witnessed that in our public schools and institutions of higher learning for at least two if not three generations.  The word “Entitlement” is an example and a word that has come to produce incredible angst in my heart when I hear it used.  In its origination, it was a very good and useful word but today it is anything but.  It has been so distorted and corrupted by the Leftists that people have been captured, captivated, and enslaved by Liberalism. 

The word, in its origin and used correctly conveys right, proper, moral, and legal ownership of something.  That is not how it is used today.  I believe that Orwell was correct in his dire warnings that if we lose the language there is an incredible danger of the indoctrination by media propaganda causing people to lose their human qualities and become soul-less and mindless automatons.  That will transpire and to a measure already has in today’s America.  In that state, people become terrified of anything or anyone different from us.  It then becomes easy to dehumanize those peoples, nations, or religions and believe it good and right to annihilate them. 

He coined the word “Doublet-think” and argued that if you could double-think a concept you could hold two contradictory beliefs in your mind and heart simultaneously and accept them both as truth.  I believe that is what many Liberal Leftists and various politicians have done.  They genuinely believe that what they say is the truth and the concepts they advance are right and good.  They may contradict themselves repeatedly and see not corruption in this hypothesis because of double-thinking.

Liberals have hijacked the idea of ‘entitlement’ and redefined the word to include things like Medicaid, SNAP, and many other means-tested largess.  This enables them to bring programs like SNAP to the same level as military pensions.  That equates a property right earned by a veteran to a government handout or charity funded forcibly by our taxes.  That is not only dangerous it is diabolical!

If we allow this to continue we will see America fundamentally transformed into a Freedom-less Socialist nation.  We are becoming a dystopian society.  The word comes from the prefix “dys”, Greek for bad, abnormal, impaired, ill, and “Utopia”, a name coined by Thomas More (1516) for his imaginary island.  Utopia comes from the Latin meaning “nowhere.”  In the 19th Century, John Stuart Mill put the two words together to describe a state in which the government creates conditions and quality of life that are dreadful and disastrous.  Aldous Huxley, Ray Bradbury, and Margaret Atwood used Mill’s word to describe possible future societies that would enslave people and use them for political ends.  Does that sound familiar?  Can you envision that anywhere today?  This is the mindset that bread the philosophy of Saul Alinsky in his “Rules for Radicals” that “the end justifies the means.”  Nothing matters but getting your way. 

Americans, Conservatives, Constitutionalist, Christians, and Patriots if we allow the Liberal Leftist to continue co-opting our language and transforming words for their purposes we will allow the destruction of our Republic.  Words have meaning, and we need to make them mean what they were originally intended to mean.

God bless you and God bless America!

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