What contrast?  Between the New Democratic Party and the present Republican Party.  If the GOP fails to put the Leftist Extremism on trial they deserve to get shellacked, which they likely will based on past history of ineptitude and cowardice.  I believe that the America people, if they are truly informed as to the differences, will reject the Socialism of the Left and while they may not fully embrace the platform of the Right, they will vote no on the Left.  Will that happen?  Will the GOP put the New Socialist Democratic Party’s Extremism on trial?  Time will tell, but if history is an indicator, most will not.  That being said, I believe that Donald Trump will unless his advisers convince him to take a different path.  That would be tragic.

The president’s approval ratings are rising and a few weeks ago it reached 52% in the Rasmussen poll.  That is so mind-numbing to the Leftist and the Main Stream Media they are going even deeper into the deep end of the pool.  They are not moving to the center but farther and farther to the Left embracing full-blown Socialism.  They have experienced success in their ‘freebies’ programs and have bought votes for so many years they believe they can trample on the economy of even the left-leaning working class and get away with it.  That must be exposed, and we need GOP candidates who are capable and willing to articulate and accentuate the differences between the two ideologies and platforms. 

The Democrats have gift-wrapped a win for conservatism and constitutionalism if the GOP will highlight the extremism of the New Democratic Socialist on abortion, immigration, taxes, and climate change.  Most people that I talk to, liberal and conservative, are troubled over the plan and proposal advanced by the Virginia Governor that can be called nothing less than infanticide.  They are troubled over the cheering of the New York Legislature and activist over the late-late-late term abortion (up until the moment of birth) legislation passed.  They are troubled over reports about the activities of Planned Parenthood harvesting body parts of aborted fetuses. 

Although a Marist Poll indicated that 55% of Americans identify as “pro-choice” only 25% of those polled condone abortion at any time during pregnancy.  Late term abortion is not a path that most Americans want us to pursue.  The inherent threat in the diminishing of the value of that life in the womb is what other lives will be deemed without value and open the door to genocide of epic proportions in America.  When will we someday understand the dangers and the moral failings of the direction of the New Democratic Party?

Immigration is an easy issue to show the extremism of the Left and highlight the dangers to Americans physically and economically.  It is easy to illustrate, with visual aids and factual data the dangers in the influx of drugs, human trafficking, the sex trafficking, the potential terrorism, health concerns, and more coming across our southern border.  It is easy to demonstrate with factual data and reports from other nations where walls are in place the benefit and need for a Secure Border.  It is easy to speak of the economic drain on our economy and not speak metaphorically but factually.  It is easy to speak to the dangers of communicable diseases being reintroduced to our society.  It is easy to identify the gangs, drug cartels, and the coyote activity which includes human and sex trafficking.  Don’t blow this Republicans, America is depending on you.

The matter of taxes should be a no-brainer for all Americans but since about 50% pay Zero Taxes, it is not.  The theory of Socialism looks good on paper but when everyone realizes that there is a limit to other people’s money that can be confiscated it begins to fall apart.  When one realizes that not only do the Tax Rates proposed by the Democrats (70-90%) results in less money for ‘freebies’, forces the increase of the national debt and deficit, and ultimately results in incredible loss of freedom.  Everything that the government subsidizes it controls and if it subsidizes people it also demands a certain level of control over those people. 

The New Green Deal, the new darling of the Socialist Democrats Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that has 67 endorsers in the House and 11 in the Senate is a direct threat to our very existence.  It is more than a threat to our economy but if implemented and it will be if the Democrats keep the House, regain the Senate, and win the White House in 2020.  If that plan were to become the law and actually achieved, it would result in the destruction of life on the planet.  Plants and people cannot survive with Zero CO2 and the incredibly high cost of the alternative sources of ‘green energy’ makes it prohibitive.  My friend Jack Niewold recently posted an article on Facebook that examined the viability and cost effectiveness of Nuclear Energy and I believe it is an option we should carefully consider before anyone summarily rejects it.  We have possibilities but the path of the “AOC -Green Plan” is not the right course.

You may hate big oil and believe that fossil fuels are destroying our climate and world, but you do not have factual data to back you up on the destruction part of that equation.  Yes, big oil like big anything wants its rich and sometimes disproportionate piece of the pie.  If we allow envy and distrust of anyone and everyone who has achieved economic success to blind us to the benefits of what they produce, we all lose.  If you are comfortable with reverting to the 1800’s style of living, then embrace the New Green Deal.  I believe this is part of a much larger plan by globalist to enact their so-called Sustainable Development Plan entwined in the United Nation’s Agenda 21.  Just saying that no doubt causes some to turn me off as a conspiracy theorist or alarmist, but I urge you to research and THINK!  Please use reason and logic and think the proposal through to the possible conclusions and you will likely become as alarmed as I.

America, I love our nation and am thankful every day that God allowed me to be born here.  I treasure the wisdom and foresight of our Founding Fathers and the Framers of our Constitution.  I appreciate the Freedom and Liberty we have known and should continue to know in our Republic.  However, I am deeply concerned about the direction of politics today and the extremism of the New Democratic Party and too many RINOs on the GOP side of the aisle.  Our Freedoms and Liberties are the targets of this new push and if we fail to get behind the candidates who will stand against this plan we will allow our nation to suffer irreparable damage.  I cannot sit silent and pray that God will help us to wake up before it is too late.

God bless you and God bless America!

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