I can hear someone asking, “What in the world is he talking about?  How can all those words fit together?”  Let me explain what I mean and why I have Hope, find myself filled with Anger and Frustration but continue to have Confidence in today’s upside-down political climate. 

I see things emanating out of Washington, DC, various state houses, and in some polls that cause all four of the sentiments, emotions, and positions to rise in my heart.

I have Hope because little by little we are seeing more and more exposure of the corruption of elected officials, bureaucrats, and member of the FBI and other federal agencies being exposed.  I am not saying that anything will ever be done to them or even that everyone in America will wake up and realize how deep the corruption is or that those devotedly against president Trump will change their position.  Rather I am saying, it gives me Hope that some and maybe many who pay attention and vote will finally realize the depth, breadth, and extent of sham, fraud, and corruption.  If that happens there is Hope the Swamp can be drained and the Deep State can be dismantled, at least a little. 

The former acting director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe has admitted, on live television (60 Minutes), that he orchestrated or ordered the obstruction of justice investigation and the counterintelligence investigations involving President Trump and the Russians.  Mr. McCabe claimed that there were serious discussions in the Justice Department whether the Vice President and a majority of the cabinet could be brought together to remove the president from office under the 25th Amendment. 

He confirmed that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was ordered to wear a wire in his meetings with President Trump.  That exposes the previous claim of the Justice Department that Rosenstein had made the offer sarcastically, but McCabe said it was taken seriously.  That is a revelation of the depth of the corruption and how far they were willing to go in their efforts to ‘get Trump’.  The law and the constitution seemed to be absent from any thoughts they might have had.  The long-term consequences of their actions seem never to have entered their minds. 

Please understand that revelations such as the McCabe admission both Anger and Frustrate me but they also give me Hope.  In the natural, a rock is worn away by the steady drip of water and over time a hole is bored into that rock.  I am hopeful that if somehow, we can keep a steady stream of exposures going we can break the rock.  I am fully aware that the Main Stream Media being party to these revelations are not doing so to help Trump but to attempt to sway public opinion that he is the menace they portray him to be.  That is their purpose and intent but sometimes the best-laid plans of mice and men go astray and what they intended backfires on them.  I have Hope and cling to my Confidence in the American people.

A Poll that I saw recently, conducted by Fox News gave a picture of America’s view of Socialism in a different light than the Leftists Polls of late.  In this Poll, it was revealed that of those polled 55% wanted the government to “Leave Me Alone”. That was an increase from 51% in 2018 and 54% in 2016.  Only 34% wanted the government to drift or run toward Socialism and that was down from 41% in 2018 and 39% in 2016. 

I am still flabbergasted that 34-41% of Americans would even consider Socialism versus Capitalism or the Free Market but while I get Angry over the “Freebies Plan” and “Government Confiscation of Wealth Plans” it gives me Hope.  My Frustration boils over when I hear people who are supposed to be trained in Economics propose plans that would destroy the economy and ultimately destroy lives but little by little I see a few waking up and that gives me Hope.

That same Poll indicated that 25% found Socialism favorable and 59% found it unfavorable while 28% found Capitalism unfavorable and 58% found it favorable.  There were about 16% that didn’t know what they thought.  Those are the ones that concern and frustrate me the most but there will always be a percentage of people who have no inclination or possibly ability to think for themselves. 

Another dimension of the Poll indicated that 38% believe that their family has achieved the American Dream and 40% believed or viewed themselves as being on the right path to accomplishing that dream.  It is somewhat frustrating but also encouraging that only 18% believe it is out of reach for them.  It is that group that concerns me greatly for when people lose hope they sometimes do things they would not otherwise do and can become dangerous.  That often comes through envy which produces a level of bitterness and hate that can become demonstrated in violence.

I have Hope because of the little victories in the war of exposure on the DC corruption and because of my Faith in God and Confidence in the American spirit that I believe still exists today.  It has been tarnished and hampered but I believe the flicker of that flame is still burning in the hearts of millions.  I become Angry and Frustrated when I watch the New Democratic Socialist in actions and hear their proposals.  I become Angry and Frustrated when I witness the willingness of millions to follow those pied pipers as lemmings over the cliff into the abyss of destruction.  I become Angry when I see legislation that legalizes infanticide and calls it a matter of women’s health.  Yes, I have Anger and Frustration, but I have Hope and Confidence. 

The Presidential Election of 2016 prognosticators gave Donald John Trump no chance of winning, but he won.  He won in spite of the concerted efforts and collusion by the Clinton Campaign, the FBI, the Department of Justice, and other entities to prevent his victory.  He won in spite of the voter fraud that has been uncovered and limitedly reported on.  He won in spite of a sitting President using his influence and power to damage if not destroy him.

The tactics and illegalities by the Left Anger and Frustrate me but the fact that millions woke up and exercised their constitutional privilege to vote and voted for Trump gives me Hope and causes a new level of Confidence to solidify in my heart.  Do I think that we have won the war?  Heaven forbid that anyone should think that. 

We have won some battles, but the war still rages, and it is incumbent on all who pray to Pray, Pray, Pray and the Pray some more.  It is incumbent on everyone who Loves America and Freedom become involved and Vote.  No, I did not say Vote, Vote, Vote, as some on the Left have a propensity to do but VOTE!  If we remain silent and do not vote we facilitate our own destruction. I cannot do that and pray you feel the same.

God bless you and God bless America!

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