WHERE HAS IT GONE – Sanity That Is…

Pete Seeger wrote a song that was considered an anti-war song which Peter, Paul, and Mary recorded in 1962 after the Kingston Trio had recorded in 1961.  Seeger penned the first verses of the song in 1955 while reading the novel, “And Quiet Flows the Don” which was about the Don River in Russia and the Cossacks who lived along it in the 19th century who joined the Czar’s army and sang as they marched. 

The lines “Where are the flowers? The girls plucked them.  Where are the girls? They’re all married.  Where are the men?  They’re all in the army.”  As he dreamed and thought he decided that the line “Where have all the flowers gone” would sing and began to write.  He said that his thought was, “When will we ever learn.”  In about twenty minutes the song came to life.  He sang it at Oberlin College in 1955 and one of the students took the song to his job at a summer camp and added two verses, “Where have all the soldiers gone?  Gone to the graveyards every one / Where have all the graveyards gone? / Covered with flowers every one.”  Seeger added his name to the authorship and gave him twenty-percent royalty.

Remembering that song has given rise to my question, “Where Has All the Sanity Gone?”  When it comes to modern politics, especially the ideological offerings of the Democratic hopefuls for POTUS in 2020 it seems to have vanished into thin air.  The illogic of the illogical is never more at the forefront than when watching the Leftists in the New Democratic Socialist Party defend Islam and promote Sharia Law but they target and attack Christianity and the Bible.  Let me predict that Sharia Law will spread like wildfire across America if the Democrats win the House, Senate, and White House in 2020.  You may disagree but that is my prediction and the question that comes to my mind in the immediate is, why would the Democrats support what will ultimately be their greatest nemesis?

Islam and Sharia Law opposes many things that the Left claim to be advocates for.  When I discovered that our federal government funded a national curriculum titled, “Access Islam” I cringed and wept.  That led to anger and sent me to my prayer closet in repentance and with a plea for God to restore sanity to America.  That program is an instruction on how to become a Muslim.  It teaches students how to pray as a Muslim.  It teaches how to perform Islamic “daily worship,” and how to perform the “core duties” of being a Muslim.  We funded that.  Where is the national curriculum on “Access Christianity” or “Access Judaism?”  It doesn’t exist.

When I discovered that a school in California banned all Christian-based books, I was horrified.  The claim was that the school could not and should not allow ‘sectarian materials’ on their state-funded and state-authorized shelves or classrooms.  Seriously? Then you allow the ‘sectarian materials about Islam” in?  How’s that for hypocrisy?  You allow materials that seek to normalize the LGBTQ agenda and lifestyle, but the Christian lifestyle is taboo?  You seek to mold kids as early as pre-k in the liberal leftist’s ideological mold but ban anything of the Bible or with a traditional family orientation.  But you claim that you are protecting against ‘sectarian views.”  So, my question resurfaces, “Where Has All the Sanity Gone?”

The Democrat-run state legislatures and city councils, as well as the national Democratic Party, have followed their leader Barack Hussein Obama in promoting Islam and attacking Christianity.  Do you remember the former Attorney General Loretta Lynch threatening to “jail” anyone caught speaking badly about Islam?  When did she say that about any speaking badly about Christianity or Judaism?  She didn’t!  She was following her marching orders of the Mr. Obama the man who had said, “If the political winds go sour I will side with the Muslims.”  The man that went on a world tour decrying American exceptionalism, praising Islam, and defaming Christianity.  The man that has insisted that he is not a Muslim but a Christian.  Wow!  With friends like that who would need an enemy? 

The followers of Islam and the proponents of Sharia Law have a mandate and track record of targeting homosexuals, abusing women, and calling for violence and even death to anyone not adhering to their religious and governmental edicts.  Those desiring Sharia Law to supplant the Constitution will, if they gain power, turn on the Democrats just as they will on everyone else not converting to their religion.  The violent religion that claims to be a religion of peace! 

The National Democratic Party is so thirsty for power and control they attempt to use blacks, women, homosexuals, and Muslims as their useful idiots to advance their ideological agenda.  Remember when the media insisted that anyone opposing the Obama agenda was a racist?  I do!  If Hillary Clinton had won the Presidency, any opposition to her policies and agenda would have been deemed sexist.  If the homosexual, Mayor Pete Buttigieg were to win the White House any opposition to his policies would be branded homophobic.

I suggest that people need to be very careful about what they wish for, they might just get it.  We need several revivals in America and one of them is a “Revival of Critical Thinking.”  People, too many people, tend to drink the Kool-Aid offered by the media and their political party without engaging the cognitive part of their brains.  The myriad of illogical offerings the current slate of Democratic candidates for POTUS are so mind-numbing I tremble when I think about them.  Their devastation would be so complete that we would likely never recover as the Free Constitutional Republic our Founders and the Framers gave us.

The quest for Socialism where everything is free, and nobody has to work is lunacy.  The idea of allowing the federal government to control everything is beyond insane.  The insistence that it is inhumane and immoral to have a border is beyond ignorant.  The view that it is the government’s right and mandate to tax, tax, tax to provide freebies for whomever they choose is beyond counter-productive it is destructive.  The desire to transform America from the Constitutional Republic into a Direct Democracy is a death wish even if those promoting it cannot see that eventuality. 

When a society reaches a place that it calls evil good and good evil that society is in grave danger of destruction.  A society that becomes a gathering of snowflake mentality where no one is allowed to be offended or offensive, unless of course, you are a Conservative or a Christian, is so rooted in senselessness it can be defended by no rational thinking person.  America, we are at a tipping point and if we fail to restore Sanity we will watch the systematic and complete destruction of our Republic.  I hope you can see that and join me in praying for America and voting No on this lunacy in 2020.

God bless you and God bless America!

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