I am serious!  The zealous pursuit of winning elections has forced our National Security to the back burner and that is unacceptable to me.  The ideological insanity of today’s political world is as dangerous if not more dangerous than many of the known threats we face as a nation.  I wish I could just be fed up and wash my hands of the matter, but we are talking about the Republic, our liberties and freedoms, and our posterity.  This extends far beyond Party Politics and has become a detriment to our nation and our people. 

Frankly, I don’t care if the politician is a Republican or a Democrat.  If they are willing to ignore clear and present dangers and needs to pursue some partisan political objective or election they are anathema to me.  America is far too important for politicians to be focused on winning elections and amassing power as their primary objective.  Why have power or position if you are not going to address the genuine needs and threats against this nation?  We are not your serfs or plebs we are Americans, your equals and Constitutionally the overseers of government. 

America is supposed to be a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.  Today’s politics and politicians have prostituted the process and it has morphed into an aristocracy of the political elitist.  The voters, citizens, taxpayers are often viewed as the uninformed masses and incapable of governing ourselves.  They, the political class, are the informed and the rightful owners of government, at least in their minds.  They are not to be questioned only obeyed.  That was never the intent of the Founding Fathers and I do not believe the desire of the clear majority of Americans. 

Today, we have, through the politicizing of everything, created a condition where the Constitution is so misinterpreted that even those who are devoted supporters of that document fall prey to the delusion.  One example I will cite is the insanity of calling the actions of the Muslim Schools to put on a program where children, some under the age of ten, sing to their god Allah and pledge themselves as human cannonballs to kill and behead the infidels.  How is that protected speech?  If you cannot incite a riot, cannot yell fire in a theater, engage in subversion and sedition legally, how can you call for the murder of those who disagree with you? 

Who has allowed this?  I lay the lion’s share of the blame at the feet of those in Congress, past and present.  I lay it at the feet of those former Presidents who participated in advancing the fallacious idea that the purveyors of this so-called religion are peaceful.  This abuse of children can and likely will produce terrorist of tomorrow.  We have allowed members of C.A.I.R., the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Society of North America, and other devotees to this ideology become advisers to Presidents and other federal agencies. 

Today, about the only person in Washington willing to speak, somewhat forthright, about the dangers of Islam and the Islamic jihadists is President Trump.  He is called everything but a human being for that stance. When children are taught to sing about sacrificing themselves for their god and killing those who do not submit or acquiesce to the demands of various Islamic causes that is child abuse at best and sedition and treason at worst.  To call that protected speech while condemning anyone condemning homosexuality or any of the radical causes such as the neo-Nazis or White Supremacists is hypocritical and delusional. 

No, I do not support the neo-Nazis or White Supremacists and condemn racism and hate on all sides.  However, to insist that Islam is a Religion of Peace is to ignore the teachings of their Koran and the recruiting in their Mosques and by their Imams. 

Congress, if you are more interested in your Position and Power than you are America you are undeserving of being afforded the luxury of your Congressional seat.  I would like to see every politician, Republican, and Democrat who places position and power over America and the critical needs and issues of today allowed to seek other employment. 

We have a crisis at the southern border and politicians, especially the Democrats are disinterested and only focused on damaging President Trump.  They ignore the needs of our infrastructure, the threat of terrorism, the concerns about national security, our failing educational system, and dozens of other items.  They ignore the failures of the V.A. in addressing the needs and the care of our veterans.  They ignore the theft of Congress regarding our Social Security funds while seeking ways to buy more votes through entitlements.  They ignore travesty after travesty but invest millions of campaign dollars seeking reelection.  They have buried us and our posterity in debt with no regard to the ultimate cost. 

Power and Position was never the intent or purpose of our Founding Fathers.  They almost universally believed in citizen representation and part-time politicians.  We need politicians or public servants who are willing to invest their time and make the necessary sacrifices to go to Washington for a term or two and then return to private life.  The influx of new ideas, the realization that theirs is not an invitation to become an oligarch would be refreshing and beneficial for everyone. 

The internecine feuding in Washington is shredding our Constitution, endangering America and Americans, and opening the door for the nefarious objectives of groups desiring to conquer America.  The followers of Islam do not have as their primary objective taking America by force but by politics.  Politicians, seeing votes to secure a win, rather than the dangers of those they sell their souls to are as imposing a threat as those groups they open the door to.  We can stop this, but only if we unite and go as a bloc of voters to show them the door and reestablish the Republic to its Constitutional status. 

I am committed to defending America against all threats both foreign and domestic.  God bless you and God bless America! 

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