I had a devoted liberal who is avidly behind every Democratic candidate and equally avid in his hatred for Donald Trump and most Republicans in Congress, tell me that the Democrats are the only party that cares about America.  He gives Mitt Romney and a few others a pass, claiming they are more like the Democrats than Republicans.  His words, not mine. 

I asked him to expound on that premise and give me definitive reasons for his claim and back them up with factual data.  He said, “Well they care about human life and therefore want to deal with the epidemic of gun ownership.”  He cited Kamala Harris as the Democratic hopeful most likely to use the power of the presidency to confiscate all dangerous guns.  When I asked him to define dangerous guns he said, “Those automatic assault rifles we hear so much about.”  Automatic?  I tried to explain that it is illegal without a highly restrictive and costly authorization to own such a weapon.  He was aghast and asked, “What about the AR-15?”  I tried to explain the difference between a semi-automatic and automatic and he would have nothing of it and said, “You are wrong because the media and the Democratic candidates all say the weapons are automatic.”  Talking to some people is about as productive as talking to a wall.

Kamala Harris, one of the darlings of the Democratic Party avowed on a town hall aired by CNN that if Congress did not pass gun legislation (to her liking) within the first 100 days of her presidency she would use Executive Fiat to achieve her objective.  Tell me again that the Democrats do not want to strip from us our 2nd Amendment Rights and that they are not seeking to ban and confiscate our firearms. 

My friend, (I use that term loosely) also said, “Senator Warren has a beautiful plan to relieve the burden of the overly expensive and burdensome obligation people encounter in seeking a college degree.”  I said, “Yep, she has a plan but to call it beautiful is a bit more than I can embrace.”  I then asked him about the cost of her plan and how it would affect those of us who pay taxes.  I tried to explain that the ‘freebies’ being offered have a price tag and somebody has to pay the bill.  He said, “You are wrong, she said that the rich would foot that bill and it would not affect the average American.” 

Senator Warren has promised to forgive all student loans (at least in theory) and make college free for everyone.  Her plan would eliminate $50,000 in student debt for households earning under $100,000 per annum but then said that those families with household incomes over up to $250,000 would have their student loan debt written off as well.  Her plan would phase out the debt at the rate of $1 for every $3 earned over $100,000.  Her plan by conservative estimates from all source would cost approximately $640 Billion to $1.25 Trillion.  Who pays this debt? 

Let me answer that question this way.  We All Pay!  We will pay forever with our lives because anytime the government provides it requires a certain amount of control.  The idea that we can tax, tax, tax, and tax and that hurts no one is incredulous even to 1st year Economic Majors.  Tax the Rich, make heavier burdens via regulations, taxes, fines, and fees on business and those earning the most money and it gets passed on to the consumer.  It is passed on via higher prices and lay-offs of personnel.  It frequently results in small businesses going out of business and that throws more people in the unemployment lines and increases the financial burden of the government.  How is that a good plan?

We talked about voting age as well as allowing convicted felons to vote and his argument was that teenagers were affected by school shootings and what is being taught in schools, so they should have a say in politics.  He also argued that felons had to live with the decisions made by politicians, therefore, they had the right to voice their choice via the ballot box.  He, as some have argued, “The sixteen-year-old who works and pays taxes must be allowed to vote because ‘taxation without representation is wrong’.”  I tried to explain that minors are represented via their parents and it is medically and scientifically verified that they are, as a group, not prepared to make that kind of life decision and that even an 18-year-old is, at best, borderline in this matter of being capable. 

I brought up to him his own childhood and asked if he could remember being sixteen.  I shared some of my experiences and decisions at 14-18 and asked if he thought those decisions were those of a responsible adult.  He said, “Well, kids make dumb mistakes and don’t often think things through.”  Wow!  Yet, he still wants them to vote!  Maybe we should evaluate whether he should vote at 60+.

I reminded him of a recent report that Soros-Backed Groups were diligently working to restore the votes to 1.4 Million felons in Florida.  The Bill was passed by Florida voters and in an effort to give some sanity and clarity to the legislation, Florida Representative James Grant, a Republican introduced a bill to ‘guide the implementation’ of the Law.  One of the conditions he included was that the felons must not only complete all the terms of their sentence including parole or probation but must also pay all court costs and fines both civil and criminal before they could register to vote.  The Democrats are all-in in their opposition to his conditions.  They claim that would disenfranchise felons who could not pay their fees and fines.  I suggest that it is biblical to require them to pay.

The Soros-backed organizations are attempting to apply immense pressure on legislators to defeat this bill of conditions.  The ACLU and the Brennan Center for Justice are both heavily supported by George Soros and his ‘Open Society Foundation’ which has donated $50 million to the ACLU and millions to the Brennan Center.  Florida has become the focus of the Leftists because of its pivotal role in the 2020 elections and in previous elections.  They declared, “The road to the White House runs through Florida.” 

My liberal friend supports this effort and efforts like this.  He also supports no Voter Identification being required to vote and even suggests that it is not necessary to register, the fact that you are living in America is sufficient reason and justification to allow you to vote.  So, please tell me again what the Democrats are for and how what they are for is good for America? 

I will vote no on the toxicity of liberalism, the insanity of Socialism, and in defense and support of the Constitution.  I will vote no on the Democrats in November 2020 and in the foreseeable future.  I may not always vote for the Republican. When I don’t see the choice as a binary one I might vote other than Republican, but I will, as things stand now, vote against the Democrat.  Call me whatever you choose but I am Pro-America and stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom in defense of the Constitution and the Republic known as the United States of America.

God bless you and God bless America!

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