That may sound like a strange topic to introduce but it is something that has been on my mind for some time.  I have wondered, as have others, how many of our famous American Patriots would have survived the onslaught of Political Correctness had they lived today?  I dare say that most of them would have been made such villains and been so vilified by the Press and the Liberal Leftist they would have suffered evisceration beyond imagination.  Would they have continued and produced the victories they produced or walked away in disgust?  That is a hypothetical that is almost unanswerable, but viable.

I wonder not only about American Patriots but those of World History.  I recall men such as Charles Martel known as “Charles the Hammer” who dealt a crushing blow to the Muslim invaders of Europe in the Battle of Tours in 732.  History surprisingly still records his victory over the emir of Cordoba as an act that preserved Europe from Muslim conquest and Islamization.  Today, he would have been called anything but a human being and denounced as a dangerous black-hearted enemy of humanity.

Winston Churchill was often vilified in his own time and today would have been viewed as subhuman by the Politically Correct Crowd.  He would incur such scorn and ridicule that He would possibly have sang Johnny Paycheck’s song before Paycheck sang it, “Take this Job and Shove it!”  

Men like Christopher Columbus are now having their images and accomplishments purged from the revised historic record by the PC Police.  I can only imagine what Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John and Sam Adams and those of our Revolutionary period would be called today.  Wait, I know because they are being vilified, including attacks on George Washington by the PC Police. Their support for the principles of morality, family, self-defense, national security, and insisting that everyone carry their own weight would be deemed intolerable by those embracing the ideology of entitlement and political correctness.

I can only imagine what would have been said of Theodore Roosevelt who believed that a person immigrating to the United States must become an American and assimilate into our society.  Those Presidents that embraced the Bible and frequently reminded the public of God’s involvement and investment in our Republic. They sought to preserve the family, opposed abortion, desired to limit the size and scope of government would be identified as bigots, homophobes, Islamophobic, misogynist, and enemies of the common man. 

I would suggest that Jesus Christ would suffer more from today’s Politically Correct Society and Police than he did at the hands of the Sanhedrin and the Romans.  His views would have been roundly condemned as lacking compassion.  C.S. Lewis eloquently declared that Jesus was “either a liar, lunatic or Lord.”  He then said, “Take your pick, but choose wisely.” 

What I am concerned about is the incredible erosion of our foundational societal moorings through the advancement of the ‘snowflake’ mentality which insists that everyone is entitled to that which they did not earn, work for, or produce.  Political Correctness is stripping entire generations of the ability and freedom to develop core beliefs based on facts, reason, logic, and personal experience.  The purging of history through the removal of memorials and monuments acknowledging people or events we do not like is blinding us to the mistakes of the past and preparing us for worse failures in the future. 

Political Correctness is trampling our inalienable right of Freedom of Speech, stifling open and honest debate which often results in compromise and consensus that produces a viable solution.  Political Correctness is robbing us of some of the greatest minds and most daring potential leaders in the political arena.  Why?  Because many today want no part of the circus of politics and the personal cost for anyone daring to go against the tide of accepted politically correct speech, thought, and behavior.  Men like Churchill, Washington, Jefferson, Eisenhower, and Patriots who dared to take the hard road not the easy road for America and the World are seldom seen in today’s political arena. 

When I witness what happened to George W. Bush, observed the chaos caused by Barack H. Obama, and the personal attacks launched against Donald J. Trump, I wonder why anyone would consent to seek the office of President of the United States of America.  The cost is so great on a personal level that a person truly seeking to do good for the populace and the Republic must embody a willingness to endure a crucifixion of sorts to seek and hold that office. 

A politician that truly wants to honor the Constitution and serve the people must know they will endure such an assault on their character they will forever be tainted in the minds of many if not most.  It is almost suicidal to be a Conservative Constitutionalist who seeks the office of President.  On the other hand, those embracing the ideology of liberalism and thirsting for power and control do not seem to care what anyone thinks of them, their objective is Power! 

It is my personal view that a person who truly wants to do good and honor the constitution as well as embrace biblical and moral values in defending America and Americans must have the skin of an alligator.  They must have incredibly short memories regarding personal attacks and allow the darts hurled at them roll off like water off a duck’s back.  They must value their own ease and safety lesser in importance than doing what is right and good for society.  That is a condition that is largely absent in today’s politics but was visible in patriots of the past.  I believe that Political Correctness is one of the major culprits in robbing us of those men and women in modern times. 

I pray for God to send us deliverers and modern patriots who will place His purposes and the needs of the country above personal gratification and ease.  I pray for those men and women who will fearlessly go against the tide of the toxicity of the political mentality prevalent in today’s America.  May we see modern day Churchill’s, Jefferson’s, Washington’s, and those who see the truth and refuse to accept less than the Free Constitutional Republic for America.

God bless you and God bless America!

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