CATCH AND RELEASE – May Work in Fishing but Not at The Border…

I have long contended that the clear message we are conveying to everyone who wants to come to this country illegally is “The Welcome Mat Is Out!”  Our ‘Catch and Release’ policy is asinine and dangerous to our national security.  It is costly beyond words and makes the task of those commissioned to secure our border virtually impossible.  How is that good policy?

In each of the months of March and April, it is reported that there were over 100,000 illegal entrants, apprehended at our Southern Border.  Tell me again, how that is not crisis level intrusion and even invasion.  The Department of Homeland Security reported in early May that there had been over 161,000 illegal border crossers released or to be released into the interior of our country since December.  That is disturbing on so many levels, it should need not clarification.  On any given week there are upwards of 10,000 illegal border crossers.  How anyone can call a policy to secure the border as Un-American is beyond the scope of my ability to use the cognitive portion of my brain and exercise logic and reason. 

We have limited resources or assets (personnel) on the Southern Border, limited detention space, and are in desperate need of additional security.  A significant number of those coming are from nefarious groups such as MS13, terrorist nations, infected with communicable diseases that could spread to an epidemic in diseases we conquered decades ago.  The fiscal burden is astronomical, the courts are incapable of hearing all the cases, our schools, hospitals, and welfare offices are taxed beyond any reasonable limit.  How is that good for America and how is securing the border bad? 

The Border Patrol, ICE, and DHS all have verified that there has been an exponential increase in the fraudulent asylum claims by those coming illegally.  Why?  Because the word has been spread far and wide that the “Welcome Mat Is Out” at the Southern Border of the United States.  Walk across the border, turn yourself in, and you get a free pass to the interior of the country.  You may never have your name called for a court date and have no fear of deportation.  That is ‘Catch and Release’ and while it might be a good practice on some lakes and streams for fish it is a horrific policy regarding the hordes of Illegal Invaders strolling across our border each day.

It has been my hope that President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security would immediately end this program.  It would cause howls from the Democrats, the Media, and the incredibly active and vocal activist but it would be in the best interest of the Republic.  Currently, a person making an asylum claim can obtain a one-year work permit after they have been here 150 days.  That is beyond ridiculous.  They can apply for welfare benefits, get food stamps, enjoy free education, and medical care.  Citizens cannot but illegals can. How is that good for America? 

The Department of Homeland Security has reported that they are releasing an average of 40,300 illegals into the interior of the United States every month.  Extrapolate that for 12 months and you have almost one-half a million people.  Extend that over ten years and you have 5 million or more.  That is unstainable, and we are raising the white flag of surrender to the invaders and the Leftist who want to ‘fundamentally transform’ America if we do not cease and desist immediately.  I have not addressed the half million or more who cross but are not apprehended or detected each year.  This year we are on pace to allow about 1.5 Million additional illegals to enter the United States. 

A Rasmussen Reports Poll indicated that a plurality of Americans including minority voters, working-class Americans and everyone except the liberal elite believe we need to be more aggressive in securing the border.  Mr. President take that poll to heart and do the right thing and end this terrible policy now before it is too late.  Please do not wait or delay until after the 2020 elections.  God forbid that the Democrats should somehow pull off a victory and reclaim the White House.  It would be goodbye borders and hello ‘fundamental transformation.’  The flood gates would be swung wide open and we would never stem the tide of illegals invading our Republic.  The time to act is now!

I have ceased being concerned about what people think of me as I take a stand in defense of our national sovereignty.  I am an American and proud of it.  I am a veteran and proud to have served in Vietnam.  I am a Christian and believe that my faith and my political views are solidly grounded in the Word of God and the principles taught therein.  I am a husband, father, and grandfather and want to preserve Liberty and Freedom for my posterity.  I am not opposed to immigration, but it must be Legal and those coming must assimilate into our culture and become Americans, not hyphenated Americans.  I want to maintain our Constitution and protect our Inalienable Rights.  Therefore, I vote NO on the Democrats for National Office. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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