I’m fed up with the Liberal Hypocrites who believe they are morally superior to the rest of us who disagree with their ideology and agenda.  Enough already!  I would laugh at their hyperbole, embellishment of truth and facts, amplification of the hate, and a complete disconnect with reality, but it is too serious to laugh.  We have reached an incredibly dangerous place in America.  The PC Police are everywhere, and the inane rantings of those following the toxicity of liberalism are beginning to wear away my patience and any tolerance I have heretofore had. 

The social media authorities such as King Zuckerberg of Facebook and the powers that be in the world of Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc. are infuriating.  They pretend to be engaged in protecting social decorum but are engaging in what could only be called censorship and suppression of opposing ideas. 

My faith always draws me back to the Bible for comparisons in life and I see this type of activity have an uncanny resemblance to the confrontation between Jesus and the Pharisees.  Jesus exposed their hypocrisy of pretending to be morally superior and revealed that privately they were engaging in the behaviors they condemned.  In Matthew 11:23-27, He called them “blind guides, who strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.”  He said that they, outwardly appeared to be just, but inwardly they were full of hypocrisy and iniquity.  That’s exactly how I see the faux moral superiority and piousness of the followers of the toxic liberal leftist’s agenda.  It is more than disturbing it is dangerous!

I’m tired of the virtue-signaling that the Left incessantly engages in.  They pretend to be the most conscientious of all humanity and anyone who disagrees with them can only be described as unfeeling, uncaring, lacking compassion, and evil.  They want to lecture us on some supposed moral ground regarding abortion, the border, racism, and a myriad of other things.  Yet, when the covers are pulled back we discover they are defenders and promoters of a large swath of abominable injustices.  I find it impossible to ignore their hypocrisy and am fed-up.  Enough is Enough!

Let me give you a few examples of their hypocrisy and faux piousness.  They demand that private business be forced to violate their personal core convictions and seek to force them to provide goods and services which violate their convictions.  They exempt Islamic and Homosexual businesses for refusing service based on their beliefs.  They also defend private businesses such as Facebook for their censorship or deplatforming.  HYPOCRISY! 

They insist that it is in the interest of society for the government to infringe and regulate in an infuriatingly nitpicking manner the most minute details of our private lives.  An example is the willingness to regulate how many ounces of soda a person can drink while insisting that government must be, hands off on private decisions regarding abortion.  HYPOCRISY!

They champion the fight against ‘hate speech’ and ‘violence’ but it is only speech that dissents from the Leftist Dogma but approves of those committing acts of violence against anyone wearing a MAGA hat or having a Trump bumper sticker on their vehicle.  HYPOCRISY!

They are continuously pushing to restrict private citizens from keeping and bearing arms, a constitutionally recognized inalienable right while having armed bodyguards surround their every move.  HYPOCRISY!   Old Uncle Joe Biden, the Democratic hopeful insists that we have a moral obligation to provide free healthcare to the illegals.  Senator Cory Booker, another Democratic hopeful wants to take our guns and if we refuse to give them up wants us jailed.  Yet, he seems to have no problem with having armed bodyguards and the actions of the New Black Panthers and other Left-Wing Militia Groups.  HYPOCRISY!

These are just a few, a very small sampling of the hypocrisy and pretense of the moral superiority of the Left.  If we allow them to gain more power and control in 2020 we do so to our own hurt.  Are we so blind to the reality of the danger and damage done under Obama and the prospective damage should the Democrats regain the White House and Congress that we are willing to risk the future of the Republic?  Dare we ignore the reality and allow the continuation of the iron fist of those who insist they are morally superior to the rest of us?  Dare we risk the Republic and the future of our children and grandchildren?  I CANNOT! 

I have drawn a line in the sand and am willing to demand from all politicians, Democrat, and Republican that they follow the Constitution and the Rule of Law.  I am willing to insist that they allow our Freedoms of speech, life, and the pursuit of happiness to be enjoyed and protected.  I am willing to demand that they seek to Limit the size and scope as well as the cost of government.  I am willing to vote no on any politician that refuses to do so and to vote yes on those who demonstrate a capacity and propensity to do so. 

I am committed to interceding for the nation and our elected officials.  I won’t say leaders because most of them are not our leaders only elected officials and many of them need to be restored to private life.  I am committed to standing for the Constitution, the Bible, the Rule of Law, Faith, Family, and Freedom.  I ask, you to join me and millions like me in praying for America, working to restore the Republic, and in an informed manner Vote in every election from local to national.  Let’s commit to truly making America Great Again and Restoring our Moral Sanity! 

God bless you and God bless America!

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