What in the world are you talking about, Roy?  Thank you for asking and allowing me a moment to reflect on our present situation in American politics.  The 2016 Presidential Election victory by Donald John Trump was inexplicable for most people.  It was inconceivable for the media, Democrats, and many Republicans. That is because the polls, almost unanimously, told us that Hillary was a lock and this was a mere formality leading up to her coronation as the first woman president of the United States of America.

The Democrats, the Republicans who are devotedly opposed to Trump, along with the Media, and various and sundry activist groups have been attempting to revoke the election results.  A legitimate election, which this was, should be Irrevocable or Unrevocable.  The two-year-long attempt by the Democrats to overturn the election have done irreparable damage to our system of government and future elections.  Their ill-advised exercise in sour grapes has placed every future election in jeopardy and done immeasurable damage to the office of President of the United States of America. 

The basic premise of the Democrats and those Republicans who could not of conceive a Trump victory agreed that there had to be some nefarious and illegal activity involved.  They insist that there is no other plausible or logical explanation.  Heaven forbid that they would concede that the millions of us who woke up and rejected the Socialism and All-Powerful Government advanced by the Democrats, Obama, and Hillary should prevail.  After all, we are the unwashed ignorant deplorable masses who are not intelligent enough to know what we want, right? 

The presentation of Donald Trump’s image by the Democrats and all who detest him is that he is such a reprehensible human being. The paint him as undeserving of any office much less the Presidency of the United States of America.  Additionally, he does not play by the standardized political rules applied to Republicans.  Those rules exempt the Democrats but heretofore the Republicans have cowered into the shadows and hid in the corner when the Democrats and Media level charges against them.  They are so afraid of perceived public opinion they become impotent politically and incapable of performing their assigned duties and keeping their promises.  That changed with Donald J. Trump and the Left and too many on the Right hate it.

I make no defense of Donald Trump’s past, I don’t know the facts of his past.  I’ve been told by those who are experiencing the current political conundrum of his election that my support of him violated my conservative values.  I disagree!  I believe that many of those who hold Reagan Conservative values are opposed to Trump more on a personal level than an ideological one.  Donald Trump has advanced more conservative ideas than any previous Republican president since Reagan.  I do not see him as a Conservative but a Pragmatist.  However, I do see his actions as being those of someone who embraces the Constitution, our Inalienable Rights, and loves America and wants to keep her safe, secure, and sovereign.  Those things I endorse and defend!

I am reminded of the movie “The Exorcist” when I think of the Mueller Investigation and the attitude of the Democrats toward Trump.  They envisioned Mueller as the exorcist who would rid the nation of the evil orange man and restore the Establishment to a position of Power and Control.  To them, Mueller represented a savior or a deliverer who would cleanse the nation of its vile sin of electing this evil man president.  (Not my views but those of some I have talked to on the Left.)

History is replete with cults, sects, and groups that have predicted imminent and cataclysmic disaster which never transpired.  Someone said that the antics and predictions of the Left are reminiscent of unfulfilled eschatological movements. 

I was recently reminded of the Reverend William Miller in the 19th Century who predicted that the Second Coming of Christ would occur on October 22, 1844.  That became known as The Great Disappointment for it did not happen.  Those who could not acknowledge the fallacy of that prophecy claimed that it did occur and that Jesus did not appear visibly but in the hearts of those who believed.  That’s how the Democrats are acting regarding the conclusion of the Mueller Investigation and “No Collusion” and “No Obstruction”.  To them, it had to so Mueller missed something, and they must continue their quest to oust the evil orange man and save America for our sin of voting him into office.

Nadler and Schiff along with Pelosi, Schumer, Harris, Booker, and a myriad of other Leftist all insist that Donald Trump must have colluded and obstructed justice and is worthy of impeachment.  Some of them have virtually said, “Even if he didn’t he is bad and must go.”  That is not an acceptable mentality in politics and one that would have our Founding Fathers turning over in their graves. 

There have been times in our American history that we made a bad choice in who would be President, but we learned to live with that choice and move forward.  No, I am not saying that Donald J. Trump was a bad choice, I believe he was the right choice at the right time, but the view of overturning an election because we don’t like the outcome is anathema to our founding principles.

There have been over 500,000 viewers who have left CNN and MSNBC over their fabrications and the failure of their rantings to produce indictments against Trump and secure his ouster from office.  CNN is laying off hundreds of personnel and MSNBC is discovering they are no longer trusted by many of their devoted followers.  Donald Trump has called their reporting, “Fake News” and that is an appropriate moniker based on their refusal to report truth and insistence on reporting innuendo and unvetted rumor.  Our modern media have become anything but journalist and have become nothing more than propagandist.  That is tragic!

America, we are faced with a slate of Democratic hopefuls for the office of President who almost to a person embrace Socialism in one form or another.  They are all proponents of massive ‘gun control’ if not full ‘gun bans.’  They want higher taxes, limited freedom of speech, and envision the federal government as the all-powerful end all to be all.  Their agendas include abortion on demand, late-term and post-term abortions.  For the most part, their platform is the antithesis of the principles and platform of what our Founders envisioned and approved.  America, to them, is not Great, never has been, and the Constitution needs to be trashed and a revised politically correct version installed in its place. 

My vote is NO!  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and reject the Liberal Leftism of the National Democratic Party.  My vote is for Freedom in 2020 and beyond!

God bless you and God bless America!

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