What final coup?  One that I cannot prove is being planned but I am concerned that it will be attempted. I do believe that it is in the works.  My concerns about this began shortly after the 2016 elections and those concerns have escalated in the months following.  What coup?  I am concerned that the Republicans, who are members of the Never Trump consortium of ideologues will find some scapegoat willing to run as an Independent or fictional Third Party to split the Conservative and Republican vote in 2020.

Before you shout me down and call me a conspiracy theorist, a kook, a nut job, or any other name you wish I ask you to recall how we got Bill Clinton as president.  Do you remember Ross Perot?  His hatred of George H.W. Bush inspired him to run and he managed to get siphon enough votes away from Bush to allow Clinton to win the White House.  I am not alone in my concerns and this scheme’s possibility and even probability has been articulated by those with prominent national voices.  I felt it before I heard any of them suggest it and pray that it never materializes.

The Left, those who detest this president on the right, and the media have labored tirelessly for over two years to take down Trump. They have failed at every juncture and now are scheming to attack the President through his family, namely Don Jr.  It was a surprise to see a Republican in the Senate, Richard Burr (R-NC) subpoena Don Jr. at the behest of the Democrats.  He had three Republican Senators support him.  Those Republicans were Marco Rubio (R-FL), Roy Blunt (R-MO) and Susan Collins (R-ME).  Even the Senator from Texas who is often too left leaning for my taste John Cornyn spoke against this action by Burr.

Senator Mitch McConnell who could have ended this charade but declined to do so said, “The Russian Investigation is over.”  Well, Senator McConnell, if it is over, then how or why is this taking place.  I believe that it is more evidence that there is a developing plan on the part of those in the GOP to harm or remove this President from office.  People like Mitt Romney are so entrenched in the World Order that many on both sides want to keep intact he would be a likely participant in a Third-Party Coup attempt. 

The question in my mind is, can they find someone with enough hatred for Trump who would be willing to sacrifice themselves on the political altar knowing they could not win but hoping to defeat him?  There are those who call themselves Conservatives and Constitutionalist who are willing to allow the Democrats to retake the White House simply because they detest Donald J. Trump.  I cannot reconcile that mentality with any sense of genuine patriotism and love for America.  Do people honestly believe that it would be good for America to see us plunged into the abyss Obama and the Left were driving us toward?

Mitch McConnell said that Senator Burr has already indicated that the committee will find no collusion because that will be consistent with the Mueller investigation.  If that is true, then what is the motivation of the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee?  Is Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) running this show or is Senator Burr a member of the Never Trump Resistance? 

Again, my concern is that the copious fabrications by the Left seem to have no end and their undying attempt to discredit, disrupt, and even disallow Donald Trump as President will produce the Final Coup Attempt that I mentioned at the outset.  If that happens we will very possibly see a repeat of the Ross Perot coup against George H.W. Bush.  I am concerned that we will see a repeat of the millions of traditionally Republican voters stay home as they did with Romney and McCain. 

This is a real war for our Freedoms and Liberties going on right now! Nancy Pelosi said that we are in a constitutional crisis.  I agree but not for the reasons she cited.  The crisis is that the Left has ignored the Constitution in the spirit of former President Barack Obama. They consider it a dinosaur and archaic needing to be rewritten and reinterpreted.  The Rule of Law seems to apply only to Conservatives, Christians, Constitutionalist, and Republicans, not Democrats and liberal ideologues. 

If we want to preserve this Republic and continue some measure of draining the Swamp, we cannot allow this to transpire.  Any Republican that agrees to this type of coup must be immediately addressed and made to realize the fallacy of their scheme and the penalty it will impose upon them politically. 

I truly believe that the future of our Republic and the ability to keep our Liberties and Freedoms intact is at stake.  We either go back to the path of destruction and embracing of the New World Order by returning to its precursor established after WWII or we reject that move.  We reject it by voting No on the Democrats and any attempt by any Republicans to subvert and shipwreck our chances in November 20220.  We need to keep the White House, reclaim the House, and keep the Senate.  I see those as crucial if not critical.

God bless you and God bless America!

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