WHEN IT HITS THE FAN – Everybody Loses…

“IT”, that proverbial elusive element or eventuality that I believe is not only coming but has come to America.  We are in the mode of the insane revision of history, the Sanitization of our past, the embracing of an entitlement mentality that demands no one can hurt the tender snowflake’s feelings.  We are in the mode of the dangerous and even diabolical push to censor all things conservative and thereby constitutional support for conservative principles and agendas.  We are in the mode of dumbing down Americans to the point that few engage in rational reason and constructive conversation.  That is descriptive of the “IT” that I’m talking about but there is much more!

The Democrats are clamoring and chanting the tired rhetoric and spin that anyone who supports President Trump is a racist, moron, homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic, and members of the flat earth society.  We are deemed unworthy of the space allotted to us on planet earth and the air we breathe is deemed to be robbing someone more deserving of that commodity. 

The hypocrisy of the Washington Democrats, the Media, the Hollywood egotistical self-inflated demagogues, and various activist groups has never been more apparent than it is today.  I contend and have contended for a long time that the Democrats have zero interest in truth they want to destroy President Donald Trump at all costs.  I am convinced that their hatred and fear of him has reached the point where they’d be willing to destroy the Republic to destroy him.  I guess that they believe they are gods or god and can remake any destruction that lies in the wake of their actions.  They are wrong!

Attorney General William Barr’s decision to pursue the investigation of the investigators has stirred up the proverbial hornet’s nest among the leftists.  His pursuit of truth appears majorly disconcerting to them.  I suspect it is because they know the truth and are hell-bent on hiding it and relying on their belief that their base and most Americans are without knowledge and easily duped.  Are they right?  History suggests yes, 2016 suggests no, and 2020 will be the deciding factor.  Who we are determines what we do and what we do determines our future.  So, my question must be “Who are we?”

Congressman Adam Schiff is now insisting along with numerous other Democrats that the Attorney General is no longer deserving of that title but should be identified as the Personal Attorney of the POTUS.  Seriously?  Congressman, where were you when Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were violating the Constitution and what appears to be the Law to defend, protect, and serve former President Barack Hussein Obama?  I didn’t hear a peep out of you and your peeps when that was going on.  What changed?  Of course, we know the answer.  The change was that William Barr is trying to expose corruption wherever it might be found and seeks to protect the integrity of our Justice System, our Constitution, the Rule of Law, and the Republic.  That interferes with your agenda, so he must be trashed, tarnished, and destroyed.

Joe Biden, the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination for President is following the claims and diatribe of Barack Obama that there was not a whiff of scandal or corruption in their administration.  Some people actually believe that.  How and why is beyond my ability to cognate.  

I suggest that Joe needs to have his feet held to the fire about the IRS targeting conservatives, Fast and Furious, the gun-running scheme of Holder and Obama, the VA’s ineptitude and mistreatment of our veterans, Solyndra and other Green Energy scams of the Obama era.  Benghazi and the cover-up as well as the betrayal of our personnel in Libya, Iran and the funneling of planeloads of money to them and opening the door for their nuclearization and weaponizing a country that hates us. 

How about trading 5 Taliban warlords for a traitor? How about destroying our economy and Biden’s fingers in the pie with China as well as his use of his office to help his son in business dealings?  How about a mountain of other things?  Joe and the Democrats believe that the American voter is either too dumb or too deep in the dark shadows unaware of the truth and incapable of using rational reason to see the truth and reject the lies.  Is he right?  Again, history suggests, yes, 2016 suggests, no, and 2020 will be the deciding factor.

Robert Mueller wanted to testify before Nadler’s committee in private.  I wonder why?  No, I don’t, I know why or believe I know why.  He wanted to hide from the light of day and that would have allowed him and them to spin whatever he said in whatever way they desired without the public knowing the difference.  If he testifies it must be in open session, so all the world can see and hear.  Would that sway minds? Probably not but it would arm those of us on the Right with the needed ammunition to counter their superfluous diatribe, rhetoric, and spin. 

Now, to my final point which deeply concerns me.  I believe that the path we are on can only lead to one eventuality.  I believe that blood in the streets on a massive scale will be the end of this diabolical and misguided effort to destroy this president by the Democrats.  America, if we want to avoid another Civil or Uncivil War we must expose the corruption wherever it is found. Drain the Swamp as much as is humanly possible.  If we truly want to Dismantle the Deep State, reduce the size of government, and return to being a government of the people for the people and by the people, we must become involved!  Complacency got us in this mess and involvement and patriotic commitment to Freedom will get us out.  I add to that prayer and a return to moral rightness.

God help us if we drop this ball.  God bless you and God bless America is my desire and prayer!

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