Birds of a feather flock together is the saying but what is my answer and what was the question.  The question that I have asked and been asked is, “Why are so many of the followers and adherents of toxic liberalism reprehensible in exactly the same way?”  Now that I’ve made some irate and can feel the heat from the boiling tar and see the feathers being gathered, let me continue. 

It’s been going on much longer than two years, but the past two years have uncovered or unveiled a characteristic of the Leftists that is inescapable.  They are devotedly repugnant in their appeal, cry, and demand that Trump be impeached.  There is, in my view, a wholesale lack of character in the elitists in the Democratic Party in Washington.  They must be reading the same script or my reference to the old adage is the answer and it is who they are!  That would explain why they are in the same political party and parrot the same political diatribe.  Yes, I’m being facetious but serious at the same time.

The ludicrousness of holding Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for following the law is beyond absurd, it is delusional at best and diabolical at worst.  It seems that they assume or believe that the American people are as stupid as they act like we are.  I find it difficult to argue with their postulation and hypothesis frequently because people keep re-electing them!  That causes me to wonder who is lacking the most brain cells, those in Congress or those voting to keep them there.  It is a quandary and enigma that I cannot fully comprehend.  But it is a factual reality.

The Left are all clamoring and insisting that we are in a Constitutional Crisis because of Trump.  I suggest we are in a Constitutional Crisis because of them and their abusive violations of common sense, moral reason, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law, not Trump!

Their fearless leader the former President, Barack Hussein Obama, considered the Constitution a nuisance not a guide.  He and they have taken an oath to protect and defend that document, but they continuously shred it with their political actions.  As they violate the Constitution’s Original Intent they simultaneously claim that the Republicans and more specifically Trump is morally bankrupt and acting tyrannical ignoring the Constitution.  Like birds of a feather, they flock together and ooze more political slime each passing day.

I have find it amazing and amusing that President Trump seems to be limitedly concerned, if at all, about their antics and actions.  I guess he clearly sees them for who and what they are and has more confidence in the intelligence and moral fortitude of the American people than appears on the surface.  Someone said, “Their arrogance exceeds their intelligence” and that may be perfectly fitting. 

The Democrats in Washington hate Trump.  Some of them hate him ideologically but all of them hate him personally.  The members of the Republican Party that are solidly entrenched in the Never Trump consortium do not hate him ideologically, for the most part.  It is far more personal than ideological.  However, they are in harmony with the mindset of the Democrats in protecting Big Government and keeping the DC Swamp from being drained.  Again, the birds of a feather do flock together and as the Bible says, “By their fruits, you can know them.” 

I like the quote of Dennis Prager, “If we continue to teach about tolerance and intolerance instead of good and evil, we will end up with tolerance of evil.”  The imposition of multiculturalism in America has produced at least two generations that have bought the doctrine that tolerance must supersede all other values.  In so doing, they have embraced either directly or indirectly evil in the name of tolerance. 

I am referring to radical Islam, all variations of sexual orientation including pedophilia, and the fallacious notion that all minorities are victims as well as women.  They have victimized and enslaved entire generations with this rhetoric and superfluous diatribe of the inane illogic they package and sell to those failing to use any semblance of brain power and reason.

The Democratic Party has embraced Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky wholesale and it is destroying this nation and dividing us to the point that we may never bridge the gap.  Academia has been literally destroyed and rendered nothing more than propaganda factories rather than institutions of higher learning expanding the minds of the seekers of knowledge.  Few in that realm permit free speech and engage in forced acceptance of political correctness. 

There is no longer a premium on critical thinking, and therefore no more teaching only indoctrination.  The youth have been terrorized with the alarmism of the man-made global warming frenzy and believe that man is bringing about the extinction of the human race because we use our natural resources and let our cows fart.

If one deviates from their rules they are deemed worthy of harassment and abuse.  If verbal abuse does not censor and silence those objecting to their rants and ideological agendas, then physical abuse is deemed acceptable and necessary.  The white male who does not continuously apologize for being white and male are classified as subhuman and exterminating them would be acceptable. 

They are birds of a feather, their hate is boiling over and the flames of hate are being fanned for what can only be incredibly flagitious purposes.  They should be ashamed of themselves, but they have, it often seems, their consciences have been seared with a hot iron and no longer feel any remorse only hate.  I will be castigated and even hated for this, but they are birds of a feather and that bird is becoming quite loathsome. 

God help us if we, as a society, do not wake up and return to sanity, critical thinking, and realize that disagreement is not unhealthy and often leads to positive solutions.  Please remember who we are and what we were established to be when you go into the voting booth in November 2020. I plead with you to vote for America by rejecting the loathsome birds of a feather we are being subjected to in the followers of Socialism and toxic liberalism.

God bless you and God bless America!

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