That old saying, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” is not deemed appropriate in politics, at least not by the liberal leftists in the Democratic Party. No siree Bob!  The Democrats and the Leftists in the Intelligence Community are declaring that President Trump’s declassification of documents and allowing the Attorney General to Investigate the Investigators will produce a cataclysmic disaster that will destroy our intelligence agencies and their ability to conduct core business.  They insist this will necessitate numerous resignations in self-defense and in protest thus crippling out agencies.

My response is “balderdash” and my second response “let as many of the denizens of the swamp depart as possible.”  If they do, we might have some hope of restoring credibility to the agencies in question and the Department of Justice.  We just might have a scintilla of hope that political sanity can be restored.  Am I hopeful on that last part?  No, not deeply but it is a wish that I maintain and a hope I refuse to relinquish.  I still believe in the American spirit and the American people.  Well, most of them anyway!

Since the President’s declaration that he had declassified the documents needed to expose the corruption the Democrats and milquetoast Republicans, the namby-pamby pretenders are crying foul.  They are beating their drums and sounding their alarms that the end of America is nigh because of the deranged president who needs an intervention.  They are calling for Impeachment, the invoking of the 25th Amendment and some even sound like they are calling for a physical attack that could only be identified as murderous.  Is there no limit to their hatred?

I envision the battle that is taking shape between the Attorney General and the Intelligence Community will get incredibly ugly and nasty.  I am 100% convinced that those who fabricated intelligence against President Trump, his family, and his campaign will try to take down or take out the A/G as well.  Protecting their Position, Place and Power is paramount to any thoughts of the Constitution, the Republic, or the American people.  The Power crazed are so addicted to power they know no bounds, and nothing is off limits.  To them, it is “all’s fair in love and war.”  They love power and will go to war with anyone that opposes them.

Politico took up the gauntlet of pandering fear declaring: “President Donald Trump’s declassification order Thursday night has set up a showdown between his own Justice Department and the intelligence community that could trigger resignations and threaten the CIA’s ability to conduct its core business — managing secret intelligence and sources.” 

Pardon me if I don’t jump on board that fear train. The truth is, I hope they do resign. They have lost all credibility or should have lost all credibility and we need to replenish the cupboard with men and women of integrity who take seriously their oaths and regard their work as beyond partisan wrangling and politics. 

I believe this is far more a ‘turf war’ than what is right and wrong in the minds of those in the highest levels of our intelligence agencies.  Protecting their ‘turf’ and ‘position’ appears to be a greater concern than getting to the bottom of corruption that may have reached the level of treason.  I won’t declare it treasonous because I do not have all the facts, but those I have seen suggest that is a very distinct possibility and the American people as well as the future of our Republic need answers. 

The FBI and the CIA have a history of using bogus secrecy claims to protect their own and protect their own they will and do.  The claim that sources are at risk is, in my view, bogus and an attempt to pander fear in the hearts of the public.  I do not believe the President, the Attorney General or any of the political advisers to the president would do that.  But, exposing corruption and fake sources is, in my view, a good thing.  No, it is a necessary action for the sake of Freedom and America.

I don’t care who it is or what agency it is, giving it demigod status is incredibly dangerous and invites incredible abuse of power and position.  No law enforcement or intelligence agency or agent should be able to decide what the law is. Their job is to investigate, expose threats, compile evidence, and refer the matter to the proper prosecutorial agents or agencies.  Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Mueller, and scads of others in our various agencies demonstrated a bias and corruption to the point they channeled the image that they were clairvoyant.  Comey knew Hillary’s intent, so he ignored the evidence.  That is dangerous not to mention inept and corrupt.

I have said, and I repeat, “I don’t care if the corrupt are Republican or Democrat, expose them.”  I believe the Republic can better weather the crunch of having to replace high-level intelligence agency agents than it can to allow the corrupt to continue unexposed.  The antics and actions since the 2016 election cycle have demonstrated to anyone caring to honestly evaluate the matter the depth of the corruption and partisan political nature of those calling the shots in those agencies.  That is far more dangerous to the Republic and our Freedom than most imagine.

I applaud the President and have renewed hope in the apparent willingness of the Attorney General to tackle the task and face the incoming missiles of hate that are and will be launched against him.  I hope he is what he appears to be and that his devotion to the Rule of Law, the Constitution, and the American Ideal will prevent him from backing down and caving to the pressure that exists now and will intensify in the days to come. 

America, if we truly want to maintain our Freedom and keep America the Free Constitutional Republic, why not get behind this and once we have the conclusion to make our decisions.  Watching the Democrats in Congress and the weaselly Republicans who pretend to be Conservatives lays bare, in my view, the necessity of Investigating the Investigators and expose the corrupt no matter who they are.

God bless you and God bless America!

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