WHAT WILL IT TAKE – To Wake Up Rip Van Winkle America?

That is the image comes to my mind when I consider how millions in America on both sides of the political aisle are seemingly oblivious to the depth of the corruption and the imminent danger of ignoring the corruption in Washington. I have had conservatives who are staunch supporters of the Constitution but not strongly behind this president tell me, “this too will pass, so no worries.”  I have had liberals, who detest anything contradictory to their ideological position who tell me, “the only thing wrong in America is Donald Trump.”  They are both wrong!

Since the end of the Mueller Investigation, there have been bits and pieces of factual data emerging that expose the coup and debunk its premise. The information reveals the depth of the partisan corruption behind, during, and following this investigation by the Democrats.  No, I am not absolving the Republicans of any corruption in DC because I believe the Swamp is filled with denizens of both parties.  I see D.C. as a cesspool that is posing an extreme health hazard to the political health of all Americans and America. 

My question is and continues to be, “Are we Rip Van Winkle, politically?”  I guess I could ask as a friend said recently, “Do we really think we can just sleep off the condition like a bad hangover?”  America, the problem is deep, expansive, and the tentacles of corruption have wrapped their contaminated arms around every facet of our government.  That is a harbinger of destruction that cannot be ignored. 

Recently, the FBI finally released more documents that further incriminate Hillary Clinton and her team far beyond anything revealed thus far.  It continues to get worse and yet, I see little intestinal fortitude on the part of Congress (either party) to truly deal with the matter.  This taints the FBI, the CIA, Homeland, NSA, and the Obama administration’s malicious behavior and intent.  Yet, there is little desire to truly dig to the bottom of the pile of manure and hold those guilty accountable.  Why?  Birds of a feather flock together should sufficiently answer that why.

With these new revelations, it is impossible for anyone who truly believes in the rule of law to understand how she was not indicted.  The new documents conclude that “Hillary Clinton was in violation of basic server security with her home-brew server.  There is the distinct possibility that ALL and that is a capital ALL her emails were stolen.  She and her team illegally stripped the documents of the highest classifications demanded.” That is not just criminal it is treacherous and maybe treasonous.  It posed and poses a grave national security risk and threat.  Imagine, her in the White House and our enemies in possession of those emails and classified information. 

These new emails reveal that Sidney Blumenthal attempted to leverage his relationship with Hillary to get her to hand over a classified intelligence file that contained a ‘road-map’ to a $30 billion fortune!  I would argue that organized crime syndicates of bygone eras were no more corrupt than this team of Swamp Denizens.

We know that targeting data made its way from Hillary’s bathroom server to the ‘dark web’.  That jeopardized and jeopardizes our Intelligence Community in a way that others have and are serving prison terms for their violations and leaking names. 

The amazing fact is that former FBI Director James Comey and subsequently Special Investigator Robert Mueller did not deem any of this worthy of consideration.  Comey has even said that although there was ‘wrong’ or ‘criminal’ behavior on the part of Hillary and her team, “She didn’t intend to do harm.”  That was his justification for not indicting her and pursuing the matter further.  He is obviously clairvoyant or maybe he was engaging in a wee-bit of CYA trying to protect himself and cronies once she became president.   They all fully believed that there was not a snowball’s chance in Hades of Trump beating her, therefore, they had to protect, protect, protect and continue to do so.  Now, it is not so much for her as for their own rear ends. 

The FBI discovered in the emails and redacted the name of a man who had a ‘controversial history with the U.S. Intelligence Community’ who was working with Blumenthal through Hillary to cash in on “plundered assets” in Libya.  Who was that man and how is he and Blumenthal walking around free while members of the Trump team are in prison or have been ruined socially, politically, emotionally, and financially?  No, we do not wonder how we now must ask “How Long?”

The emails confirm the involvement of the Clinton Team in the Russian hoax from the beginning. The MSM won’t touch this with a ten-foot pole.  There mimic the three monkeys, “See no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil” against the Clintons or any Leftist.  Now that we have weathered the storm of the infuriated Left for Trump and his supporters chanting “Lock Her Up!”  Now that Nancy Pelosi has reinstituted that chant and turned it toward Trump, I believe we can now engage acceptably in calling for Hillary and those on the Left involved in this Coup to be Jailed! 

Do I believe it will happen?  Not with the current membership of the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Not with the current state of political corruption in the various law enforcement bureaus of the federal government.  Not unless President Trump is reelected, we reclaim the House and keep the Senate with true constitutional conservatives and place enough originalist on the courts.  If we do those things and continue to work, pray, and educate we just might get a few of the dirty denizens of the DC Swamp.  I truly do not care of they are Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, or Republicans.  I want America back!

God bless you and God bless America!

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