That is true in every sector of life and regarding every topic, but I’m focused on something specific.  What is the fascination with Socialism by so many Americans today?  What is it in the packaging and selling of that magic elixir that makes it reasonable as opposed to Free Market Capitalism?  As I said in my title, understanding the inane is impossible using rational reason.  Therefore, to understand the appeal we must delve deeper into the mindset of the proponents of this failed philosophy, government, and economic system.  We must abandon reason and view it from the perspective of emotion, entitlement, victimization, and greed.  It is only there that we arrive at the foundational basis of the appeal of Socialism.

I did not say that it was reasonable or desirable but to grasp the ‘why’ we must understand the ‘who’ of the equation.  Recently Fox News Business conducted a town hall debate on Socialism and Capitalism.  Their forum solidified my contention that no facts from history, no examples of failure will dampen the appeal of Socialism to those who are limited in their ability to fulfill their unlimited needs or desires.  More specifically, when the satisfaction of those needs and desires comes through those viewed as the ‘exploiters of working people’.  The appeal becomes irresistible and the temptation to ascribe to that philosophy too strong to think. 

That debate, as virtually all discussions regarding Socialism and its failures, never entertained the ideological purpose of socialism and offered no clear definition of that system.  Instead, they focused on the blemishes and flaws in a capitalist system.  The major talking point seemed to be, as often is, the idea that capitalism is a flawed system.  Those desiring Socialism demand that it will make everything fair and equal.  The truth is that it will do neither, but then to arrive at that conclusion you would be required to use rational reason rather than emotion, embrace an entitlement mentality, consider yourself an exploited victim of the capitalist, and allow greed to take preeminence in your mind.

The egalitarian desires of the proponents of Socialism are never forced to explain how the fulfillment of their proposals would be implemented or their true cost.  They purveyors of this philosophy are preying on the minds of the brainwashed and those envious of others who have achieved.  They know their packaging and presentation of an egalitarian dream and touting the idea that Socialism will level the playing field, and everyone will be equal, produces votes.  The damage done to all of society is not of any concern to them, only winning elections.  They duped remained duped and follow the inane devoid of rational reason.

When you present a philosophy to an angry mob that feeds on their sense of lack, promising them those things they have been unable to obtain, you move from reason to emotion.  If you never explain the economic costs and how the share and share alike mentality does not elevate everyone but brings everyone down to a certain level you’d lose support, so avoid that at all cost. 

I hear those promoting Socialism advance the idea that China is an example of successful socialism.  The facts are, China is more of a dynasty engaged in a system of slavery than Socialism.  The Chinese government has been using forced labor to develop China’s manufacturing industry to become the manufacturing facility of the United States.  China’s reliance on the America market is indisputable.  If President Trump closes certain loopholes in the trade deals with China, we will witness the deflation of China’s economy.  The fantasy that China is a successful working model of Socialism will prove to be a wishful daydream.

I hear others touting the Scandinavian model of Socialism as the cat’s meow of economic systems.  I suggest that due to the size of those countries, the severity of the weather they have discovered that ‘collectivism’ is needed, in some form, for survival.  Unfortunately, the proponents of Socialism confuse the principles of collectivism with the ideas of socialism.  I suggest that if you examine the facts you will discover that the Scandinavians have always maintained their unique sense of identity and unique concept of social order.  I also contend that what was needed in the past is an impediment to the innovation required in the present regarding economic progress. 

America has always had a heritage of individualism.  For America and Americans to embrace collectivism we would witness and undergo a massive transformation in our basic way of life.  A change that would trouble both those who want Socialism and those who do not.  Moving from self-sufficiency to government-dependency is not something that the masses will accept voluntarily.  That was the idea behind the creation of the United States of America, not to be like Europe.

I borrowed this from a presentation by Alexander G. Markovsky and its value to me is immeasurable.  He offered some numbers that signify America’s greatness.  Just over 100 years ago, in the United States:

  • The average life expectancy for men was 47-years.
  • Only 14% of the homes had a bathtub.
  • Only 8% of the homes had a telephone.
  • Only 6% of all Americans had graduated from high school.
  • There were only 8,000 cars and 144 miles of paved road.
  • A three-minute call from Denver to New York City cost 11 dollars, while the average wage was 22 cents per hour.
  • The leading causes of death were tuberculosis and diarrhea.

Through innovation and individual prosperity, entrenched in the principles of capitalism we have advanced dramatically.  Who wants to go back to third-world status found in most socialist societies?   The socialist fail to grasp the reality that wealth and economic equality are mutually exclusive.  Economic equality can only be found in poverty, not wealth.  The proof in the pudding regarding socialism is that every time and every place it has been tried it has failed.  No amount of spin or ignoring the facts can alter that truth!

God help us if we do not reject in a resounding manner the Socialist of the Democratic Party and defeat them in November 2020.  America’s future and our individual prosperity are hanging in the balance.

God bless you and God bless America!

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