THE SUPREMACY OF SELF – Is The Death of Any Society…

I realize that my stance on this issue and my views may not be appreciated or embraced by some.  Some will think I’m overly religious, others think I don’t go far enough, and others reject it completely.  Each person must come to their own conclusions and establish their personal convictions about this matter and life.  I respect that but feel compelled to express my concerns, offer a warning, and make an impassioned plea to all who can and will hear.

I heard, as a child, and throughout my life, “You have to look out for Number One or Numero Uno.”  After I returned from Viet Nam and became a Christian my center changed, and I was no longer “Number One.”  I recognized that without God being Number One in my life, I was like a ship on a raging sea and drifting without the real power to guide my ship of life.  I also came to the realization that it was as I made life, mine and that of others valuable and gifts of God, I would drift into a state of self-centeredness that what I wanted and needed would allow me to be insensitive to the pain caused to others in the pursuit of my purposes. 

I have heard most of my life, “You have to look out for Number One because no one else will.”  When I was in Viet Nam, there was a toast that the guys would make that sounded funny then, but later became painful to my heart.  Please forgive my use of an expression that is not becoming to a Christian, but the toast went something like this. “Here’s to you and here’s to me and if we should ever disagree, to hell with you and here’s to me.”  That encapsulates the mindset of too large a swath of today’s society.  It is “me, me, me, me!”  I want, I need, I demand!  That is what makes the carrot of Socialism being dangled in front of noses today appealing.  It is rooted in the elevation of the supremacy of self and that is not just dangerous it is ultimately destructive.

Relationships cannot be built on Self.  Healthy relationships whether in romance, business, politics, or church must be rooted in service and concern for the others involved.  It cannot entertain as the foundational basis, ‘what’s in it for me?’ 

In prayer, some time back, the Spirit of God whispered to my heart, “Who we are determines what we do and what we do determines our future.”  Who we are more than influences our decisions and choices it necessitates them.  If I view my own desires as paramount and holding supremacy over those of society or anyone else, then I will pursue those purposes regardless of their impact on others.  In that view, a life, other than my own, is of secondary importance and easily considered collateral damage in my quest to attain my desired strata in life. 

That can be authenticated in Scripture because Jesus said Matthew 7, that by our fruits we are known or by our deeds.  Simply, What We Do!  He also told us that the words that come out of our mouths are first formed in the heart and our expressions are reflections of our hearts.  That should be arresting to each of us.  I hear people say things and then say, “Oops that just slipped out.”  I agree it did, but also insist that it could not have ‘slipped out’ had it not been there in the first place. 

Today’s society is rapidly moving to a condition where many view a ‘human life’ other than their own is virtually valueless.  When a baby in the womb can be considered in the same way as a tumor, a growth, an unwanted blemish the dangers are incredibly apparent.  We become conditioned to atrocity and over time that which is reprehensible and despicable becomes not only tolerable but accepted and even embraced.  Life is a progression and when we give supremacy to self we condition ourselves to reject all moral values and restraints.  After all, as was the term of the ’70s and other eras, “If it feels good do it” becomes “If I want it, it is okay to do what is needed to get it.”  The peril that follows is too obvious to dismiss.

In American politics today, the Saul Alinsky model is embraced by too many pursuing elected positions.  The idea of being a public servant has morphed into rulership and service is eliminated from the equation.  Rather than them serving us, they expect us to serve them in funding their objectives, obeying their edicts, and embracing a mentality of beholding to our benevolent benefactors in Washington.  That is foreign to both the Free Republic our framers and founders established, all moral reason, and biblical principles. 

If America continues, as a society, to afford Self Supremacy we will destroy ourselves. The societal and political cannibalism that follows will plunge this nation into a state of darkness beyond anything we have never imagined.  The District Attorney in Dallas County, John Creuzot recently issued a proclamation that he will not prosecute theft crimes below the threshold of $750.  His argument is that people steal because they are hungry, poor, or maybe just because he deems those of us that have as needing to share with those who do not have.  I’m sure that does not extend to his own property, but alas, he is making a point, he thinks will better Dallas County.  That mentality will increase theft on the lower end of the spectrum.  What is to prevent a criminal from taking advantage of that stance and rob a dozen places with each theft falling below that threshold? 

The idea that states that have abortion bans should suffer from Hollywood and other business relationships is hypocritical.  Those same filmmakers’ film in Muslim countries that devalue human life extensively, authorize killing homosexuals, and most ban abortions totally.  Yet, the hypocritical hypocrites of Hollywood still go there and do business.  When politicians can inspire activist to board the train of hypocrisy such as the supposed morality of an open border while allowing abortion on demand, the ill-treatment of our elderly and the ignoring of the needs of our veterans we are on dangerous ground societally.       

In America’s beginning, neighbors helped neighbors.  In my upbringing, we helped our neighbors.  In the church, we cared for the sick, the poor, the widows, and orphans.  We did not expect the government to be the provider of all things.  We were taught to respect other’s rights and property.  We were taught to live within our means.  I was taught to value the whole and realize that as my community prospered, so did I. 

Who we are is rooted in whose we are.  If we allow Self to become Supreme in our lives, we will become a society where the idea of “all being fair in love and war” will become “all is fair in my pursuit of my desires.”  If everyone does that, what will be the result?  There will be no personal safety or security.  There will be no pretense of civility.  There will be anarchy, chaos, and societal cannibalism beyond our comprehension.  We will witness the destruction of our Society and in that the destruction of our Republic.  Of course, it goes without saying, the destruction of our souls.

Agree or disagree, love me or hate me, this is my view and it with a sawbuck will get you a cup of coffee most places.  

God bless you and God bless America! 

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