In our presidential elections, most of the time, if not all the time, our choice with the view of victory is binary.  There may be other options we could choose but if we have any hope of winning an election it is generally one or the other.  We can argue from any position we choose that our rejection of one or both candidates is the best course of action and the only principled option.  We may insist that our choice will send a message but not have any lasting or long-term effects on the nation.  We may, but I believe the dangers are far more significant today than at any time in our history.

When Jimmy Carter was the Democratic nominee I had many Christians, who longed for a Christian in the White House, insist that they had to vote for him because he was a Christian.  I tried to explain, from my perspective, that whether he was a born-again believer or not, he would be a very bad president.  We had just gone through the scandals of the Nixon administration and a bad taste was in the mouth of many.  Believers were crying for someone other than the typical politician to be elected and believed Carter was that man.  The groundwork of the Democrats during and after Nixon, which have continued to this day was and is to divide the nation and play on unfounded fear.

After four years of Carter, many Americans on both sides of the aisle woke up and realized that Ronald Reagan offered a different view of politics. He spoke of an America that was encouraging, hopeful, and refreshing.  We knew there would be challenges and difficulties and although Reagan was not perfect he was a respite from the destruction of liberalism and the disastrous economic and foreign affairs policies of the Carter era.

The “coup” of Ross Perot and those that bought his spin while rejecting George H.W. Bush as being too Big Government, too World Order, and too liberal gave us William Jefferson Clinton.  I had people tell me as they voted for Perot that they knew they could not win but Clinton would only be a temporary president and a minor bump in the road.  Although Clinton might not have been dramatically different than Bush, the Clinton era opened the door for the toxicity of liberalism to become entrenched in American politics. 

There was much that I did not like about H.W. but I am still experiencing some of the pain that came through the policies and actions of Clinton.  His supposed success economically can be largely attributed to the Republican efforts in Congress and the failure of the Democrats to impose the regulations and taxes they truly wanted to the degree they wanted. 

The Clinton liberalism and impropriety turned off enough Americans that we were spared the lunatic Al Gore and George W. Bush became president.  George W. like his father and predecessor Clinton did some things that drove me up the proverbial wall at times, but when I consider the choice between George W. and Al Gore, I rejoice that Bush won the election. 

The dual elements of Political Correctness and Fear gave us Barack Obama.  Of course, I add to that the distaste for both Romney and McCain who were anything, but conservatives gave us 8-years of Obama and the damage of that administration will never be reversed fully under our current system. 

I had people tell me in both those elections that Obama was a temporary blip in our American progress and we would, as we always have, survive.  We have survived, in a manner of speaking but Obama’s stated desire to ‘fundamentally transform’ America has and is having lasting effects.  He continues today to trash our American spirit and exceptionalism and undermines our system of government worldwide. 

My problem with conservatives and those of faith who insist that voting against or not voting for Donald Trump is in the best interest of the Republic is that we are not dealing with Democrats of the John F. Kennedy era.  We are dealing with a mentality that wants to strip us of our liberties, impose on us their definition of political correctness, and transform America into a Socialist nation.  Therefore, if we vote against or withhold our vote from the Republican candidate in the presidential election we are inviting more destruction than we can imagine.  Times have changed, and this binary choice is more imposing than at any time in our history.

There are things about the man, Donald Trump, that I do not like.  I have never argued that he is a true conservative. I have never argued that he is a righteous man.  I have never argued that he is not loose with his lips, at times.  However, much of the promised agenda is a good thing, in my view.  Has he been successful? Only partially.  Why?  Not simply because the Democrats put up roadblocks and seek to obstruct everything but because the Establishment Republicans have failed to back him.  We could have gotten healthcare done and I blame the Republicans in Congress as much or more than the Democrats.  We could have gotten the Border taken care of in a very powerful way, but the Republicans have failed to back him. 

I consider Donald John Trump a pragmatist.  I see him as a businessman who sees a problem and seeks to find a solution.  I see, in him, a man who wants solutions not simply another round of ‘can kicking.’  He has endured an assault like no president in the past and hopefully, no president in the future will endure. 

The Democrats have made it clear they have no intention of working with him and are hell-bent on destroying him.  They want more than his removal from office, they want his complete destruction.  Sadly, there are Conservatives, followers of the Constitution, Patriots, and Christians who so object to the man they truly believe they must help defeat him.  I ask, at what cost?

Trash me if you please for supporting this President.  He has demonstrated a propensity to fight back, not always as I would have preferred but he has not cowered into the shadows like previous Republicans.  I don’t know who the best president in my lifetime has been, but I do know who the worst has been.  The worst, hands down, in my view, was Barack Hussein Obama followed closely by Lyndon Banes Johnson and Jimmy Carter.  You may have a different list.  I loved both Reagan and Eisenhower and I am not ashamed to call Trump my president.

I will vote against the destruction of America by voting for the Republican nominee for president in 2020.  You have the same right to your opinion and choice as do I, so if we disagree we disagree but we are still Americans and hopefully seeking the same thing, Restoration of the Republic to her Constitutional Status.

God bless you and God bless America!

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