How’s that for being decisive and definitive?  There are some things on the political front in America that encourage me and some things that discourage me.  I am, to say the least, conflicted frequently over politics and politicians.  That includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and politicians of all stripes and ideologies.  That stretches from the White House to the State House and all houses in between. 

The Democrats are on a never-ending tirade that Trump is mentally unstable, deranged, and poses a danger to himself and the nation.  The truth is, he is a danger to them and their agenda, so they pursue him baselessly trying to throw as many things against the wall as they can hoping something will stick.  Their frustration deepens daily as they have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at him and he has walked through the rubble like the Energizer Bunny and keeps on going.

They have the media, Hollywood, the liberal activist, the Leftist Liberal Establishment, and the Never Trump Republican consortium in their corner and try as they might, he keeps pulling things off that astounds them.  I would suspect they are secretly impressed, but his danger to their agenda, position, and power is so imposing and foreboding they would never acknowledge any success on his part.  Even former president Obama who chided Trump asking, “If he had a magic wand to fix the economy” now wants to take credit for the improving economy.  That’s the Democrat way, blame your opponent for everything and claim all that is good as coming from you.  I keep wondering if people can be that blind, but each election I realize the answer is, absolutely!

During the eight-years of Barack Hussein Obama and his trashing of America, downplaying American exceptionalism, and dismantling our military our allies lost what little respect they still had for us.  Our enemies ceased to fear us and considered us a paper tiger.  We did not keep our word, showed no will to flex our muscle to deter their global agendas.  Today, under President Trump, according to virtually all reliable reports I have read, our relations have improved with all our allies.  That is nothing short of amazing and it has happened in just over two years.

I am not basing what I say on public opinion polls worldwide.  The perception of the United States overseas is driven by entities such as CNN, the New York Times, The Tribune, and foreign media that is largely if not totally anti-Republican and anti-American.  I base my opinion on relationships between governments.

Barack Obama made a concerted effort to alienate Israel and demonstrate to the world, especially the Arab world that we were no longer Israel’s friend and ally.  That has changed dramatically, and Trump’s actions have solidified a strong relationship with a nation that is virtually our only friend in the region. 

With regard to nations such as Japan, we are witnessing success and improved relations.  President Trump secured a difficult trade agreement with South Korea and appears to have done more to bring peace to the peninsula than anyone since possibly Eisenhower.  He has earned the praise of the Philippine government for standing up to China and although he has feuded with Justin Trudeau of Canada, he has now forged a new U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement on trade.  In Latin America countries are rejecting the Leftist and showing signs of favorable relations with us.  That is encouraging.

The new deal with Mexico has the incredible potential of dealing a very severe blow to the illegal immigration situation and will and should end the ‘catch-and-release’ policy of the Obama era.  Instead of catch-and-release they migrants (illegals) will be returned to Mexico until their asylum claims can be heard.  Mexico will authorize the entrance of those individuals for humanitarian reasons as they await adjudication of their asylum claims.  Mexico will also offer jobs, healthcare, and education to its principles.  That is a positive change.  Now, Mr. President and Congress ‘make it happen!’

Now to the discouraging elements in today’s political world.  No, that would be an impossibility to enumerate and expound on ALL the thousands of things that are potentially discouraging.  Instead, let’s consider one area that concerns me as a patriot, a veteran, and a strong advocate of the 2nd Amendment. 

There is an effort afoot by the GOP, the White House, and the Democrats to broker a ‘Gun Deal.’  Please understand, some deal with reason and logic that ensures the continuation of our inalienable right and rejects the infringement thereof to ‘keep and bear arms’ would be welcomed by this American.  However, some of the information I have regarding this deal is not welcome news.

Normally, the media and the Democrats scream to the heavens about the rabid, racist, white guys committing mass murder in the shooting incidents.  The one in Virginia Beach is different.  Why?  Because the shooter was a black man, a registered Democrat and he did not use the favorite target of the ‘gun control advocates’ the AR-15, he used a pair of .45 caliber handguns.  He bought the guns legally and passed several background checks, including the ATF check to buy a suppressor (which he legally owned).  His neighbors and friends insist that he seemed perfectly normal. 

There is no ‘gun control’ bill that any Congress could pass that would have prevented this shooting.  That is nothing short of a ‘total gun ban’ and even then, it would not have prevented it or other shootings.  The mistaken idea that a suppressor or muffler makes a car or gun silent is fraudulent.  It only makes them quieter not silent. The suppressor reduces the sound so that the people standing next to the person using one is not deafened by the blast of the firearm. 

The ATF background check he went through is the same one that you must go through to buy a tank, a rocket launcher, or a machine gun.  Therefore, this attempt by the Democrats and the apparent willingness of the GOP to participate is nothing short of infringement on our 2nd Amendment Rights and must be watched carefully. 

The ATF reported that there are 44 suppressors used in crimes each year but there are over 1.4 million suppressors legally owned by American citizens.  For all the math geniuses, that equates to only 0.003% of the suppressors used in a crime.

The GOP through Lindsey Graham is offering a “Red Flag Compromise” that would allow police to disarm Americans who they think could be dangerous, but do not have the required evidence to prove those citizens broke the law.  Senator Marco Rubio wants to include “high capacity” magazines in the discussion and Senator Pat Toomey is attempting to resurrect his 2013 bill to ban private gun sales and transfers. 

In the House of Representatives, Fred Upton (R-MI) is advancing a ‘gun confiscation’ bill.  Brian Mast (R-FL) is pushing for a new “assault weapon ban.”  Thus far 33 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted for a bill that would permanently suspend American’s gun rights for non-violent misdemeanors like stalking or harassment.  The President is said to be seriously considering a ban on suppressors.

Here is my concern, as always.  I am very much in favor of ‘gun safety’ and ‘responsible’ gun ownership.  I am very adamant in my opposition to any bill that will infringe on our 2nd Amendment Rights to Keep and Bear Arms. 

Like abortion and many other things, when you open a door that does not solve the problem you invite government intrusion and infringement that only expands but never retracts.  Banning suppressors considering the ATF data is ludicrous and will not stop shootings.  Banning high-capacity magazines will not reduce shootings.  Banning so-called assault weapons will not resolve the problem.  Nothing they are suggesting will alleviate the problem of the human heart and head.  Therefore, I am discouraged that the GOP and the president would engage in this possible attempt to compromise with a group of people who know nothing of compromise.

I am, therefore, encouraged and discouraged but more dedicated than every to removing from the ranks of the GOP all RINOs in 2020 and defeating the Liberal Socialist Leftists of the Democratic Party. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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