Yes, I am beating the drum of warning again and will beat it repeatedly until someone, anyone, and hopefully, everyone listens and takes the proper action.  We got in this mess through being proverbial ostriches burying our heads in the sand and allowing political apathy to reign in our society.  That was our mistake and one that can be must be rectified immediately if not sooner.  There is no more time to tiptoe around the tulips and sit on the fence.  That ship has sailed and will never return.

Recently on D-Day’s 75th Anniversary, many reflected on what was won in that encounter or set in motion to obtain.  In my mind, the worst tyranny in human history was defeated in WWII.  I agree with some who have suggested that the Left in America have similar despotic leanings.  I am convinced that if the Democratic Party should resume power in perpetuity we would witness that kind of despotism again.  God forbid that we should be so apathetic, ill-advised, or filled with such immense distaste for a president more maligned than any in my lifetime we allow that to transpire. 

America is truly in a state of disarray societally, politically, and even spiritually.  People are confused, angry, discontented, and hate is boiling over on many fronts in this magnificent nation.  The Left pretends to believe that Donald Trump is a tyrant and wants to be a dictator.  I am convinced that is as far as night is from day from the truth.  His actions reveal his desire is for America to prevail and be restored to her former state of greatness.  He believes in American Exceptionalism, something the former president did and does not.  He believes in a strong America and that our greatness was rooted in our goodness, something the former president did and does not.  He believes in the America people and places us ahead of all others, something the former president did and does not. 

The attitude of the liberals and the actions over the past two and one-half years by the Democrats and some Namby-Pamby Republicans, has revealed the depth of the angst and desire to protect position and power by the political elite.  That does not bode well for America the Beautiful, the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave. 

The Left offers no viable solutions to our ills.  Their only platform is Trump and his perceived shortcomings and depravity.  He, like each of us, is a flawed vessel and has his own warts, as do we all.  The devotion of the Left to failed ideas of the past and failed economic systems of any era is troubling and dangerous.  The allegiance of the Democratic Party to the supremacy of the Central Government is an ominous and imposing threat that cannot be ignored.  The belief of the Left that all rights come from the government not from God smacks with despotism.  The devaluing of human life in abortion on demand is only a short step from wide-scale genocide and euthanasia.

            It is imperative that all Conservatives, Constitutionalist, Patriots, Christians, and Lovers of Freedom recognize the schemes of the Left and resist their clear propositions.  I will list a few areas that we must open our eyes to and take defensive and offensive action against.

            It is mandatory that we recognize their desire to keep the public in a constant state of turmoil and political flux.  They want to stir up bitterness and animosity between genders, races, and classes.  They are devoted followers of the idea of “Divide and Conquer.”  They will never recognize anything good that Donald Trump or the Republicans do.  They presented everything he does as tainted and filled with ulterior motives designed to harm the little man.   They will insistently blame him and the Right for any failures or problems, even those of their own making.  They will never accept blame or responsibility for failures. 

If we fail to recognize their strategy of selling the idea that government in the hands of the ‘enlightened’ can solve any problem and make life a virtual utopia, we suffer.  The enlightened to the Left are those on the Left!  They never leave room for any alternative ideas, theirs are the only possible pathways to enlightenment through entitlement.  They follow the model of “Tell a Lie big enough, loud enough, and long enough and it will be believed.”  Some of them have become pathological and now believe their own lies.  Facts are stubborn things but easily ignored if you are willingly blind.

We must never lose sight that the Left has lost all respect for the dignity of human life.  That is a condition absolutely essential in producing the mindless, brainwashed, sheep who will docilly follow the state’s edicts.  The animosity and violence that goes hand-in-hand with that mentality can only end in the utter destruction of all semblances of Freedom and Peace.  Anyone who disagrees with their postulations and positions is deemed mortal enemies and must be eradicated. 

Their current position and insistence that abortion must be unfettered at any stage of development reflect a depraved mindset that is traumatic to anyone respecting human life.  Euthanasia and genocide are akin to that mentality and empowers the state beyond any reasonable bounds.

I believe that if Donald Trump does not win reelection we will hear the death rattle of the Republic under the iron-fisted, jack-booted tyranny of the Left.  I know I am being harsh, and many will poo-poo that as nothing more than fanatical alarmism.  I will be summarily dismissed and rejected by those of that mentality.  However, many, I believe are beginning to see the handwriting on the wall and are realizing that there are no bounds or depths to which the Left will not stoop or go to achieve their objectives. 

I suggest that you pause and acknowledge that in the two and one-half years of Donald J. Trump as president, the claims and warnings of the Left have not materialized.  He assuredly has some character flaws and is very unorthodox in his approach to government.  However, he has not displayed or employed any of the dire warnings the Left insist that are an integral part of his DNA and desire.  He, in my view, represents the best opportunity that the Republic must assemble and muster, if necessary, the will and resources in the spirit of another D-DAY landing to stop the Left.

The Left believes the State is Supreme and if they get their way, we will be without our Freedoms.  The government will cease to recognize our Inalienable Rights.  No private property will be safe, and we will become the surfs of the federal government.  If you can abide that, then bury your head in the sand and allow it to happen.  If you, like me and millions of others cannot, then take up your arms (intelligence and vote) and let’s defeat them in 2020.

God bless you and God bless America!

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