What is the end game or goal of the push for Socialism in America being championed by the Left today?  It is more than universal healthcare, that would be bad enough, but it is far more iniquitous.  It is CONTROL!  However, that is too simplistic a statement and needs more elucidation to be transparently lucid for everyone both the skeptic and curiously concerned.

The argument of the Democrats and some RINOs that the few million uninsured do not have access to healthcare is fallacious.  The mandate of law is that an Emergency Room cannot deny care to anyone based on their ability to pay.  They receive the same treatment as those with insurance or cash.  Our healthcare system is heavily regulated and managed by the government. 

The actual cost of healthcare is hidden from most Americans, insured or uninsured due to the distortion due to federal and state subsidies.  Third Party insurers foot most of the bill and few shops around for the best price.  After all, we want the best care, not the cheapest, right?  There is little question that our healthcare industry could use some competitive reform, but when the government is involved reform becomes transformation into their control, not our benefit.

The Democrats are all clamoring for some form of Universal Healthcare now being labeled as “Medicare For All”.  I tremble when I hear that discussion and grow weak in the knees when people who should know better buy into the scam and scheme, thinking it will make things better or Free.  It will do neither, but alas, I keep sounding the alarm and beating the drum and nobody wants to march, so I may be wasting my breath, but try I must.

The Left wants a ‘single-payer’ system of FREE healthcare.  The truth is they know, and we should know that Free Healthcare is an Oxymoron and a fantasy.  What they want is for you and me, the taxpayer to pay the bill for everyone.  They want Medical Socialism and that is only the tip of the iceberg.  Once you hook people in dependency on the government you gain the upper hand and once addicted to the dole, like drugs, it is difficult to be weaned off the governmental sugar-tit. 

Every country that has any form of Socialized Medicine has some form of rationing, denial, or extended delay for treatment.  How is that better?  Those willing to trade liberty and freedom for an entitlement do not care about the factual data of people in Canada and the U.K. waiting months if not years for surgeries available in the United States almost instantly.  Sadly, many think in terms of their bottom line financially rather than what could and will happen regarding needed healthcare.  The healthy, the young, the invincible do not think beyond today and until it impacts them directly they are oblivious to the dangers.

Bernie Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez are two of the leading proponents of Democratic Socialism in America.  The increase in membership in the Democratic Socialists of America has increased since 2016 and that is troubling.  Gallup released a poll that indicated that 40% of Americans believe that ‘some form of socialism is good for America.’  Sadly, most of that 40% have no real definition for Socialism other than it contains some form of ‘freebies’ and that is a hot button for them.  It may be healthcare, school loans, tuition costs, or some entitlement they embrace, desire, or seek.  Whatever the cause is, the spin of the Media, the Democrats, and some Republicans are that our Economic System is broken and therefore something must be done. 

Most discussions on Capitalism vs Socialism do not deal with the perils of Socialism only the flaws of Capitalism.  That skewed presentation entices many to buy the rhetoric that Socialism is a panacea for our economic and other issues in America.  The fanning the flames of envy and greed is a major culprit, and few seem to understand that when the government provides it demands something in return.  It would be akin to borrowing money from the loan shark and for a $5 loan, you pay back $7-10.  You give up control and relinquish the decision making to the bureaucrats and politicians.  That is not Freedom or Liberty and not the America of our Founders and the Framers.

Our best defense against Socialism is the Constitution. But with so few politicians understanding it, having read it, or embracing it as the final authority for American government it is frequently relegated to meaninglessness.  Have you read the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist of America (DSA)?  If not, you should.  Article II of their Constitution states, “We are socialists because we share a vision of humane social order based on popular control of resources and production, economic planning, equitable distribution, feminism, racial equality, and no-oppressive relationships.”  That may sound good on the surface but if you examine it closely you readily see that their definition implies a set of institutional arrangements that would inevitably limit freedom of choice.  Is that what you want?

Their desires and designs are clear to any who will take the time to vet them and read or listen to their stated objectives. Let me give you this token of their stated view: “Our task is formidable. Democratic socialists must secure decisive majorities in legislatures while winning hegemony in the unions,” writes Bhaskar Sunkara, editor of Jacobin magazine, in his Socialist Manifesto. “Then our organizations must be willing to flex their social power in the form of mass mobilizations and political strikes to counter the structural power of capital and ensure that our leaders choose confrontation over accommodation with elites.”

A conflicting poll to the 40% favoring Socialism is the Gallup poll that found 77% of Americans are happy with the “overall quality of life in America.”  Also, 65% are satisfied with the “opportunity for a person to get ahead by working hard.”   Additionally, 53% like the “influence of organized religion.”  We have the most robust economy we have had in decades with real disposable income rising.  The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reported that all Americans have enjoyed an increase of post-tax income since 1979.  Do we really want to go back to a time without smartphones, the Internet, the extensive cable television and laparoscopic surgery? 

If the Democratic Socialist win, we will see a massive expansion of the Supreme Court with liberal Socialist Activist Jurist and the revamping if not the removal of the Electoral College.  We will see Medicare for All, Open Borders, Free everything that will bankrupt an already bankrupt republic.  We will see government mandated housing, transportation, parenting, size of family, gun control, higher taxation, and a massive loss of Freedoms and Liberties.  Doubt me if you please, but this is more than a nuisance it is destruction.

God bless you and God bless America!

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