Before I tell you what I’m talking about I want to address the unrelenting diatribe and spin by the Democrats, those who hate Donald Trump, the Media, and the high-ranking member so both the Mueller Team and the various federal bureaus.  I can barely comprehend the pressure and personal antagonism that the President must have felt during this inconceivable and incomprehensible attack on him, his family, and anyone associated with him.  Most people, wielding the power of his office, would have mashed Mueller like a bug. 

I heard and read an interview with John Dowd, the man who is a legend in his own right in the Department of Justice’s Strike Force 18.  He was the head of that group, a group within the DOJ’s Organized Crime and Racketeering Section.  He engineered, spearheaded, and oversaw massive and incredibly complex investigations directed at the underworld of organized crime.  His work was nothing short of incredible!

Donald J. Trump was masterful in securing Dowd’s services once the Muller appointment was a reality.  Dowd and co-counsel Ty Cobb continuously interacted with the Mueller Team and led the fight for the President’s interest and for America.  The Mueller Team was laden with angry activist Democrats who wanted Trump’s head on a platter and didn’t care how they got it.

The anger still boils over in the hearts and minds of those who see his election as a usurpation of their rightful control of the government.  Rightful in their minds, not mine.  The strategy that unfolded was one that few would have consented to but was a stroke of brilliance and gives a solid foundation for the denouncing of the investigation and the antics now being engaged in by the Left and those RINOs in Congress who detest the man, Donald J. Trump.  It is not ideological but personal!

The strategy was ‘total transparency.’  I don’t care what you’ve heard or even that you may have bought into the deception and perception that Trump is obstructing justice, not cooperating, and is a criminal.  Those are unfounded accusations I don’t buy and won’t sit silently while they are bandied about.  Bill & Hillary Clinton were anything but transparent with the Ken Starr investigation.  Barack Obama was anything but transparent in the many inquiries during his time in office.  Remember Benghazi, Fast and Furious, his college transcripts, birth records, and much more.  No, I am not trying to raise the birth issue, just citing his actions to keep things from the public.

John Dowd was asked in the interview, “When did President Trump say, ‘fire Mueller’?”  Dowd’s amazing and truthful response was, “He never did.”  Dowd affirmed that he was there at the time the report says that McGahn, mentioned that.  He affirmed that he (Dowd) was assigned to deal with Robert Mueller and he briefed the President daily.  He asserted that he met with Mueller or Quarles for eight months every week.  There was no attempt on the part of Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America to impede the investigation or failure to cooperate.  That will rankle some, but the truth is the truth.

He said that the President had a message for Robert Mueller that nobody on the Left will acknowledge.  The message contained four statements.  According to Dowd, President Trump instructed him to convey to Robert Mueller that he (Trump) respected what Mueller was doing.  Secondly, the President want Mueller to know that he had his full cooperation.  Thirdly, he wanted Mueller to get the task completed as quickly as possible.  Fourthly, he wanted Mueller to know that if he needed anything else to just let him know.

Rod Rosenstein participated in the planned and attempted coup in appointing Robert Mueller.  His actions gave the President no opportunity to have Mueller vetted and that would have revealed the nefarious purposes and the partisan coup.  Dowd rated Mueller’s performance during and after as an “F” and referred to his work in the Strike Force 18.  There are so many things lacking in the investigation and actions that violate everything good law enforcement and prosecutorial would never have allowed. 

Mueller needs to be thoroughly cross-examined by the Republicans and find out when he knew there was no collusion.  He needs to be forced to fully reveal the depth of the involvement in the Steele dossier by the Clinton Camp, the DNC, and even the Obama administration.  There are many things Mueller needs to have his feet held to the fire over but to deny that the President has cooperated is ludicrous. 

President Trump has continued to work toward the fulfillment of his campaign promises in the heat of this battle and under the daily attempts to triturate him and his agenda.  How Republicans can allow personal repulsion for a person blind them to the dangers of allowing the Leftists back in power is beyond my ability to comprehend. 

If we are honest we must acknowledge that providing millions of documents and allowing members of his staff to be interviewed is far more transparent than any of our previous recent presidents.  We also must admit that he has done more conservative things than any president since Reagan.  I do not endorse all the verbiage used by President Trump and I have not agreed with everything he has done, but I appreciate his willingness to strive to keep his promises and fight for our freedoms as well as stand up to the bullies of the world.

God bless you and God bless America!

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