Forgive me for asking the question but who invented the idea that abortion was a woman’s right to control her own body?  That begs another question regarding that unborn baby’s right to life.  I am all for a woman having the right to control her own body, so long as that control does not necessitate the murder of another innocent life.  I am 100% in favor of a woman having adequate healthcare, but then I am also for men, children, and the unborn having adequate healthcare. 

In most situations where a woman gets pregnant, she had a choice to prevent that pregnancy.  She could have chosen abstinence or some form of protection.  I realize that some of those preventatives fail and the pregnancy is unplanned, but the risk was or should have been known at the time of engaging in coitus. 

I am adamantly Pro-Life and believe that life begins at conception.  Now that I have sufficiently alienated some who are either Pro-Choice or believe that life begins much later I ask for a few minutes of your time to address some issues I see as vital in the discussion of Life. 

I find it amazing and somewhat disingenuous for a person to be an activist for animal rights and an advocate for abortion of a human being at the same time.  I find it astounding that scientist could call a bacterium on Mars or any other planet life and insist that that baby in the womb is not yet a life form.  I have often questioned how liberal proponents of abortion reconcile state laws that protect the fetus in the womb and their willingness to demand abortion on demand, even after live birth. 

There are 38 states as well as the federal government with ‘fetal homicide’ laws on the books.  There are 29 states that have fetal homicide laws that apply to the earliest stages of pregnancy (any state of gestation/development, conception, fertilization, or post-fertilization).  Many of those states are controlled by liberal leftist and strong advocates for abortion.  Those laws treat the fetus (baby) as a potential crime victim separate and apart from the woman who carries it. How can they reconcile that disparity in their argument that that fetus (baby) in the womb is not yet a human being?  If it is nothing more than a blob of tissue how can it be a crime victim? 

Recently the Louisiana Governor defied his Democratic Party and signed into law a strict abortion bill that makes no exception for rape and incest.  The vote in the Louisiana House of Representatives was 79 to 23.  The Democrats have warned the governor that he will be ousted and evicted from the Party over this issue.  The slate of Democratic hopefuls for 2020 are all on-board with abortion and many of the favor incredibly late-term abortions up to and including infanticide.

Bernie Sanders is targeting Illinois Representative Dan Lipinski, a rare Pro-Life Democrat.  He has endorsed the Pro-Choice candidate Marie Newman in her bid to primary Lipinski.  Governor Edwards in Louisiana has been issued a warning or threat by NARAL Pro-Choice America political director, Nicole Brener-Schmitz.  She said, “Governor Edwards, and any other elected official attempting to use political overreach to roll back our rights, is mistaken to think our fundamental freedoms are up for debate.”  That is outrageous!  She further stated, “We are in the majority, and if you are not fighting alongside us, you don’t deserve to represent the American people.” 

Ms. Brener-Schmitz, could I ask what fundamental freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Creator to that unborn baby?  As a Christian, I find no ground upon which I can support abortion.  As a lover of humanity, I find it reprehensible and ludicrous to argue that a woman has the right to abort that life in the womb because it is her body.  That baby did not ask to be there.  That baby is not a trespasser on private property.  That baby is not a parasite, a blob of tissue, a growth or a mass of cells with no value.  It has a heartbeat by six weeks and by four weeks has a distinct blood vessel formed inside and by five weeks the heart tube begins to beat spontaneously.  That is Life, not tissue!

A mere sixteen days after conception that fetus forms a neural plate, the foundation of the baby’s brain and spinal cord.  By thirteen weeks the baby has well-defined fingers and toes.  By eight weeks the baby will have already gone through two sets of temporary kidneys with the permanent kidneys being formed.  How can anyone call that a mass of cells or a blob of lifeless tissue? 

One of the things that troubles me the most about the abortion issue is the devaluing of human life.  It matters not to me if that devaluing is intentional or unintentional the effect is the same.  Ascribing lifelessness to that fetus (baby) in the womb enables one to become desensitized to life and it is a very short step from abortion to genocide.  No, I do not believe that everyone who supports abortion is a proponent of mass murder but when life become devalued for the unborn how long will it be before it is devalued for the deformed, the elderly, and the mentally unstable? 

Love me or hate me over this stance, but I believe we are treading on dangerous ground morally and spiritually as well as societally if we do not rediscover our value of human life – ALL LIFE!

God bless you and God bless America!        

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