IT CAN’T BE SIMPLY IGNORANCE – Now They Want Universal Income…

The insanity in today’s American politics cannot be explained as mere ignorance, as if ignorance is either mere or simple.  The National Democrats, the ones getting the airtime and the notice are offering policies and advancing agendas that are impossible to achieve.  Yet, millions are buying the spin, regurgitating the rhetoric, and trying to sell the nonsensical.  Millions believe whatever they hear from CNN, MSNBC, the Democrats and the Hollywood mental midgets.  They hear it, they repeat it, they believe it, and they vote for it.  All that without a molecule of thought!  

The fiscal costs of the plans being offered by the Democratic POTUS hopefuls and other visible Democrats are off the chart ignorant.  They pose a financial crisis that any reasonable person should immediately ask, “How will we pay for this?”  The Universal Healthcare or Medicare For All plan being touted by virtually of them in one form or another would cost more than $30 TRILLION over the next decade.  Ocasio-Cortez’s plan is to just cut a few billion from the defense budget and all is handled.  Beyond that, her plan is simple, tax the rich, the middle-class, the poor and everything that moves, and the problem is solved.  After all, “It’s just money and we will pay for it!” 

The Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has proposed a plan that is so outlandish and far-fetched it should have been immediately laughed out of Washington.  Sadly, it was not only not laughed at but praised as being the smartest plan offered by any Democrat yet!  Wow!  The Liberals have attacked Conservatives for decades claiming that we do not care for the poor.  That accusation is beyond ridiculous.  However, with the media coverage, the continual diatribe of the politicians, and the incredibly pervasive mentality of entitlement and envy, their claims are believed.  Millions believe that if you are a Republican you hate poor people, even if you are a Republican and poor. 

Her plan called, “LIFT +” reveals the increasing fiscal and constitutional insanity of the Left.  Her plan would drastically restructure the EITC and, in her mind, simplify the process.  It is simple and Utopian.  She would simply give $3,000 to individuals and $6,000 to families.  Yep, it is an expansion of the modern idea of the Democrats to have “universal everything” including “universal government control.”  Her plan could be called Universal Income. 

In short, her plan provides that a person making less than $50,000 or a family with a household income of under $100,000 would get the money.  You don’t have to work.  You don’t have to look for a job.  This kind of lunacy makes working undesirable and would kill all incentive to work and provide for your own.  How would you like a bonus of $3,000-$6,000 per year that you don’t have to do a thing to get?  Sounds great, right?  Only until you stop and ask, “Where is the money coming from?”  No, it won’t come from the super-rich, it will come from those of us who work and pay taxes.  It will come from increased in the cost of goods and services.  It will come from higher taxes.  It will come at the expense of our Freedom and Liberty. 

The lunacy of the current push by the Democrats for Abortion on Demand, Open Borders, Gender Nullification, and Socialism is incomprehensible for those using rational thought.  I wish I could attribute this new wave of craziness to “Ignorance”, but I cannot.  I cannot accept the premise that it is simply because those proposing the Utopian ideas are ignorant of economics and the constitution.  I know most of the liberal voters are not well versed in the Constitution.  They have been taught by teachers and professors who are either limited in their knowledge of that document or in opposition to it.  We have multi-generations in American society who are a product of the modern educational constitutional dumbing down.  The price of that mistake is still being determined.

If it is not simply ignorance that is giving rise to these new and destructive proposals, what is it?  I believe that for some of the purveyors of the toxic liberal agenda such as Congresswoman Tlaib it is rooted in their belief system.  Those on the Left who have worked devotedly for decades to push all things Bible, moral, Christian, and historically American out of the public square must have an agenda.  I agree that a significant number of the adherents to the ideology of the Left, the rank-in-file, are not diabolical but constitutional and economically uninformed.  However, those pushing the agenda are far more devious and not dumb. 

I never bought the idea that the former President Barack Obama was the smartest man in the room, but I never believed he was ignorant either.  I believe he was devoted to an ideology, as is Soros, and the political elitists and political establishment.  That ideology is anti-American, anti-Bible, and anti-Freedom.  The ideology of the Liberal Left is, in my view, rooted in the diabolical, not in ignorance. 

I do believe that many of those purveyors of the current insanity are somewhat ignorant of the Constitution.  They appear to have believed what they believe for long enough, their understanding of the Constitution is tainted.  Even Barack Obama lamented that the Constitution was restrictive for his agenda.  His statements demonstrated his understanding of the limitations imposed by our guiding document but were willing to prey on the limited information of the masses and pursue his purposes extra-constitutionally.

America, we can either vote NO on the policies of liberalism or we can consider them innocuous and simply part of the political cycle with all its ebbs and flows and vote for the Left or not vote.  I don’t care how much you dislike the current president, if you consider any of the Democratic hopefuls as viable alternatives or replacements, you are making a grave mistake.  I do not like everything this president has done but he has done more or tried to fight for more of our freedoms than any Republican since Reagan.  What would we have if the Republicans got behind the promised agenda over the next 2-6 years?  What would America look like if the Democrats reclaim the control of the government in all branches? 

It is more than ignorance so do not be deceived.  There is a devious and diabolical plan to destroy America and, in that destruction, we will be destroyed as Free People.  I cannot passively accept that.  Therefore, I commit to staying engaged, involved, in prayer, and to voting in 2020!

God bless you and God bless America!

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