Nope, they just keep going further and further and further to the Left.  You would think that the Law of Physics would apply and after you had gone so far in one direction you would start coming back the other.  However, that is not the case with the modern Democrats.  They only have Left, no Right, no Center, no Middle – Just Left and Farther Left!

I saw a ridiculous quote from Mark Cuban the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and Shark Tank Star.  His quote, if accurate, shows how deeply he needs to be schooled on the American Constitution.  I believe, Mr. Cuban is simply trying to garner some of the spotlight and feed his narcissistic ego with some of his tidbits, but if he is serious this is serious.  He keeps teasing that he might run against Trump in 2020 and it seems that, in his mind, he thinks he has a legitimate shot at winning. 

He offered a three-pronged plan to save America.  You heard me right, to save America!  He said that the Constitution needs to be rewritten and stated so that every American would have the right to own a firearm.  That is most interesting, Mr. Cuban. It Already Does! Tine number two of his plan is that it needs to state that the federal government can never confiscate legally owned firearms.  Imagine that!  Then part three was that the individual states have the right to oversee and manage how restrictive or, liberal gun laws should be.

Mr. Rich Logis, said that when he hears liberal rhetoric and propaganda he applies his ‘bull dung meter’ to the matter.  His question and mine were, “Do the Democrats actually believe what Mr. Cuban is peddling and that the Constitution does not already offer those guarantees and prohibitions?”  I would also ask, “Do they truly believe in Socialism?”  I am 100% convinced that the liberal leftists of this country, including Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez, and all the rest of that band of bandits like the money that comes from capitalism as much as anyone else. 

If they believe their spin, they don’t bother or impress me much because I believe they will fizzle in the long run.  The ones that concern me are those Democrats and liberals who do not believe that diatribe but act as cheerleaders for those who do.  I happen to believe Mr. Cuban probably believes what he is touting and that makes him one more nutcracker in the nut bin of the Left.

Mr. Cuban and Democrats, might I remind you that since the Second Amendment was ratified on December 15, 1791, those postulations have been crystal-clear.  They have been ignored and tarnished by the courts, but they are etched in the granite of the Constitutional decree and must not be tampered with.  He apparently knows nothing of the 2nd or the 10th Amendments.  I believe that is a condition that has infected a large swath of the liberal left and that poses a foreboding problem going forward if we do not stay engaged and prevent them from rising to power or gaining more power.

Overall, the National Democratic Party are opposed to building up faith, family, and freedom.  Three elements I and most patriotic American are adamantly in favor of and recognize the need for.  Joe Biden has attempted to play the role of being a ‘centrist’, but his true colors come through when the pressure is applied, and he flip-flops like a fish out of water. 

One of the major problems and reasons we are in the mess we are in society and government is the systematic attempt of the Democrats to undermine the family and having two-parents, a mother and a father, give oversight to the rearing of the children.  They are offering more and more Statist ideas at a time when we need less and less government control.  They are fighting for more government when we need less government.  They are clamoring for control when we need more individual freedom. 

In 1960 only 5% of children were born outside of wedlock and in the past few years, that percentage has exponentially escalated to 40%.  That amounts to an 800% increase since my teen years.  Believe me, I can see the deterioration of our society in the past 50+ years and it is alarming.  Today, the Democrats are at war with the biblical and scientific reality of two-genders and are attempting to erase any distinction between the sexes (except when convenient for their agenda).  Sexual immorality is at a new high with sex-trafficking, pornography, and pedophilia being protected by the Leftist.

They ascribe to the theorem of Karl Marx that religion is the ‘opiate of the people.’  Former president Obama called those of us who are for gun rights and faith “bitter clingers.”  The Democrats are proponents of ‘collective rights’ which damage if not destroy ‘individual rights.’  Their globalist agenda is threatening the sovereignty and very existence of the United States of America.  They are rooted deeply in a Marxist-Leninist mentality that is dividing and destroying America as the Free Constitutional Republic.

Gender wars, class wars, inequality, jealousy, and greed are rampant and government intrusion is not only desirable to them but demanded.  Any who support the Constitution as Original Written and Intended are considered suffering from some form of mental disorder, phobic, racist, sexist, and a danger to society.  The eradication of those of us on the Right is not off the table for them and some have called for that very thing. 

I heard of a Vice President in a leading stock brokerage firm in New York City.  He told his boss, “We are lying to our clients.”  His boss countered, “It is not illegal to lie.”  That mentality is troubling and pervasive in politics and most of society.  The more we give up our individual freedoms in favor of monolithic government working hand-in-glove with vast, impersonal corporations, the individual always gradually loses their sense of importance as a decision maker.  Most of the political elitists in Washington do not believe we have the ability or the right to make our own decisions.  They believe they are the wise, benevolent, and guardians of liberty.  We, on the other hand, are ignorant parasites needing to be cared for.  I resent and reject that view!

The Left keeps going further and further to the Left and there is not Full Circle with them.  Is it too late to reclaim America?  It is too late to wake up to our failures, sins, and mistakes?  Is it too late to pull the proverbial plug on the swamp and rid ourselves of the parasites now governing?  For the Democratic Party, the path they have chosen is one of collectivism, deconstruction, and distortion.  For them, it may be too late!  For the rest of us, I believe there is a very small window of opportunity, but we must not let down our guard and we must act decisively in every election.  2020 is not optional!

God bless you and God bless America!

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