WHY CAN’T I SUPPORT YOU? Let Me Count The Ways…

Support who or whom?  The Liberal Leftists Socialist Democrats of the modern era!  I find so many reasons to reject them that it is astounding to me how anyone could vote for them.  Their view of America, Americans, Illegals, our Nation, our National Sovereignty, and our Constitutional and Inalienable Rights are not just dangerous they are diabolical.  Their views scream, to me, that they consider us ignorant, uninformed, and their serfs. 

Constitutionally and biblically, we do not serve them (politicians), they are supposed to be our representatives.  They are supposed to work for and with us, not lord it over us.  They are supposed to follow the same rules, obey the same laws, and temporarily serve in Washington then return to private life.  That is not what is happening on either side of the aisle today.  I am disgusted with politics and politicians and want to see massive changes in Washington and a clear restoration of our Constitutional Republic to its original intent.

But, back to the assertion that I cannot support the Left and my explanation why.  I doubt that I could fully articulate my reasons that would require a book but let me give a few succulent reasons.  I hope you will not think me overly simplistic or overly paranoid in my reasoning.

I believe in and respect the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  I believe that we have certain inalienable rights that come from our Creator, not the government.  I believe in limited government and am totally opposed to viewing the Constitution as an evolving document that morphs with time and public opinion.  It is, in my view, etched in stone and must be altered only through the amendatory process, which is extensive and difficult.  That would require thought to be given to the matter and sufficient time for all arguments from all sides to be placed on the table. 

The Democrats have demonstrated a propensity and have even stated they do not view that document as our guiding principle and precept, but an outdated dinosaur needs to be reinterpreted and rewritten.  There is only one legitimate and constitutional pathway for it to be rewritten. They do not want to endure that process, therefore they abuse it, ignore it, subvert it, skirt it, and proceed as they please.  Sadly, the SCOTUS and lower courts have given their actions legitimacy through rulings even though their actions and the court’s rulings are unconstitutional.  That is frightening!

I believe that “Free Speech” applies to everyone even those I adamantly disagree with.  You can speak your mind and I will defend your right to do so.  I may disagree and fight to keep you from achieving your objective by I will staunchly defend your right to “say it.”  I believe in the “Sanctity of Life”, ALL LIFE!  That includes life in the womb, the unborn baby.  I find it amazing that the Left will acknowledge life when it enhances their ideological and political agenda but deny its existence when it does not.  That hypocrisy prevents me from voting Democrat.  As a Christian, I find it impossible to support abortion and certainly not abortion on demand as is being promoted by the Left.

I believe in the 2nd Amendment and the right of ‘self-defense’.  I believe in the Castle Doctrine and believe that it is a biblical principle as well as a constitutional one.  I believe in the right of ‘personal property’ and consider my views my personal property as well as the material things I possess.  I find no constitutional or biblical precept that allows the government to confiscate my property for the purpose of benevolence.  Charity is a personal matter, not a governmental one.  I do not believe that people who “will not work” should be given handouts.  I find no basis for forcing taxpayers to provide entitlements, housing, and healthcare for those illegally entering our country.  They are Illegal!

I believe that the United States is a Sovereign Nation and it is imperative that we protect our borders.  A nation without a border is not a nation but a flow-through region or becomes a part of a bordering nation willing to impose its will on people.  I believe that our National Defense is mandatory, and we must, constitutionally, morally, ethically, and biblically “protect and defend” this nation and her citizens.  The greatest producer of peace is strength.  I support our military and want it strong and well-armed.  Those not living under God’s Law and following His principles only respect strength not weakness and if we show ourselves strong we can deter villainous attempts to harm us.

I believe in two genders as created by God.  I believe the DNA and biological makeup of men and women is clear and definable.  The Liberal Leftists of today are attempting to produce a gender-neutral society and with the ‘participation trophy’ mentality of today, whatever one wants is what one is to get.  That is unless it is a biblical or conservative view then it is racist, phobic, and unconstitutional.  NO, it is sound reasoning and another reason I cannot support the Democrats of today!

I believe slavery is wrong and reprehensible and that includes enslavement by the government through entitlements, taxation, and regulations.  I do not believe the world is in danger of self-destruction through man-made climate change or global warming.  I believe that the God who created this world and universe knew, from the beginning, what we would do and achieve.  I believe He is well in control of His creation and puny man will not upset that apple-cart through our CO2 emissions or cow flatulence. 

I believe that all men, women, and children are created equal and have the inalienable right to pursue Life that includes being born, liberty that means freedom from overt government regulation, and happiness.  I believe that the Law must be equally applied to everyone regardless of race, creed, politics, or financial status.  I believe that Freedom is incredibly costly and worth fighting for. 

You may or may not agree with my brief listing of reasons I cannot support the Toxic Liberal Left and why I will do all I can to see them defeated in 2020 and every election I live to see.  I love America and believe that there are those who vote Democrat also truly love this nation.  However, I believe that many of them are deceived through the hype, spin, and paranoia being fed them through their only sources of information.  I pray for them and weep for my nation.  I will stand and continue to stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom.

God bless you and God bless America!

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