I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over the blatant unbounded hypocrisy of today’s political world.  I wish I could say it was all on the Left, but it isn’t.  However, the most flagrant unbounded hypocrisy of the Liberal Leftists Democrats demands a laugh, then a tear, then anger.  It is unbounded!

Yes, I heard the news clips and soundbites of Trump’s interview with Stephanopoulos, the Clinton lapdog, a few weeks ago.  Yes, I heard the innuendos and the scrambling of the GOP to look good in the media.  Yes, I heard the talking heads explain how this is an admission of treason and unprecedented in American history.  Yes, I heard the explanations, the criticisms, and the justifications on both sides of the aisle.  The soundbites and new clips to which I refer are concerning the answer Trump gave the Clinton lapdog’s question about listening to foreign nationals with information on his opponents. 

I knew immediately that his choice of words and explanation, as always, would be distorted, twisted, and spun to make him look like both a dope and a traitor.  He told the truth about what politicians do and would do.  That was their intent, to catch him telling the truth and turn it into distortion. 

I wish he had, and maybe he did, recognize that this was a trap question designed with the loathsome purpose of harming him politically.  I wish he had said, “Well, George what would you have me do?  Would you not want me to evaluate the information and determine if there was anything in it that would be a threat to our national security?  Would you want me to ignore it and immediately hand it off to the FBI, whose track record of late is not very commendable?  If I did that, I might scare off the foreign national and lose any vital information that American needs.”  But, that is an afterthought, not forethought or spur of the moment thought.

Imagine, a politician using any information on their opponent they could find.  Who would do that?  Let me take my tongue out of my cheek so I can type and say, “They All Do That!”  The Steele dossier and Russian hoax were bought and paid for by the Clinton team and the Democrats and now they want to act as though getting outside information is somehow unheard of!  Pardon me while I bust a gut laughing.  That is ridiculous to assert that and make Trump treasonous and engaging in an activity heretofore unseen in American politics, is an insult to my intelligence.

The hypocrisy of the Clinton, Obama, Holder, Lynch, the FBI, the CIA, and dozens of other federal bureaus including the DOJ is astounding.  The problem with what they did, is they have been exposed.  They sought sources from Russia, the U.K., Italy, Australia and who knows where else to dig up dirt on Trump.  They apparently did not care if it was real or fabricated, so long as it was potentially damaging, and they paid for it.  Now, we are paying for it and will pay for decades to come.

I truly believe that those on the Left who are involved in this and other charades of pretended integrity and patriotism think they are smarter than the rest of us.  I won’t argue with their assertion regarding the millions of ‘low information’ followers of their cause.  Those whose only information comes from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, Hollywood, the Media, and the politicians on the Left demonstrate either a lack of intelligence or such gross deception they are prime targets.  Those people are easily duped because they want to be duped and want to believe the lie, any lie, that supports their agenda, ideology, and cause.  If it is negative toward Trump, they deem it “Law and Gospel.”  It gets their Gold Seal of approval.

Let me preface what I am going to say with the acknowledgment that I do not approve of all the things this president does.  However, I am very thankful we have a president who is a fighter.  That is so unlike virtually all the previous Republican presidents of my lifetime.  If he gets pushed, he pushes back, and the Left is caught off guard.  In the past, the Democrats and Media would threaten the Republicans with public opinion and insist that they cower in the corner, which they did.  We, the rank-in-file conservatives and constitutionalist were left with our angst and pleading for someone who had a smidgen of intestinal fortitude to step forward. 

What amazes me is that many of those conservatives and constitutionalist who wanted a fighter, turned on the fighter when he stepped into the ring. The liberal left colludes with anyone they deem beneficial to their purposes.  If it helps their cause or has any appearance of helping they collude and sidle up to any foreign national or power to get what they can get. 

The late Ted Kennedy wanted to work with Russian to defeat Reagan.  China contributed millions to Bill Clinton’s campaign illegally.  Pelosi coddled up to Assad in 2007 attempting to defeat the Bush policy in the region.  Biden and Feinstein are virtually owned by the Chinese.  Both Obama and Clinton acolytes are colluding with Iran and China to do harm to Trump.  They are also trying to formulate common ground, against Trump with nations such as Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico.  Damn the breach of our Southern Borders, we must defeat Trump is their mantra!  That is hypocritical at the best and diabolical at the worst!

Sometimes, Trump does things like a Chess Master.  He thinks one or two moves ahead of those willing to take a soundbite and run with it.  Did he take the bait, or did he bait Georgie Porgy?  What Trump has done, once again, has brought to light the hypocrisy of the Democrats and their rabid base.  He has also exposed the RINOs and cowardly in the GOP.  Every time the Democrats and Media insist that the ‘walls are closing in’ on him, he turns the tables on them.  I hope this and the latest twitter war is another of those situations.

Biden is one of the most prolific flip-floppers in American history.  Sanders is a Socialist Communist Plagiarist whose Socialist Bill of Rights is a regurgitation of Stalin’s 1936 Soviet Constitution.  Do you really want either of them as President?  Elizabeth Warren is no better and I have found none of the Democratic seekers worthy of even a momentary consideration.  They are disasters waiting to happen and would damage if not destroy our system of government and our way of life. 

I’ll take Trump over any of them even with his warts and flaws.  I thank God we have a fighter in the White House.  I just wish we had some fighters in the House of Representatives and the Senate.   Come on William Barr and let’s get to the task at hand and expose the corrupt and hold them accountable! 

God bless you and God bless America!

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