What is Worse?  Washington, DC is, from top to bottom worse than is being portrayed in any reporting.  The hate, the vitriol, the desire for vengeance, and the incompetence is beyond bad and is not a passing trend.  Washington is broken and will take down the Republic if we the people do not fix it. 

That demands another question be asked.  “How do we fix it?”  Have you ever been in a situation where the only solution was to replace something?  In my life, I’ve been forced to do maintenance and stop-gap repairs on vehicles, appliances, and facilities because the replacement was too costly.  However, in most of those situations, I finally reached a juncture where another band-aid repair was not possible or would be totally fruitless.  At that point, I had to bite the bullet, pay the price, and find a way to replace rather than continuing to repair.

I believe that is where we are with the Washington bureaucracy including Congress.  No, I am not suggesting another revolution in which we overthrow the government and create a new one.  Rather, I am suggesting that we face the reality that something more than cosmetic surgery must be done.  A quote normally attributed to Albert Einstein is applicable, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.”  The first documented use of that was in a book published by Narcotics Anonymous in 1981 written by Rita Mae Brown.  Frankly, I don’t care who said it or why it describes the political turmoil and ineptitude of Washington today.

Why can’t the Republicans and Democrats come to an agreement on virtually anything?  Why?  Politics and politicians!  The Border Issue could be resolved relatively easily but would require both parties to come to a compromise agreement.  That has about as much chance of happening as a freshly formed snowball surviving the flames of hell.  If both parties truly wanted to do what we the people wanted they would see the solution, take action, and not really care who got the credit.  But credit or blame is the name of the game politically and it equates to votes, so that dog won’t hunt, and compromise is not likely.

The Democrats need to admit that we have a problem at the southern border and it must be secured.  The majority of Americans believe that, but the Establishment Ruling Class of Democrats refuse to acknowledge there is a real problem.  It matters not that in years before Donald J. Trump they were for border security, at least to a degree.  Now that we have a Republican in the White House and that Republican is their mortal enemy, there is no nope of achieving border security with the help of the Democrats.  It appears that they believe that it is immoral to protect America and Americans. 

The compassionate liberals insist that the rights of the illegals must be protected at all costs.  They seem to ignore the fact that Americans, legal and law-abiding Americans are at risk, but then, half of us don’t vote Democrat so the illegals must be protected. 

The Republicans are going to have to deal with the fact that the so-called ‘Dreamers’ are here and ingrained in our society.  Those that were brought here by their parents, illegally have virtually never known any other society.  We cannot ignore the realities of their existence or the problems of granting amnesty or deporting them. 

I am not for blanket amnesty because I see that as a Pandora’s Box and opens the door to more and more illegals bringing children here illegally.  That flies in the face of our current immigration laws and usurps our constitution.  If we are to be a nation of laws, those laws must apply to everyone uniformly and without prejudice or bias.  There must be a penalty for breaking the law and blanket amnesty would give the appearance of rewarding illegality.  That cannot happen.

Once we have secured the border I am willing to have the conversation regarding some sane pathway for citizenship for many of the so-called ‘Dreamers.’  The Democrats have, in the past, cast ballots favoring a wall or some other physical barrier to secure the border.  Today, hate has so permeated their ranks they refuse to cooperate with anything President Trump requests because he is President Trump.  Their hate is rabid!  Yes, there are those on the Right that hate the Left with an equal passion and thereby the condition of corrosion is so pervasive Washington has ground to a screeching halt and we the people pay the price.

Former Senator Alan Simpson said at the funeral of George H.W. Bush, “Hatred corrodes the container it is carried in.”  That is descriptive of the impasses in Washington and a condition that cannot be allowed to continue.  How do we fix the problem?

We fix the problem by ‘cleaning house.’  I know that when you do a complete remodel or renovation you tear down some good stuff along with the bad stuff to get the new stuff, which hopefully is better.  In the case of Congress and the bureaucracies of Washington, I believe we have reached the point where a Clean Sweep is required.  We cannot simply pass more laws, enact more regulations, impose more restrictions, or chide each other in faux moral superiority and projectionism. 

Legislators that have been in Washington for decades are more than part of the problem, they are the problem!  They have long lost interest in being a public servant and are now focused on their ideological agenda, position, power, and the perpetuation of their influence and presence.  I might add to that list, their Purse! 

Immigration is one of the many impasses we have in Congress and although the Republicans have not blockaded all Democratic efforts as the Democrats have Republican agendas the two parties won’t play with each other.  Those children need supervision and the inane rhetoric and diatribe are tiring.  When Congress does something it usually comes with a hefty price tag and infringes upon our inalienable rights in some measure.  Is that what we truly want?

For me, step one is defeating the toxicity of liberalism and socialism in 2020 and then focus on 2024 to Sweep Clean as much of Washington as possible.  I know that the revamping would be painful on many fronts, but necessary.  We need to demand that politicians revere and obey the Constitution. 

We need to remind them that they work for us, not the other way around.  We need to remind them and all Americans that it is not the responsibility of the federal government to provide our subsistence.  We have the Right to Life and that includes all people.  We have the right to Liberty and that means, among other things, limited governmental interference in our daily lives.  We have the right to Pursue Happiness and that cannot be accomplished if the government becomes the authoritarian tyranny or oligarchy many politicians are seeking.   Name me a Democratic hopeful wanting to be President that believes in limited government.  I’m waiting but won’t hold my breath for your answer. It will never come!

God bless you and join me in pursuing the restoration of America as the Free Constitutional Republic. 

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