I’m sorry if that offends those who either hate or strongly dislike Texas but I believe it is accurate regarding presidential politics and elections.  Many of us have, for a long time, been sounding the alarm and expressing the concern that Texas is rapidly becoming a Hispanic majority. That shift has all the earmarks of turning Texas purple if not blue from its traditional red political condition.  Call me whatever you want for that statement and I will define why I believe that is a problem for Texas and the rest of America. 

My concern is strongly tied to the border crisis, the influx of illegals, and the historic propensity of the Hispanics to vote Democrat.  I refer to states like New Mexico and California as additional support for my view that the tendency is to vote with the Left.  Yes, I know many Hispanic Texans who are staunchly conservative, pro-family, and pro-life but others view any attempt to secure the border as being anti-Latino.  Much of their information comes from the Liberal Media and political diatribe and rhetoric. 

If Texas reaches the place that it has a Hispanic majority through legal immigration I accept that, but if it comes because of nefarious transplanting and illegal immigration, I do not.  California’s governor Gavin Newsom, a super liberal Democrat has predicted that the GOP is headed for the “waste bin of history.”  His claim was founded on his belief that the entire country is becoming like California flooded with immigrants, legal and illegal from Hispanic countries. 

Census data indicates there is validity in his assertion or prediction.  The situation in my home state of Texas is of grave concern for those of us wanting to maintain Freedom and the followers of Constitutional Conservatism.  Texas is clearly a “must win” state for the GOP and without Texas, neither Bush nor Trump would have won.  Demographic changes in Texas not only from the growing Hispanic population but the dramatic increase in blacks and liberals from other parts of the country are shifting the political winds in this state. 

If Texas turns left the country is lost on a national scale and we will witness the destruction of the Republic.  Will, that lead to a civil war?  Possibly and maybe even probably.  However, I contend that a civil war will mean the end of our Republic as we know it through the imposition of actions such as martial law.  It would likely result in Constitutional changes or legislative or presidential edicts that would severely limit our freedoms and divide this nation irreparably.  None should truly want that. 

The current statistical data indicates that the White Population in Texas is approximately 11.9 million and the Hispanic population has risen to 11.4 million.  Estimates suggest that Whites will be a minority in Texas by the year 2021 or 2022.  There were approximately 9 new Hispanics for every 1 new non-Hispanic white in Texas in 2018.  The annual gain is listed at 214,736 through July 2018 and that is an increase of 1.9 million since 2010.  The white population grow by a measly 24,075 last year and has only increased by 484,000 since 2010. 

The statistical data reveals that the lion’s share of support for the GOP comes from white voters.  In fact, about 90% of the support for the GOP is white, in Texas.  Some will make that a condition of racism, but I believe it is because white Texas is family oriented, conservative, and has strong religious ties.  Conversely, the non-whites voters in Texas tend to vote Democrat at 70-90% margins. 

If you consider the fact that the Democrats have locked up electoral votes in California, New York, and Illinois amounting to 104 votes and add Texas’ 38 electoral votes to that mix they are over halfway home in any election.  The increase in Democratic-leaning states gives validity to the view that Republicans have “a narrow path to the White House.”  If Texas is stripped from the GOP’s side of the ledger there is no pathway to the White House.  That’s how important Texas is.

I’ve seen some polls that indicate Joe Biden is leading Trump in Texas.  I don’t know if those polls have any validity but after watching the Senate election between O’Rourke and Cruz, I am concerned.  Some political commentators and analyst suggest that there is a significant “browning of America” and it will result in such a demographic shift that the GOP will be left on the outside looking in.

The immigration upheaval is part of the designed shift in our national demographic directly related to the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965.  It opened the door to a massive influx of immigrants from third-world countries.  Many of those immigrants needed, wanted, or obtained governmental subsidies and entitlements and are not firmly in the Liberal Leftists Ledger of votes.  They won’t bite the hand that feeds them, so they vote for more freebies, entitlement, and welfare by voting for the Democrats.

Ted Kennedy argued on the Senate floor, “diversity is our strength.”  He and the Left claimed that the bill would not upset the ethnic mix of our society.  Wrong!  The truth is that everything he insisted has proven to be a fictional dream and the opposite is true.  He said, “our cities will not be flooded with a million immigrants annually from the most populated and economically deprived nations.” Wrong again! 

Once the Democrats realized they could ‘import’ voters they became determined to flood America with immigrants.  That is why they so adamantly insist that we cannot close the border and call any attempts to do so inhumane and other than the true character of America.  What America are they talking about?  Not the America of our forefathers or even our childhood but the New Liberal Leftists Socialist America they have been attempting to produce for decades. 

What is happening in Texas, demographically, is happening across America and without the truth being conveyed in a manner that is grasped, understood, and accepted across the broad spectrum of people, we are headed for some incredibly troubled waters.  Someone said, “Immigration is messing with Texas.”  No, illegal immigration is messing with our Free Constitutional Republic and reveals why explains why the Democrats are determined to stop the wall and destroy our ability to secure our border. 

God help us to wake up.  God bless you and God bless America!

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