No, I am not doing a take-off on the Left calling him the “Orange Man.” I am using an old saying to open the door for a discussion on the double-standard of today’s PC World, the Media, and the Democrats.  I’ve used the term “toxic liberalism” to describe the modern Democrats, at least the national party and agenda.  I’ve heard people suggest that the Democrats have officially become the Party of Derangement.  Is that accurate?  In many ways, I believe it is, but you will have to make that determination for yourself. 

With the 2020 presidential campaign in full swing and the position, condition, and positioning of the Democratic hopefuls it is a very interesting situation. It is going to be a wild ride and hopefully, enough Americans will wake up and realize the danger to prevent them from reclaiming the White House, gaining strength in the House and retaking the Senate.  If that does not happen, and they succeed I shudder to think of what will happen to the Republic.  Yes, you can call me an alarmist if you please, but I believe it is that dire and dangerous.

When I turn back the clock almost two decades I remember that horrible day when 3,000 Americans needlessly lost their lives in the attack on the World Trade Center in Manhattan.  You can blame whomever you please, but I believe it was an attack by an Islamic terrorist.  You may be a truther and believe that our own government committed the treachery.  If you do, please post it on your own wall and not on mine. If I believed that I would immediately demand that we overthrow the existing government and have a new revolution.  I am not calling for that, do not want that, and do not believe that, even as evil as our government can be, I cannot embrace that theory. 

Seven years after that event America, misguidedly elected Barack Hussein Obama as president.  He immediately began the push to fulfill his dream of ‘fundamentally transforming America.’  He began dividing the nation like no other president in modern times.  He was a community organizer with no executive experience, ill-qualified for the job and managed to deceive millions of Americans.  Some very good people and well-meaning people voted for him only to wake up during his first term and lament their decision. 

He systematically and intentionally advanced acrimonious narratives claiming that many of us on the other side were “bitter clingers, clinging to our guns and religion.”  Hillary pushed that to a new level calling us “deplorables.”  Obama was quick to jump to a conclusion that the black man was innocent, and the police were guilty.  He even suggested that his supporters “bring a gun to a knife fight.” 

Joe Biden has taken off on that and suggested a “brass knuckles fight with the Republicans.”  That was deemed laudable and commendable by the media.  Obama was seen as a fighter, fighting for liberalism and their agenda.  However, if Donald Trump says anything remotely similar he is an evil despotic tyrant that must be eradicated from the earth.  How is that for a double-standard.  Apples and Oranges, you may say, but I say rotten eggs and hard boiled eggs would be closer. 

Obama embraced Islam and insisted that it was and is a religion of peace. His Attorney General Loretta Lynch threatened to prosecute anyone speaking evil of Islam.  That sounds a lot like Sharia Law to me, but then I am one of the “bitter clingers and deplorables” so what could I possibly know?  Obama pitted blacks against whites and poor against rich damaging and setting back relations in many sectors decades.  Was it by design?  I think yes but it could have been his zeal for Islam, fundamental transformation, and socialism that clouded his judgment.  You decide.

Today Obama’s legacy is a generation of Democrats who openly seek and embrace totalitarian socialism.  His legacy is a generation of Democrats who want a gender-neutral world, a utopia of safe spaces, censorship in violation of the 1st Amendment and the elimination of the 2nd Amendment. 

We have a generation of Democrats who want open borders, and a desire to soak the rich not realizing that that soaking will trickle down to us all.  We have a generation of Democrats who have totally abandoned the traditional values that made our nation great and the principles of our founding.  The traditional family has been replaced with unwed cohabitation, homosexual marriages, and enough genders that require a catalog to identify.  We live in a world that has zero common sense.  We live in a world where our educational system is producing graduates who have no clue of real American or world history.  Thus, we have the Ocasio-Cortez’s of today.

Today’s modern Democratic Party embraces open borders and views the illegals as citizens of the world and believe they have the right to vote in whatever country they find themselves.  They have abandoned the idea of working for a living and making your own way in life facing the obstacles, difficulties, and pitfalls.  Rather, they opt for the government to make the field level and guarantee them a job, a salary, a house, a car, a cellphone, healthcare, education, and much more. 

I believe that if the Democrats win in 2020 we can wave goodbye to the Republic as we know it and our Republican Democracy will be no more.  College campuses have already been transformed into socialist, liberal, safe spaces where conservativism, constitutionalism, and Christianity are as welcome as the bubonic plague.  The rank-n-file may be voting for their agenda completely unaware of the endgame but the endgame exists nonetheless.  There is disaster lurking and I pray that you will open your eyes, your ears, and your minds and recognize the warning signs.  The handwriting is on the wall and those of us sounding the alarm are often being treated as unwelcome guests and the little boy crying wolf. 

What has Trump done that is half as destructive as the eight-years of Obama? Our economy is robust, our international relations better, our enemies once again fear us and our friends respect us. Our constitutional rights are being fought for. ISIS is being seriously fought. Our border crisis is being addressed and the exorbitant taxation and regulations of the previous administration rolled-back. I am thankful that Trump not Hillary is in the White House. He is a flawed vessel, but we are all but he is far better for America than any of the Democrat hopefuls.

Ignore my warning if you choose.  I won’t say, “I told you so if they win.”  The reason I won’t is because I will be fighting to survive and will leave you to your own devices.  If we make a bed, we also have to lie in it.  I pray that we do not have to endure that after the 2020 elections. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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