MASS SHOOTINGS – Keep Blaming the Wrong Thing and The Problem Will Continue…

Yes, I am responding to the plethora of diatribe that after more mass shootings using any kind of firearm, but especially semi-automatic rifles we must advance new legislation to curb or control gun ownership even more.  That rhetoric and diatribe are not just ‘missing the mark’ it is setting up and shooting at the wrong target.

I have shouted this until I’m blue in the face, the problem is not the firearm it is the human heart!  No law, and we have thousands of them, will curb the problem found in the human heart that produces this kind of evil.  The rhetoric is well-meaning lament from some in the masses of society who do not truly understand the problem and believe their ideological heroes in politics.  But, for the politicians, it is nothing short of sleazy and cheap opportunism that should be rejected and denounced immediately. 

I am not defending this or any shooter. I am not seeking to absolve them of ultimate blame.  Their hate, their becoming demonized, their deranged mindsets and decision to pursue their evil is beyond reprehensible and diabolical.  Their judgment will be severe in eternity and should be severe in this present world too.  However, to immediately blame white people or call this systemic white terrorism is dangerous.  I hate terrorism regardless of the religion, ethnicity, or ideology of the terrorist.  I want you to understand that as I engage in my discuss of this matter.

Before you attack me as unfeeling, uncaring, insensitive, a racist, a bigot, or some other derogatory name, let me offer my thoughts one more time.  I’ve done this before and will do it again. Every time we have a tragedy that results in demands to strip us of our inalienable right for self-defense and an attempt to usurp or revoke our constitutional rights and freedoms I will shout from the rooftop the error of that mindset. 

I truly believe that if the Left wins this argument and achieves more ‘gun control’ and ultimately ‘gun bans’ or ‘gun confiscation’ we will endure such tyrannical and despotic governmental control that none will be free any longer in America.  Charge me with oversimplification and overstating the issue if you please but let me continue.

Guns have been in America since, before, during, and after the Constitution was signed and ratified. They are not going away whether deemed legal or illegal.  Likewise, mass shootings have been experienced since the early dawning of the 20th century.  This is not new and is not going away with legislation.  What laws have worked to curb gun violence to date?  Consider the many super-restrictive cities and states in America where guns are virtually outlawed and only the outlaws have access to guns, has that reduced the violence?  Chicago is a prime example and the violence continues to grow there although their gun laws are incredibly stringent. 

I agree that mass shootings appear to be on the increase. I agree that we need to find answers to the problem.  But when we focus on the wrong target we achieve no resolution. If we are honest and examine the statistical data we discover that the passage of another ‘gun law’ has not, does not and will not curb the problem.

At that point people grow increasingly more frustrated. When that transpires the politicians who want ‘gun bans’ seize on the opportunity to pass yet another ‘gun law’ and restrict our 2nd Amendment Rights even further. They claim that we haven’t done enough, and another more restrictive law is the cure. Hundreds of thousands if not millions swallow that pill and drink that Kool-Aid only to become even more frustrated.  The design is to eventually have a populace so distraught over the problem we agree to give up our guns.

The result of that, were it to become a realized condition, would be Total Control by Government but with no real resolution of the problem.  Tragically, at that juncture, it would be too late to go back to where we enjoyed our 2nd Amendment Rights to “keep and bear arms.” 

We would be virtually unable to mount a resistance strong enough to become a revolution, like that of 1776 and we would be buried in government regulations and controls that would expand to every facet of life.  After all, the politicians would argue that if gun bans did not solve the problem the government must expand their control to resolve the problem that is an issue of the heart.  The human heart and mind are not something the government or politicians can fix with legislation. 

Sometimes, if not most of the time, these shooters are young adults who had a horrific childhood with atrocious parents or the absence of a godly and normal father in the home.  Frequently, there is some type of drug use or abuse in the equation.  I don’t know if it is too much involvement with video games, the disconnect with people and society, the Internet, the Media, Hollywood’s diatribe or the pursuit of ‘fundamental transformation’ of America that is the major culprit.  Many of these shooters have a long history of seething hate burning deep inside their souls.  I don’t know if it is a craze to achieve notoriety and a sense of immortality.

The manifesto reportedly written by the El Paso, Texas shooter is a mixture of Nazi lebensraum green think and rage against Mexicans.  Experts inform us that copycats within ten days to two-weeks of a mass shooting are common.  With the flood of media coverage and many experts have declared that the El Paso and Dayton shooters fit that description to a tee and were copycats.  Where they?  I don’t know.

What I know, in my heart of hearts is this is a ‘human heart’ and a ‘human mind’ problem and we will never fix that with legislation. Giving up our inalienable and constitutional rights is a bad plan.  Blaming this on Donald Trump is beyond lunacy and is nothing more than political opportunism. If we want to blame people, we dare not excuse the diatribe and brainwashing in our schools, the media, and coming out of Hollywood. In the end it is a choice and that choice is prompted by the condition of the heart and mind.  

How do we fix this problem?  My prescription will not be well received by some, but others will find that it resonates deeply with them.  Hopefully, those with whom it resonates will join me in pursuit of the remedy and resist the temptation to overreact and shoot at the wrong target. 

What is my remedy?  GOD!  We have allowed politicians to do great damage to the traditional family makeup and offer alternatives lifestyles as normal, healthy, wholesome, and acceptable.  We have allowed the development of a mentality of entitlement and engendered a snowflake, safe-space world of political correctness.  We must return to holding people accountable for their actions.  We must stop rewarding bad behavior.  We must cease making it more lucrative to have single-parent homes than homes with a father and a mother. 

My heart breaks for the victims and in some measure for the deranged and often demonized individuals who commit these acts. No, I do not offer them sympathy for they deserve whatever just punishment meted out to them for their crimes. I do weep for the perpetrators because I know the eternal horror they will endure and wish that somebody could have reached them. They crossed the line that no new gun law will repair or reverse.  We can continue to blame the wrong thing and move further and further from any viable solution or we can acknowledge that it is not the inanimate object (firearm) that is causing this problem, it is people, the sick human heart, and the sick human mind. 

Some will appreciate what I’ve said, and some will brand me as one who is lower than a snake’s belly and unworthy of breathing the air required to live on planet earth.  I only hope that you realize that until we deal with the heart, we will never see a diminishing of this problem.  I weep for my nation and those impacted by this kind of tragedy.  I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom! 

God bless you and God bless America!

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