Well, it began in eternity past with Lucifer tried to overthrow the Most High God of all Creation and was evicted from heaven.  But, for those who do not ascribe to that explanation and reject the Bible as their guide, it has been around for a long time.  What has?  The hate, bitterness, rhetoric, diatribe, ranting, the pursuit of power, and willingness to use any ploy to gain control.  That is what I’m talking about!

I would love to laugh at the accusations that Donald J. Trump is the source of the hate, evil and violence in today’s world but that rhetoric is too dangerous to laugh at!  There is plenty of blame to go around and there is no easy explanation or solution, other than God.  The banning of Mitch McConnell’s Twitter feed over the video showing factual events of protesters outside his home and their vulgar, vile, and dangerous rants while allowing those of Leftists who call for the same as the protesters to continue, reveals the level of animosity and hypocrisy existing today.  We are in a very dangerous time and the need is glaring for all of us, both sides of the issue, to seek sanity, not rhetoric, solutions not blame. 

The core foundational basis for Planned Parenthood revealed in the actions and expressed views of their originator Margaret Sanger was eugenics and deeply steeped in racism.  Who supports that entity more, Republicans or Democrats, Trump or the Leftists?  Do I really need to give specifics on that?  Sanger argued for compulsory sterilization and segregation for people with disabilities. In her infamous speech in 1932 “My Way to Peace” she gave a detailed process and targeted specific groups of people for elimination through sterilization and segregation. 

She said, “The first step would be to control the intake and output of morons, mental defectives, epileptics.”  She argued for a broader approach that included forcing the ‘undesirables’ to choose sterilization or placement in state work camps.  She said, “The second step would be to take inventory of the second group, illiterates, paupers, unemployables, criminals, prostitutes, dope-fiends; classify them in special departments under government medical protection and segregate them on farms and open spaces.”  They would only be allowed to return to mainstream society if they agreed to sterilization and demonstrated good behavior.  She estimated that between 15-20 million Americans would be targeted in this reign of terror.  To her, this was humanitarian and necessary.  She believed this would produce a superior race of people and a Utopian world. 

Her bias was not just to the group of people listed in the preceding paragraph but also the Negro population, she considered inferior.  Planned Parenthood performs more abortions among blacks than any other ethnicity. Woodrow Wilson, as governor of New Jersey, signed a law in 1911 mandating the forced sterilization of “the feeble-minded.”  Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, in the Buck v. Bell case in 1927 declared forced-sterilization statues constitutional.  At least 60,000 American citizens were sterilized against their wills under the weight and authority of such mandates. 

Eugenics was practiced in the United States before it was the norm in Nazi Germany.   Black educators and intellectuals such as W.E.B.Du Bois, Thomas Wyatt Turner, and many academics from Tuskegee University, Howard University, and Hampton University agreed with eugenics.  They believed that the best blacks were as good as the best whites and “The Talented Tenth” of all races should mix.  W.E.B. Du Bois argued that “only fit blacks should procreate to eradicate the race’s heritage of moral iniquity.”  I hope that shocks you!  How is this a Trump issue when racism and the press for the eradication of the ‘so-called’ undesirables has been prevalent among Progressives and Liberals for decades if not centuries?  This is not new!

This morphed into blatant racism and we saw the rise of the KKK in bygone eras. The Black Panthers, and New Black Panthers, ANTIFA, Aryan Societies, White and Black Supremacist groups arise spewing hate and advocating the purging of society.  This is not new and will be around until the end of time.  It is a heart and mind issue, not simply a political or legislative one.  No law will fix hate in the heart!

Today we have the vile rhetoric and diatribe of Representative Joaquin Castro of Texas calling for attacks against Trump supporters.  He has tried to walk that back a little, but his message was clear and received by his followers.  He insisted that Trump and all Trump voters are engaging in “White Supremacy” and “Racism.”  On MSNBC special guest Elie Mystal pressed the hysteria to an even more vile level in his hate for Donald Trump and any Trump supporter or voter. 

He called for protesters against Trump to form mobs outside the SoulCycle and Equinox chairman’s home in the Hamptons and take action.  He said, he wanted to go beyond outing Trump supports saying, “I mean I go further, I want pitchforks, and torches outside (Stephen Ross’) house in the Hamptons.”  He said there is no reason people should not be outside making their voices peacefully understood.  With Pitchforks and Torches?  Peaceful?  Maybe I need a new dictionary but that sounds very other than peaceful.

The shooter in Dayton, Ohio had ties to ANTIFA, was a registered Democrat and protested against the KKK with a weapon.  Wow!  In Port St. Lucie, Florida a lunatic asked a Wal-Mart clerk for a gun to kill 200 people.  He is a gun control advocate was attempting to make some gun control point.  That is not curbing violence it is encouraging it. 

Woodrow Wilson was an avid racist and wanted to suppress blacks by every means possible.  The late Senator Robert Byrd was a member of the Ku Klux Klan Exalted Cyclops.  He was joined in his racist bigotry by Al Gore, Sr. and other prominent Democrats of that era.  The Democrats voted in a very racist manner in the past and their policies of the present do far more harm than help for those of minorities.

The Democrats voted to keep African Americans in slavery, opposed the 13th Amendment.  They were opposed to the 14th Amendment which granted slaves U.S. citizenship.  They opposed the 15th Amendment giving the former slaves the right to vote.  They opposed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Reconstruction Act of 1867.  They advocated and voted for Jim Crow Laws and Black Civil Codes that forced Americans to utilize separate drinking fountains, swimming pools, and other facilities in the 20th century.  They opposed the 1957 Civil Rights Acts and those nay votes included Kennedy and Al Gore, Sr. It was Senator Everett Dirksen, a Republican from Illinois who penned the 1968 Civil Rights Acts which banned housing discrimination.

The calls for violence are largely coming from the Leftist Activists.  The vulgar and vile pleas of De Nero, and many other Hollywood activists, comedians, and other activists are dangerous.  I acknowledge there are fringe elements on both sides itching for a fight.  However, the mainstream of the Right is not calling for violence but many on the Left including presidential hopefuls are inciting violence.  When did it all begin?  Long, long ago.  When will it end?  At the end of the 1000 Year Reign of Christ. 

America, Trump is not the problem!  Generational racism and mind-numbing brainwashing are at the core of this matter.  I vote No on the Left and refuse to passively sit by while my country is victimized by the political prostitutes sell their souls and our liberties for power. 

God bless you and God bless America!

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