I more frequently than I care to admit get angry, and it is not always righteous indignation, at the antics and actions of those who continually trash America.  I have sat in perplexity wondering, “what could they be thinking?”  Those who live here, but continually trash this nation want all the freebies, benefits, protections, and liberties the Republic affords but want to fundamentally transform America.  Into what, I might ask?  Most of them have no clue what they want her to become but parrot the rhetoric and diatribe offered by the Liberal Leftist following the toxicity of liberalism, socialism, communism, and hate. 

Someone recently asked me, “Is America Still the Land of the Free?”  My immediate reaction was, ABSOLUTELY!  Then, I tapped the brakes, gave it some thought and said, “I Am No Longer Sure!”  That is a statement I would never have dreamed possible but is a current reality. 

We live in an America where about 50% of the population is working almost tirelessly to destroy what we have, what we have been, and what we are.  Why?  Is it that the genuinely believe that America is an evil empire much like the regime of Atilla the Hun, Genghis Khan, Stalin, Mao or other despots in history?  The failures of every Socialist and Communist attempt worldwide seem to be completely invisible to them.  They are totally oblivious to the potential, inherent, and real dangers of that system of government and economy.  They, in my mind, are “messing with a bull.” 

The Bull of Freedom and Liberty!  The Spirit of Independence and the drive and desire to be free and live without the restraints and chains of tyranny produced America!  Those became a Bull respected, hated, and feared by the rest of the world.  Tyrants dared to “mess with the bull” and each time they discovered the reality of an old saying I grew up hearing.  “If you mess with a bull you get a horn in the rear!” 

I do not fear our foreign enemies because I believe that our ability to contend with those forces are once again formidable enough to endure and produce victory.  I have enough confidence in our men and women in uniform and the remaining American spirit and resolve to believe that, if attacked, we will respond unitedly enough to be victorious.  You may or may not agree and some hate the military enough they want no standing Army to exist.  That is not the view of this patriot, veteran, Christian, and American.  I salute our troops and always have!

The enemies I am most concerned with are the domestic parasites and political prostitutes.  Those following the toxic view that the power of the state should be paramount over the liberty of the people.  Those who view government as the giver of rights, liberties, freedoms and vested with the power to decide who lives and who dies.  Those who view all things Conservative, Constitutional, Christian, and Traditional anathema and are engaged in varying levels of animosity and war with those elements of our American society.  They concern me.

Why?  The major reason they concern me is ignorance!  Sorry, if that offends anyone but I do believe that the entire slate of Democratic POTUS hopefuls are on a mission to destroy not revive our American ideal.  They are all proponents of not just abortion but expand it to abortion on demand or infanticide. 

They do not want to call it murder, but what do you call the taking of a life that has been fully birthed and viable?  If you snuffed out the life of your neighbor what would you call that?  I know what the law normally calls it, but I’m not sure what the followers of today’s Democratic Socialism would if the individual was a conservative or Christian.

They are all proponents of governmental theft through excessive taxation.  Hey, we fought a war, in part, over that issue back in 1776.  I call to your remembrance the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Tea Act of 1773?  We are rapidly heading toward if we have not already fallen prey to the evil clutches of Socialism and authoritarian fascism.  If you do a little digging in the annals of world history, you will uncover the declaration of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s definition of a fascist state.  He said, “corporatism and the merger of corporate and state power” produced that state.  I see the evidence of that today and hear it from the Liberal Leftist POTUS candidates.  They are “messing with a bull!”

Do you remember “too big to fail” being applied to various corporations and the bailouts of GM and Chrysler and banks?  Too many Americans have adopted a view that the government is our ‘knight in shining armor’ or the ‘Calvary rushing in to save the day.’  Too many believe that it is the duty and responsibility of the government to provide both their needs and their wants.  They believe that it is incumbent upon the federal government to ‘redistribute the wealth’ because they somehow deserve to share in other people’s labors. 

Anything the government gives us has a price tag and extracts a price and demands a piece of our liberty in the process.  Whatever the government provides and subsidizes it controls, at least in some measure.  That produces an ever-expanding infection that produces the incurable disease of tyrannical rule, political oligarchy, and ultimately the total loss of liberty and freedom.  Nothing from the government is without strings attached and the cost of ‘government help’ is beyond any reasonable valuation of their service.  My liberty is too valuable to sell for a bowl of porridge.  They are ‘messing with a bull!’

I hope that the Bull they are are “Messing with” will result in the American people rising up, drawing a line in the sand, and saying, “No More!”  I hope that the “American Bull” will see the red flags being waved in front of our faces and take the appropriate action, at the polls and evict ALL THE INTERLOPERS and reclaim our Republic.  Will we do that?  The 2020 elections will be a good indicator of the existence or absence of the Spirit of 1776 and Independence.  It burns in me and hopefully millions more like me.

Thomas Jefferson once stated: “Even under the best forms of government, those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.”  Although the number is disputed by some, even President Ronald Reagan once noted that there are roughly 20,000 laws regarding gun control alone, and that’s just the federal illegitimate laws.  So many other laws exist that it’s been estimated that the average American commits approximately three felonies day.  That makes the authorities’ task simple if for any reason they wish to victimize you.  Just ask the Bundy Family, Hammond Father and Son, LaVoy Finicum’s Family, Lt. General Michael Flynn, and Michael Cohen and a few others. 

America, are we going to take it without resistance or are we going to allow the Leftists resistance ‘fundamentally transform America’?  You and you alone can answer that question but as for me and my house, we will stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom as long as we have breath.

God bless you and God bless America!

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