I mean that in more ways than simple $$$.  I am speaking morally, societally, constitutionally, and nationally.  However, the dollar cost of their agenda is astronomical and expresses a view of Americans that is unhealthy and unacceptable. 

I thought that the 8-years of Barack Obama were as bad as things could be, but I was wrong!  The new Democratic Socialists of today want to do far more damage to our economy, our citizens, our national sovereignty, and our system of government than even Obama thought possible.  Their agenda expresses a complete disregard for the Constitution and lack of concern for legal American citizens.  I guess, the prospects of a very large voting bloc of illegals are so appealing that they are throwing all caution to the wind to win!  That is despicable!

Democratic Party Chair Tom Perez has confirmed that his party fully embraces and endorses “free healthcare for illegals.”  That is beyond this American’s ability to comprehend with any semblance of sanity.  No, my position is not about compassion or the lack thereof, it is about America and American citizens.  If America and Americans do not come before Illegals we have destroyed the Republic and the America birthed in 1776 is no more.  That is deeply saddening to this veteran patriot who has served in the armed forces in war.  How dare they trample the memories of those who died for our Freedom.

The Democrats have escorted the Illegals to the head of the line for healthcare and various other entitlements or ‘freebies.’  Things they do not deserve, should not be granted, and they do so at the expense of needy Americans.  How can the Democratic Party claim they are the Party of the People?  What People?  I argue, based on their policies it is not the American people but those they view as potential Democrat votes in future elections.  Illegals are their new pathway to a political dynasty and control.  We must not allow that to become a reality.

In the 2nd night of the 1st debate, all 10 of the would-be nominees raised their hands that they would favor covering illegals with health insurance or providing free healthcare.  That means they would move them ahead of the struggling veterans needing care, the middle-class workers who have been priced out of Obamacare, the baby boomers facing likely Medicare cuts.  Thanks, Democrats, you just gave me another reason to oppose you at every level. 

The cost, glossed over by the Democrat POTUS hopefuls is significant.  According to the Pew Research Foundation, there are approximately 10.5 million illegals in America today.  I think that number is much higher.  Yale University and MIT demographers suggest that the real number is double and more like 21 million.  Either way, the cost of their Democrat Plan is staggering not to mention disgusting in their disregard for Americans needing care.

Depending on which set of numbers you employ in calculating the cost of enrolling that entire population in Medicaid ranges from $84 billion to $176 billion per annum.  You might be able to pare from that number those illegals who are working and have insurance through their employer.  That could drop the number to $50-$100 billion each year. That is with the current numbers.  But what happens if the Democrats win and our borders are erased?  The influx of illegals will rise exponentially, and the cost will as well.  Candidates, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Bernie Sanders also want to change the law and stop prosecuting illegals except those guilty of committing ‘serious crimes.’  Invading America and trespassing on our soil is deemed a wrist slap offense to them. 

Not one of them is as committed to caring for the elderly and veterans as they are illegals.  I wonder why?  Congress is nickel-and-diming the Veteran’s Administration and the entire budget for 2020 is $8.9 billion.  Compare that to the estimated cost of insuring illegals.  Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?  No, it should infuriate you and embarrass you and more so if you call yourself a Democrat.

Congress is appropriating a measly $1.5 billion for homeless veterans.  The Left would have you believe that this is inconsequential, and money is no object.  That doesn’t hold water when you consider their failure to care for the elderly and veterans but going full bore to provide for the illegals.  I guess the elderly and veterans are not a sure thing politically, so they are unnecessary, but illegals provide a ray of sunshine for their political hopes, so nothing is too good or too costly for them.  That is despicable.

California, and I hate to keep picking on California, has voted in their state legislature to fund health coverage for illegals to the age of 25.  Wow!  How do they plan to pay that tab? Simple, they are slapping a huge fine on anyone who does not have insurance.  That fine can be up to $3,252.  Seriously?  The illegals have no insurance, so you are giving it to them free but American citizens who cannot afford health insurance get fined.  Yet, you call yourself the Party of the People and the Party of the Working-man!  Can I offer you some oceanfront property in the middle of the Sahara Desert?

A person making $80,000 a year (which is barely survivable income in Los Angeles) does not qualify for an Obamacare subsidy.  That poor stiff will have to pay for healthcare for an illegal.  That should make everyone want to move to California, right?  Yeah, and the moon is made of green cheese, unicorns are grazing in my backyard, and pigs can fly.  This is another attack on the middle-class by the Democrats.  If one earns over $48,650 as an individual or $65,840 as a couple they do not qualify for the subsidies.  The illegals not only qualify they get the full freight paid for them at no cost, no penalty, and for doing nothing!  Sounds like a good gig if you can get it.

We dare not forget that in 2010 the Democratic lawmakers stole $750 billion from future Medicare funding to pay for Obamacare.  They literally robbed Grandma to fund their boondoggle healthcare Ponzi Scheme.  Now they want to go a step beyond. 

I have only addressed one of the reasons we cannot afford the Democrats and believe me there are dozens more that we need to and will talk about as we go forward.  America, if you like your country and want to keep it, you MUST vote no on the Democrats in 2020 and beyond.  The choice is yours and if we make the wrong choice everyone will pay dearly as we watch America destroyed.

God bless you and God bless America!

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