I had a relative ask me that question a few years ago.  She was following a lifestyle that she knew I disagreed with biblically and morally.  I had never said one word to her, never condemned her, never even addressed the matter.  However, in her mind I hated her.  I assured her that I did not hate her although I was in total disagreement with her life choices.  I suspect that the issue was inner guilt, not anything I had done that caused her to seek for someone or something to strike out against to make her feel better about her choices. 

I had a person who follows very toxic liberalism say to me, “You Republicans all hate me.”  I thought, “Man, you sure have a high view of your importance because all Republicans or Conservatives do not know you.  Therefore, it would be impossible for all of them to hate you.”  I bit my tongue rather than using that bit of sarcasm.  I don’t always achieve that goal of not speaking my mind, but in this case, I prevailed and exercised restraint.

I don’t go around asking liberals why they “hate me” and why they “hate all who believe, and vote like me.”  I often wonder, but dealing with their actions and accusations leaves little time or room for questions as to why.  Even before November 8, 2016, those of us supporting the Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump for president were called everything but human beings.  Barack Obama called us “bitter clingers.”  Hillary placed us in a basket and labeled us “deplorables.”  We were called and still are Nazis, Fascist, White Supremacists, racists, homophobes, Islamophobic, misogynistic, and haters of women.  That is not an exhaustive list although it is exhausting, it suffices to make my point.

I have difficulty comprehending how millions of people that I hope are reasonably intelligent can believe the rhetoric, spin, and diatribe that is offered by the Left.  The facts do not support the charges leveled and nothing this president has done even remotely resembles that of the tyrannical despots of history.  The undisguised disregard for the Constitution and our founding principles by today’s followers of the new Democratic Socialism and Fascism is producing the fruit of destruction and anarchy in America.

Why do they hate me and you? Why do they hate those of us who support the American flag, the Constitution, Life, and Freedom of Speech?  Why do they hate those of us who are advocates for border security and protecting America and Americans?  Why?  There are multiple factors and with the risk of being banned from public discourse and targeted for eradication, I will offer a few of those reasons. 

One is spiritual.  I realize that will possibly rankle some on both sides of the aisle especially those who are members of the, “Never Trump Consortium” who normally vote Republican but hate him too much.  The Left, who profess faith in God will also call for my head saying, that their interpretation of the Bible is equal to mine.  I do not disagree but suggest that when God says something plainly and leaves no room for modification or distortion, that is not simply my interpretation it is His Word. 

Another is brainwashing.  We have produced at least two generations of people who have been deceived by segments of the education and entertainment establishment. They have been wrongly taught and persuaded that America is an ‘evil nation’ founded upon ‘grossly evil principles.’  This segment of today’s population is highly susceptible to the demagoguery that has achieved the objective of producing robotic machines (people who do not think for themselves).  Those followers of various professors, demagogues, and celebrities simply parrot what they have heard and believe it is etched in the stone of truth.  You waste your breath trying to convince them otherwise, they heard it from Hollywood, the MSM, or in the classroom, therefore it must be the truth.

There is no factual evidence that justifies the charges of those following toxic liberalism that Trump and his followers are anything like Stalin or Hitler.  Those were two of the most heinous and murderous regimes in world history.  The insistence that those who voted for President Trump are ‘white supremacists’ is ludicrous.  Statistically, there are fewer than 150,000 hardcore members of that segment of society.  That is out of a population of 330 million or less than 0.04%. 

History reveals that despotic regimes come to power through the gullible who are have been indoctrinated or brainwashed by toxic ideology. Those members of society play an integral role in launching the authoritarians into a position of power.  That reality can be seen in Russia, Italy, Germany, Cuba, Venezuela, and any other authoritarian regime. 

History reveals that once those despots are in power, only outside military intervention or internal revolution can overthrow the ruling party.  Is that where we are headed?  All those regimes whether they are followers of Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, Nazism, or Communism all have a common thread, the Utopian bribery promises the gullible believe for whatever reason.

You can call it Democratic Socialism, but it is still Socialism and will fail like all the other attempts.  You may argue that your brand of Utopianism will relieve the oppression, level the playing field, and make everything fair, equal, and righteous, but it too will fail and end in tyranny and despotism.  If you truly examine all those despotic regimes and attempts at Utopianism you will find that only those in power prosper and everyone else finds their misery growing more extensive each year.  Is that what we want in America?

I don’t mind anyone disagreeing with me, but if a person hates me enough to want to see me harmed or killed, they have crossed a moral and ethical line that is dangerous for any civil society.  If a person is so insecure in their beliefs that they want any voices with opposing views censored and silenced, they are opening a door that will rival Pandora’s box of troubles.  Disagree if you please, but at least be willing to debate the issue and defend the Constitution and our system of government, which has arguably produced the freest society in human history.

God bless you and I ask that you join me in the fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom!

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