Before I launch into my private rant and in a limited fashion detail what I am talking about I must ask, “How Much Destruction of the Republic Is Worth Satisfying Your Hate?”  I am speaking to people on the Right, on the Left, and those supposedly in the Middle, if there is a Political Middle today.  It is my view that when hate and the thirst for vengeance or revenge become the prime objective everybody loses, and nobody wins.  In my life I have witnessed people, proverbially, cutting off their noses to spite their faces.  I ask, “Is or Was it Worth It?”  I suspect the truth is, NO!

There are some people I call friends who are adamantly anti-Trump to the point they voted for Hillary and voted for Democrats in 2018. They have vowed to vote for whomever the Democrat is in 2020 in opposition to Trump.  They hate Trump that much!  It has far more to do with who he is than what he has done or stands for.  They are willing to ignore the warts, flaws, and anti-American sentiment expressed in the ideological agenda of those following the toxicity of liberalism and socialism, but not any flaws in Trump’s demeanor.  One of them said, “I’d vote for the devil himself before I’d vote for the devil Donald Trump.”  I was flabbergasted at that declaration and the shortsightedness of it.

As the 2016 presidential campaign developed some of the Trump antagonists attempted to join forces with the Democrats to defeat him.  Bill Kristol, the de facto head of the NeverTrump, Inc., proclaimed he was building an army and funding a ‘war machine’ to take down Trump in 2020.  He failed in 2016 and is failing in his attempt regarding 2020.  Many of them have been as vocal as the Democrats in promoting the fallaciousness of Trump’s Russian collusion and ignored the involvement of the Democrats in that faux intelligence.  The Steele dossier was a fabrication almost from start to finish and literally bought and paid for by Hillary, Obama, and the DNC. 

The massive shift of the Democrats to the Left toward Socialism and Communism has significantly left many of the “Never Trump” advocates out in the cold with no home in either party.  The Democrats, as they often do, used them to regain control of the House in 2018 and in their attempt to defeat and then unseat Trump after 2016.  Now, that many of those advocates are criticizing the Left’s hard left turn the Democrats have little interest in their views and have, in many incidences, shut them out of the conversation.  They have become an afterthought to the Left, who are far more interested in the Illegals than them.

Mona Charen, a former conservative, has admitted in a column for Politico that she voted Democrat in 2018 and empowered uber leftists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilham Omar, and others.  She and those who joined her in voting for the Democrats in opposition to Trump have opened the door to massive destruction of our Republic and system of government.  They are enabling those who are a direct threat to our national security and our economy.  I must ask, “Is Quenching Your Hate and Securing Your Pound of Flesh Worth It?”  The price that will be paid in the years to come has yet to be fully revealed, but I believe it will be catastrophic. 

Before you accuse me of being a Trump puppet and apologist I ask that you consider the cost, on every front, of the eight years of Obama and the current proposals by the Democrats.  Do you truly believe that is better than what has transpired under Trump’s watch?  He has been none of the atrocious things the Left has contended that he is.  He is not the existential threat claimed by the Left of the Never-Never Crowd but what they are doing to the country is.

When supposedly conservative constitutionalists such as Tom Nichols contends that the “Only requirement for an opposition candidate is the ability to get 270 votes” I cringe.  Do you really hate Trump that much that you really do not care what the opposition candidate believes, advocates, and proposes so long as they can defeat him?  Is America’s survival that unimportant to you?   I am sick of hearing the term “principled conservative” being used to describe and laud any conservative that opposes Trump while voting for the Leftists.  I take that as an insult to my character, ethics, and principles.  I love America and believe that the most principled thing I can do is defeat the toxic liberalism of the left. 

Some Trump haters are acknowledging that the breakup of the Left and the Never Trump advocates is imminent.  However, that does not prevent them from continuing to try to find some fictional common ground that the two can unite and launch a full-frontal assault on him.  They have been doing that for three years.  There are those who hate Trump who have offered a compromise in their principles in supporting abortion providing it is in the first twenty weeks of the pregnancy.  They have modified their opposition to man-made climate change, energy, gun control, and illegal immigration attempting to form a union of opposition to take down Trump.  That is astounding to me.

There are things I strongly dislike about the demeanor of President Trump.  His language is not my preferred choice.  He has signed on to a few things such as spending that I do not like.  However, I like his willingness to fight back but that is not the basis of my support.  I support protecting our rights and freedoms, defending America and Americans and I see him doing that as opposed to what Obama did and what the Democratic hopefuls propose.

When I consider what he has done, what he promised, and what he has tried to do contrasted to what the Democrats vow to do, I say, “Thank God, he and not they are in the White House.”  I have moved beyond concern of what people may think of me for my support of Trump and my efforts to defeat the Democrats.  If you consider me subhuman, that is your choice.  If you consider me a cultist, that is your choice.  I have fought in war defending this nation and freedom and will defend your right to think, believe, and say what you believe.  I believe in America, American people, the Constitution, the Bible, and our Inalienable Rights.   I stand for Faith, Family, and Freedom and make no apologies for that.

God bless you and God bless America!

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