It’s been a while since I’ve ranted about Agenda 21 and the United Nations Globalist objective of World Government and Utopian Control, but let’s approach it regarding ‘Climate Change’ or whatever the identifying term is today.  History reveals that Europe has provided the world with some very undesirable gifts.  Those would be Fascism, Communism, and Nazism.  Oh, I’m not blaming everyone in Europe for those but that is where they arose and were the birthplace from which they have furrowed destruction throughout the world. 

Today, the incessant and scientifically unverified paranoia over ‘Climate Change’ is the face of a much darker purpose.  It is one of the tools being used by Globalist to advance their agenda and objective of Control.  The government regulations designed to achieve greater energy efficiency are both costly and ineffective.  The more the government, any government, regulates the more it controls.  The more it controls the less freedom we have and more of our money they confiscate.  All under the guise of ‘Saving the Planet.’ 

When I view the world of economics and finance, as I do from time to time, I find some perplexing revelations.  I am at a loss to understand, other than their quest for power and control, why anyone in America would want to copy Europe economically or even governmentally.  Why?  Statistical data confirms that the GDP in the United States is 5 times that of Germany, 7 times that of France and the United Kingdom, 10 times that of Italy, and 14 times that of Spain.  How are those economic models better than what we have?  Yet, the Democrats and sadly some Republicans want to make us more like Europe economically and even governmentally.

The answer, I believe, lies in one word – Control.  The more they can force us to practice Europe’s ‘Control-down Economics’ the easier we are to be placed under their thumbs and controlled.  Is that what Americans really want?  Only those who do not think and by the fallacies of socialism and liberalism.  Anyone who has carved out a comfortable lifestyle and economic nest egg wants no part of the agenda of the leftist.  How have millions become so deceived with the romanticizing of the European model? 

Many of the efficiency standards and regulations imposed by the Department of Energy (DOE) have been more detrimental than helpful and incredibly costly for the consumer.  A small price to pay to protect the planet, right?  If we were truly protecting the planet that might have some validity.  The Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975 contains some interesting provisions that few know about.  That Act contains the provision of protecting consumers from efficiency standards that reduce product features and performance.  Wow!  Who knew? 

In March 2018, the Competitive Enterprise Institute petitioned the Department of Energy to set a new standard.  The DOE granted that petition this year and has begun the long laborious governmental process of determining whether a new efficiency rule is warranted that would permit the production of dishwashers that can do the job in an hour rather than the two or three hours required by the regulated energy-efficient models.  There is much more work to be done and hopefully, with Trump in the White House, the DOE will consider more and more of the overly restrictive regulations in other areas.

Agenda 21 and the Sustainable Development Agenda has a long-range plan to force us into public transportation and out of our cars.  They want to force us into Urban living with restrictive travel options.  In short, they want to dictate every detail of our lives.  Ultimately that will include when and how we die.  I am horrified by their objective and even more horrified by the millions that believe it to be a good and noble effort.  After all, the Liberal Leftists insist, ‘We must save the planet.’  What if it is not in danger and does not need to be saved from man?

The City of Portland, Oregon created an ‘equitable mobility’ task force.  What was their assignment?  Investigate and offer plans to charge people for using local roads.  There is a hidden agenda.  The stated objective is to reduce carbon emissions and congestion on the city streets.  They are expecting as many as half a million new residents by 2040.  Their desire, as stated by Commissioner Chloe Eudaly, the overseer of the transportation bureau is to ‘get people out of their cars.’  There you have it.  Those dastardly evil cars and the freedom they provide must be eliminated.  If that is not Control what is it?

I have long contended that automobiles enable us to be more productive, live in less dense environments, and provide expanded work opportunities for people.  Americans do not live, as do our European counterparts in cramped urban metro-centers.  Yes, places like NYC and a few others do but millions across this expansive and great land do not.  We do not all live in areas or environments that make taking the bus, train, or bike feasible.  The time factor alone for trying to navigate public transportation or riding 40 miles to work is a deal breaker for most Americans. 

Cities across this land are reducing the number of vehicle lanes by expanding dedicated bike lanes trying to force us to ride bikes rather than drive our cars.  They are further escalating the congestion problem because rather than giving up our cars we endure the hours-long commutes and curse the politicians and city planners who devise these schemes.  Of course, bike enthusiasts and global warming activist are elated and fail to fully grasp the objective of control.

Today, the PC Police want to censor and regulate all speech.  God forbid that anyone holding Christian views should speak publicly on matters citing the Bible as their reference and guide.  God forbid that anyone wanting fiscal sanity in government should speak and reveal the dangers of entitlements and uncontrolled spending should voice those views publicly.  God forbid that anyone wanting to secure our borders, preserve our national sovereignty, and advance conservative ideas should speak openly.  Hate speech has become any speaking by a Christian, traditional family supporter, pro-life, conservative and constitutionalist.  Hate speech has become any speech the liberal leftist hate and worthy of the severest of punishment.

God help us if we do not realize that Control is the real objective and that politicians are not our friends.  Even those that go to Washington professing to believe what we believe and want to protect and defend the constitution fail us.  I don’t know what happens but as one Congressman told me, “You have to give to get, so we compromise.”  My concern is not compromising but the abandonment of the promises made to the voters that elected them.   Are we going to wake up?  I don’t know, but I continue to pray and fight for Faith, Family, and Freedom!  Join the fight, please!

God bless you and God bless America!

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