I am cognizant that my position and postulations will possibly render me persona non grata with some people.  In fact, it may cause me to lose friends and diminish my influence in some circles.  Some may consider my position going too far and others may consider it not going far enough.  But, to preface all that I hope to convey, each of us can think, form opinions, and develop beliefs.  Those thoughts, opinions, and beliefs are the bedrock of our lives and shape our principles and ideological views.  In short, they make us who we are and who we are will not please everyone.  If everyone were exactly the same, some of us would be unnecessary.  I believe you are necessary and valuable whether we agree or not.

I keep hearing arguments from many sectors and segments of society insisting that our current president, Donald J. Trump must go.  There are many factors that cause them to feel that way that it would be impossible to sufficiently detail.  Some are rooted in preference, some in ideology, some in partisan politics, and some in a belief that all things political are merely cyclical and not dire.  I happen to disagree with the last view and while I do believe politics like all of life is cyclical, I do believe the condition we find ourselves in today’s America is dire. 

Some believe it is dire because Trump is the president and therefore, he must go.  I believe it is dire because of the ideological agenda of the Left and they must be defeated.  I believe that we are on the brink of political cataclysm and we are truly fighting for our survival and our Republic. 

I have never argued that President Trump is a Conservative.  He was not prior to becoming a Republican and I do not believe he is today.  However, he has advanced more conservative causes than did George W. Bush, the previous Republican president.  No, he has not advanced all the conservative and constitutional things I would personally like to see, but he is dramatically different and demonstrably more supportive of the Constitution than anyone on the Left. 

I believe President Trump is a pragmatist and a businessman.  He is and will always be a “shoot from the lip” type person who when pushed pushes back.  It may not always be with the class or the demeanor that many would prefer but we have had some incredibly colorful presidents in our history and none of them have experienced the hate, this president has endured.  He does not play by the standardized political rules largely written or unwritten by the Democrats, the Media, and Hollywood. 

But, talking about Trump’s personality, his tweeting, his verbal explosions, or anything of the sort, is not what I am addressing.  I am concerned about the future and the survival of our Constitutional Republic and Representative System of Government.  I am concerned with Free Market Capitalism vs Socialism.  I am concerned about Liberty vs Tyranny.  I am concerned with America!

I have heard the argument that it is mandatory that the Republican Party be decimated to the point it becomes extinct in order to save the Republic.  I must ask, “What is there in the Democrat Agenda and Ideology that makes you think we can survive if they win power?”  I would also ask, “How is Trump more a threat to our Constitution and Republic than the Proposed Agenda of the Democrats?” 

If the Left regains control of the government and the Republican Party becomes extinct, is there enough time to form and establish a viable Party to replace them and stop the train-wreck of the Left?  I think not, but some do.  I believe that it is a flawed philosophy to seek to wreck the Republican Party believing that the Democrats will not destroy the country.

Do we really want to trust the Democrats to use any measure of restraint in advancing their ideological agenda?  Do we want to risk the probability of them attempting to or suspending our inalienable right of self-defense and our right of freedom of speech?  Before you argue they cannot or will not do that let me offer a few thoughts and you decide.

If they regain control of the government what will prevent them from packing the Supreme Court with liberal activist jurist who disavow the principles of the Constitution?  We have already seen the Constitution shredded by liberal activist judges. 

The Obama administration ignored the law, cherry-picked the laws they would obey or disobey, and the liberal activist judges frequently backed them.  Do we truly want to risk that?  Do we want to face exorbitant taxation which they have all vowed to impose upon us?  Do we want to see our healthcare system destroyed via Medicare for All or Government-run healthcare, which they all support?  Do we want open borders, which they all support?  Do we want Socialism, which they all support in some fashion? 

I believe the risks are too great and seeing the damage of eight years of Obama and the escalation of their overt actions of destruction today, there is too much at stake to allow them to win.  We are more aware of the depth of the Swamp and the expansiveness of the Deep State than ever. Therefore, we should be very cautious!  You may detest Donald J. Trump, but I hope you love America enough to see the danger of the Leftist Agenda.  I would love to have a president that held the same Constitutional and Conservative values as I, but I haven’t seen one in my 50 years of voting. 

Therefore, I will vote to stop the Democrats because I believe the risk is too great to do otherwise!  I do not like everything this president does or how he does some things, but I do like many things he has and is doing.  The threat to our Republic is too great for me to be complicit in allowing the Democrats to regain power.  I recognize the danger and the damage they will or have promised to do.  They will expand upon Obama’s promise or threat to ‘fundamentally transform’ America.  I love America too much to run that risk.

God bless you and God bless America!

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