The lunacy of virtually every presidential hopeful on the Democratic Party’s side of the political ledger grows exponentially daily.  It is beyond my ability to comprehend how any rational thinking American who actually works for a living and pays taxes could support them.  I can understand how those on the government dole, those who refuse to work, are filled with greed, envy, and a sense of entitlement can embrace their plans but not working Americans.  If you pay taxes, how could you support a Party that wants to take more and more of your hard-earned income and redistribute it to those who do not work?

If you scream it is compassion and benevolence, then be compassionate and benevolent and engage in personal and private charity.  That is your right and something I would applaud, because it is something I believe in and do. However, it is not the right or the responsibility of the federal or state government to provide a living for anyone.  It is the responsibility of individuals, churches, and charitable organizations. 

There is no constitutional provision for the that endeavor to be pursued or fulfilled by the government.  Yet, today, we are told that it is our duty to provide and their right to sit on their backsides, do nothing while drawing a comfortable living from their government entitlements.  Where are the modern-day Madison’s, Jefferson’s, Franklin’s, and Washington’s?  We need some modern-day patriots with backbones to step up!

Elizabeth Warren, who is rising in the polls on the Democrat side of the political equation has offered an economic plan that even the uber leftists CNN admits will destroy our economy.  If it is that bad and that obvious, how do working and taxpaying Americans still support her or her party?  That is more than the sixty-four thousand dollar question it may be the question of the ages.

I had to laugh when she ranted about her ability to foresee our economic future and declared that there was an impending implosion coming and her plan would, like Mighty Mouse, save the day.  Yep, immediately following her dire warning of an economic crash she began calling for Free Everything.  She wants free college, a minimum wage that would destroy entire industries, more Dodd-Frank regulations imposed on banks, and a mountain of other free stuff.  Yep, Senator Warren, that would fix our economy if by fix you mean destroy beyond repair.

Apparently, Senator Warren and the other Democratic hopefuls do not consider spending the country into the abyss of financial oblivion a matter to be concerned with.  After all, it’s only money, right?  I am incensed at both Republicans and Democrats who seem to have to no willingness to curb spending, reduce the deficit, and deal with the national debt.  Senator Warren’s plan would require two-prongs of destruction that no freedom-loving American should endorse.  It would require massive tax increases and printing more money further devaluing our current monetary standing.  Nice, Senator, if you call lunacy nice and desirable.

Then we have a member of the ‘Squad’ of apocalyptic intent, Rashida Talib of Michigan who has gone beyond Bernie Sanders and other Democrats and called for a $20 per hour minimum wage.  She is not a presidential candidate but a member of the Leftists Party and she calls that a ‘fair wage.’  Seriously? 

Your economic savvy, Congresswoman, is closely aligned with that of the other liberal Democrats and especially that astute economist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.  Wow!  I guess she believes that losing over a million jobs by such actions would be a good thing and spur the economy and boost jobs in America.  The $15 per hour minimum wage proposed, according to the Congressional Budget Office would eliminate about 1.3 million jobs.  Congresswoman Talib’s plan would make that seem like a Sunday picnic and destroy even more.  Hey, Congresswoman and Democrats, why not make it $50 per hour and I’ll come out of retirement to flip burgers for that.

The minimum wage was never designed or intended to provide a ‘living wage’ it was a minimum and provide entry-level opportunities for people.  Putting millions out of work is not providing a living wage it is destroying any hopes of living outside the government dole.  Wait, maybe that is the plan?  Maybe the design is to entrap as many people as possible on the government dole so that they will vote properly to keep those checks coming in.  Maybe that is the real plan.  I don’t like calling people stupid or ignorant but if you buy that plan or any of the economic plans being offered by the Democrats you just might want to pick up your sign and wear it. 

On the other side of the equation, there is President Trump, the much-hated president by those on the Left and some on the Right, seeking to close the loophole that allows Illegals to be on the food-stamp roll.  His plan, if enacted could remove about 3.1 million illegals from the food-stamp program and save the taxpayers over $2.5 billion annually.  I say a hearty, Amen!  Do it, Mr. President, do it!

Some government programs, such as the food-stamp program were to be ‘temporary safety nets’ for people while they got back on their feet.  It has become a permanent government entitlement and, in the minds of some, their right.  I go back to the words of the apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, “if any would not work, neither should he eat.”  The operative words are ‘would not’. 

There are far too many willing to sit on their butts and receive a hand-out not expecting to be expected to make it a hand-up and actively seek a job.  That must end and it is time for ‘tough love’ to be applied and ‘economic sanity’ to be employed in America.  We are moving forward, God help us if we allow the Democrats to take us backward into the economic calamity of the Obama era.

God bless you and God bless America!  Let’s keep America the land of the Free (not Free Stuff) and the Home of the Brave, where everyone has the right to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!  Vote No on the Democrats in November of 2020.

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