I can envision the pitchforks, the boiling tar and the rail to ride me out of town on because of that statement.  It will be deemed by some that I am a White Supremacist and want to suppress other cultures and ethnicities.  I do not!  However, as a nation, multiculturalism is a destroyer and I will gladly tell you why I believe that.  It is not racism or phobia, it is a desire to see America remain the Free Constitutional Republic that we were given over 240 years ago.

The problem is evidenced in the political spectrum and stage.  Politics is all about amassing votes, winning elections, entrenching ideological views, and securing power.  It is about mobilizing votes and voters.  That’s one of the reasons today’s politicians say one thing in Des Moines, another in Atlanta, another in New York City, and another in Fort Worth.  They say whatever they deem is necessary to motivate, captivate, inspire, and endear the voters of those sectors of our nation. 

One of the most prolific flip-floppers of modern times is the Democratic presumptive favorite, Joe Biden.  If you check the record you will find that, at one time, both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were on the record of being opposed to ‘illegal immigration.’  Even, Queen Hillary was, at one time opposed to gay marriage.  Imagine that!  But, as the mood of the electorate shifts, politicians tend to shift their stances.  They weigh the positive and negative and determine which stance gets them the most votes.  The fact that they say one thing in one place and another somewhere else is inconsequential to them, it seems because voters tend to decide based on what they heard not what is said to someone else in some other part of the country.  Why I cannot explain.

If you study history and observe the path of societies under dictatorial rule and tyranny you discover that truth is deemed to be whatever the dictator declares at any given time.  Contrast that to Republics and Democratic Societies you find that truth is deemed to be whatever the mass wants to hear at any given time.  Both have significant dangers and present significant problems.  The latter opens the door to the diabolical snake-oil salesmen politicians to nefariously tell us what they think we want to hear.  They have no real interest in fulfilling their promises but promise they do to get our vote.  Once in power, they view us as tyrants view their populace.

Some may deem the next presentation of my argument as ‘racist’ because I wish to walk through the evolution of the civil rights movement and bring things current.  I would never argue that blacks were not mistreated in America. That would be historically inaccurate and require ignoring of facts, which I try not to do.  The movement began with a legitimate desire to be afforded basic human dignity.  Any peoples deserve that regardless of ethnicity.  Once that objective was achieved they pressed for equal opportunity.  Again, I do not decry that as a wrong desire.  Any person should have equal opportunity. 

The problem in the evolution of causes is that sometimes when they obtain their basic objectives they morph into something destructive and counterproductive.  When American society, for the most part, recognized the basic human dignity and the right of equal opportunity the movement then took an Orwellian leap and demanded that equal opportunity be redefined.  The redefinition was that we would have quota systems and in that preferential treatment.  The civil rights movement that focused on blacks is not the only group that has sought preferential treatment based on ethnicity, gender, etc. 

Once, that objective was achieved, in a measure, the new push was for reparations for slavery.  Pardon me, but are there any living in America today who were slaves in America?  Yes, there are descendants of those who were slaves in generations. Those slaves suffered, but in today’s America, anyone can achieve if they set their minds to achieving regardless of ethnicity.  How can those of us who never participated in slavery be held accountable for the actions of our forefathers?  How can those who never experienced slavery be awarded reparations for damage not done to them?  The push for reparations is not a healing balm and will not cure or absolve any past wrongs it will further divide this nation.

The problem is people are incredibly tribal.  I detest the hyphenation of Americans.  That designation lends to the further dividing of our culture and nation.  The segregating of cultures based on the request of those cultures divides and makes us weaker, not stronger.  Politicians and activist have learned that grouping people into tribes is the easiest way to mobilize them and bring them to the fight or the voting booth. 

America has always been a multi-ethnic society, but we had a dominant culture that defined who we were.  Today that is being eroded to the point where no longer see ourselves as Americans but as tribes, sects, groups, or communities.  The politicians nurture that distinction and division for their purposes, not for our betterment.  In Vietnam, we quickly found that the enemy’s greatest strength was it was a homogenous culture, language, and identity.  The oft used cliché, “Our strength is our diversity,” is not totally true, and blinds us to problems inherent in multiculturalism.

If you look at nations such as Lebanon, Rwanda, Switzerland, and South Africa you quickly discover the multiculturalism usually descends into barbarianism, ethnic cleansing, and civil war.  The Swiss have different languages but have a strong unmovable identity.  They know who they are and so should we.  In South Africa, white farmers are being hunted like animals.  That is a far cry from Nelson Mandela’s idea of a Rainbow Society or multiculturalism working.

In my view, those supporting multiculturalism are those who believe it will advance their cause, not because they want everyone treated equally.  Muslims want our public schools closed on Muslim holidays and halal food served in the cafeterias.  In our political America, multicultural tribal desires are legitimate unless you are white and Christian.  Our colleges have caved to the demands of the multiculturalist and have segregated dormitories, student unions, and graduations.  Imagine whites or Christians demanding “white-only” dorms and graduations.  We would see blood in the streets.  I am not advocating whites demand that, nor do I want other cultures afforded that recognition.  We are America and supposed to be Americans!

            Wake up America, the politicians, and political elites are not pushing multiculturalism in the interest of all cultures but in the interest of power and control.  It is time that we return to insisting that everyone who legally immigrates to America become Americans.  Maintain your culture but become part of the unique American culture.  Remember your roots but become part of the solution not part of the problem.  Be part of the unification not part of the divide. 

Love me or hate me, that’s how I see it.  I love America and want everyone regardless of ethnicity or cultural heritage to be treated equally.  I want an America where we recognize that all men are created equal.  I want to maintain the recognition of our inalienable rights that include the right to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

That is why I will oppose the Leftist Democrats in 2020 and all other elections I am blessed with the opportunity to cast my ballot.  

God bless you and God bless America!

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