Who am I talking about?  The Democrats vying for their party’s nomination for President, that’s who.  I keep hoping that they are simply saying things trying to garner votes and have no real desire to destroy our Republic.  I keep hoping but the more I listen to them, the less I think that and that causes incredible trepidation in my heart.

If they believe and truly desire what they are suggesting, America is in deep trouble.  If we are foolish enough to allow them to reclaim the White House, keep the House of Representatives and reclaim the Senate we have lost our minds.  Yes, I said it and believe it. You may, as some on our side and the other side have insisted that the cost is no big deal. 

They believe that if the government is paying, it’s just money and all we have to do is print more to solve the problem.  That is wrong on many levels and although I have in the past and will again try to summarize the terribleness of that view, it won’t resonate with those who believe it.

It is estimated by some reasonably reliable sources that combined, all the proposals of the Democratic hopefuls would cost approximately $210 Trillion dollars.  Our federal tax revenue is approximately $3.1 Trillion.  That means that our annual revenue from taxes is less than 2% of the money needed to pay for their programs.  Imagine that! 

In 2018 the total wealth of Americans was estimated at $100 Trillion.  If the government confiscated every dime in assets of all Americans, there would still be a shortage in paying for the Democrat plan.  So, please tell me they don’t mean or believe what they are saying?  Please, I’m begging for someone to offer an encouraging word of sanity.  Sadly, the more I listen to them, the more I believe they believe that it is only money and that they can tax us enough to pay the freight. 

Although the American dollar is the monetary standard of the world that does not mean that our Federal Reserve can simply print more when they want it to pay for stuff.  That approach is morally wrong.  If we make an obligation, we should feel the responsibility to pay our debts.  If I were a nation lending money to America and they did that to me I would say, “Good luck getting any help from me in the future.” 

Printing more money would cause a dramatic spike in inflation and likely to plunge us into hyperinflation and the dollar would be virtually worthless.  Think of what that would do to your 401-K or other retirement funds.  Think of what that would do to your ability to live unless your wages increased 1000-fold.

Hey, if it is only money and there is plenty to go around why stop with the proposals they are suggesting.  Why stop at healthcare, education, reparations, and the like.  If, when the government is footing the bill, it’s just money then let’s go for the whole enchilada. 

Give everyone a government gas card and when the bill comes let the government just print the money to pay the bill.  When the energy bill for our homes comes in, just print more money.  When the house note is due, just print more money.  The same with the car, the cell phone, television cable, internet service, travel, food.  Why limit what the government can and will pay for?  After all, its only money, right?  If the government is paying for it, there is no cost to anyone, right? 

But let’s press that even further, let’s totally eliminate taxes because, after all, the government can just print more money anytime and pay the bill.  The dollar would be worthless and would virtually grow on trees or off the printing press and why make anyone pay anything in taxes?  Believe me, I don’t like taxes and believe that what is happening is nothing short of legalized theft by the government, but I see the holes in that kind of thinking. 

The Utopian World of the Democrats running for President would last about 10 seconds before someone pulled the plug.  Businesses would quickly refuse to provide goods and services, employers would be forced to dramatically reduce their workforce.  Nations around the world would not simply hate us, they would seek to destroy us. 

Am I being dramatic and even overly so?  Of course, but it is to illustrate the flaws in the mentality that is prompting the proposal of the Socialistic Plans and Proposals and the idea that “it’s only money.”  If the government provides everything, they will control everything including the amount of time you are allotted on planet earth.  They would determine where you live, what you eat, what you drive if allowed to drive, where you work, and everything else in life.  Our system of elections would be eliminated, and our Republic would be nothing more than a wistful memory.  None of us want that!  None of us!

Please use that organ inside the appendage on top of your shoulders for something other than a place for your hat or hair to rest.  Think!  Reason and reject the lunacy of the left in all the Free Everything Proposals.  Not only are they unsustainable financially they are unsustainable morally, ethically, governmentally, and with regard to our Freedom and Liberty. 

Obama said, “If you like your healthcare plan you could keep it.”  That was a lie and if you like your Freedom, you can’t give it away and expect to keep it you are not being rational.  Freedom is not now, never has been, and never will be free!  It must be fought for and guarded as a precious treasure to keep.

I urge you to join me and millions more in November 2020 in rejecting this kind of lunacy and take another step toward restoring America as the Land of the Free!

God, please bless America again and help us to return to You!

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