HOW CRAZY CAN WE BECOME? – Is Not Meant To Be A Challenge…

Yes, I say that with some levity but also with heartbroken seriousness based on what I am witnessing across this great country.  Craziness, some argue, has become the new normal.  I contend, it is not normal but a new venture into the world of the inane and political correctness has plunged.  It is the fruit of toxic liberalism and the snowflake mentality that has become pervasive in far too many circles today. 

I have some dear friends who are lifelong native Californians and out of respect for them, I try to avoid stereotyping all Californians as crazies.  That being said, there are cities and governmental entities that make that increasingly more difficult.  California is a beautiful state and one friend who has lived there his whole life recently said, “If it were not from my family roots, I would leave the state and never look back.”  Another, said, “California is a great place to be from, far away from.”  Again, please don’t take offense because Texas has some of those same crazies and seems to be producing more of them with each passing year and election. 

I am beginning to wonder if sanity has taken leave and crazy has become the go-to mentality of a majority today.  I hope that is not the case but when women seem to have taken offense by the exempted from the identification of those maintenance holes in our streets and forced the renaming from ‘manhole covers’ to ‘maintenance hole covers.’  What?  I can only imagine the outcry if they decided to change their name to ‘woman hole cover.’  It is an impossible situation for those who opt to take offense to everything not gender-neutral. 

I saw a report recently that listed some of the decisions of the City Council of Berkley, California.  I laughed and cried and thought, “How crazy can we get?”  They decided to remove all references to gender in any of their laws.  That’s right, you cannot refer to brothers and sisters but siblings.  You can no longer say he or she but they.  That is mandated even if there is only one person being referred to.  That lone individual regardless of gender is not a he or she but they.  The aforementioned manhole covers are now maintenance hole covers because women are offended as are those promoting a gender-neutral society. 

Miss Kathy Zhu the Miss Michigan winner was decertified as the winner of that state’s Pageant.  Why?  She committed the unpardonable sin of having an opinion that is outside the accepted liberal mainstream.  Two years ago, she posted on Twitter a response to the Black Lives Matter tweet criticizing the police.  She defended law enforcement.  How dare she?  What did she say that was so grossly offensive?  She tweeted a question: “Do you know that the majority of black deaths are caused by other blacks?  Fix the problem within your own community first before blaming others.”  Her reasoned question and statement offended those on the left and she was stripped of her crown.

Of course, she also committed the unthinkable in questioning something regarding Muslim women when her college endorsed a “World Hijab Day.”  The Muslim women were encouraging passersby to “Try a hijab on.”  She made this statement that made her a candidate for being boiled in oil.  “So, you’re telling me that it’s now just a fashion accessory and not a religious thing?  Or are you just trying to get women used to be oppressed by Islam?”  Yeah, pointed questions but questions that many of us have thought and questions that should be legitimately asked. 

Returning to California for my observation on the craziness and the insane political correctness that is pervasive today I offer an example.  A doctoral candidate who is also a teaching assistant named Laura Tanner is under attack, not because of something she said in the classroom but on her own time and in her own world on Twitter.  She said, “It is not possible to be born in the wrong body.”  I agree!  The demands are that she be immediately fired. 

How about Queen Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat-controlled House of Representatives?  They had to get into the act and approved what was called ‘Equality Act’ in a vote of 236-173.  That Act, if not blocked by President Trump will require allowing males who ‘identify’ as female via the transgender process to be allowed to compete in all-girl sporting events.  If that gains the president’s signature the female vs female competition will be a memory and no longer exist. 

The amazing thing is this is called Progress by the Progressives, Liberals, Leftist, Socialist, Activists, and Democrats.  Progress?  I guess I really don’t know what progress is if this is progress.  Can I have a cup of sanity to go with my morning coffee, please?  God help us if we allow this craziness to become the norm in America.  I agree with the statement I heard recently, “Why do they call it common sense when it is so rare?”

God bless you and God bless America!

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