I have observed the trend in America over the past few decades and am deeply troubled about many things.  I am always encouraged in God and from time to time in people, but overall when it comes to the direction of politics today, I am petrified about our future.  I purposefully used the word ‘petrified’ because simply saying ‘concerned’ would not encapsulate the depth of my trepidation. 

I believe we are on the brink of a societal and political apocalypse like we have never witnessed in our history.  You may disagree.  I have friends equally conservative, devotedly Constitutionalist who disagree on that point.  They believe that all things political are cyclical and we have a time of leftism and then a time of conservatism, but little truly changes.  They insist that the 8 years of both Clinton and Obama and the 4 years of Carter were mere bumps in the road and all things tend to correct themselves if allowed to run their course.  I wish I could believe that, but I don’t, at least not concerning America and the Democrat’s Plan of Destruction.

To be fair to the Democrat, the rank-n-file Democrat who works for a living and loves America, I don’t believe that every person who votes Democrat wants to destroy the Republic.  However, the plans, agenda, and proposals of their leaders will.  Sadly, I am seldom able to convince them of the dangers and the depth of deception and hypocrisy of their Party’s Platform and Agenda.  They believe that Republicans, Conservatives, Constitutionalist, and those holding to traditional values such as marriage are haters and want to harm the little man.  Facts seem inconsequential to them.

The current policies being advanced by virtually every Democrat seeking their Party’s nomination for president are beyond dangerous they are diabolically destructive.  We cannot afford their economic strategy.  If we want to maintain our Freedom, have a less intrusive government, and not be taxed into oblivion we must open our eyes and see through the destructiveness of their economic proposals.  I keep trying to shed light on the matter but often feel I am preaching to the choir and talking to the wall.  However, because of the seriousness, I cannot remain silent on this and many other fronts.  I like you, regardless of your political ideology, love America! 

If the Democrats win the White House in November of 2020, individually, we had better have a ‘stash of cash’ socked away in some safe investment they cannot get to and steal.  Their plan will crash the stock market and place such a burden on businesses that costs will skyrocket, and many small businesses will cease to exist.  That will cause a dramatic uptick of the unemployment rate, an increase in the government outlays for entitlements and welfare.  The healthcare industry will crumble and not only cost more, and we will encounter delays and denials of care.  Our borders will virtually be erased, and the United States of America will cease to be recognizable constitutionally.  How can I get you to see that?

The New Green Deal proposed, seeks to renew stifling regulations, create Medicare for all, provide free college, and burden us with a tax rate of 70-90% will send us to the fiscal grave nationally and individually.  Outliving your money will become a fantasy rather than a genuine hope and goal. 

The flood of poverty-stricken immigrants and their insertion into the job market will suppress wages to the point that far more will be living beneath the poverty line economically.  The demands that will place on our social programs, housing, healthcare, education, etc. will cause the Republic to sound the ‘death rattle.’  How can I get you to see that?

Milton Friedman warned over a decade ago that if we allow open borders and become a social welfare state the influx of immigrants will be infinite.  He contended, and I agree, the fiscal cost would be astronomical, and no nation could survive that kind of fiscal demand but would become a third-world banana republic and throw open the doors to despotism and tyranny.  How can I get you to see that?

Let me offer a few pertinent statistical revelations hoping to get your attention.  Without the entitlements and the free stuff proposed by the Democrats, Americans, even the poorest in the United States, lives better economically than most of the world.  Many of our poor have automobiles, large screen televisions, video games for their kids, and cell phones.  The invitation to the poor of the world, in unlimited numbers, will not elevate them but reduce many of our citizens to the levels those people knew in their country of origin.  How can I get you to see that?

Statistical data indicates that as of 2017 there were at least 184 million people in Latin America living in poverty.  Sadly, the open borders will not limit immigration to our own hemisphere but the world where there are over 750 million worldwide who live beneath the International Poverty line of $1.90 per day income.  That is unimaginable and knowing what open borders will do to our nation is more than dangerous it is diabolical.  How can I get you to see that?

The Democrats are delusional that taxing the rich will solve the economic woes of this nation and its people and even the people of the world.  The Socialist agenda of Medicare for All will destroy the best healthcare system in the world and make it comparable to the worst of the world.  The New Green Deal will so regulate and stifle exploration of energy it will escalate costs, destroy entire industries, as was the desire of Obama and the Democrats regarding the Oil & Gas industry and Coal.  How can I get you to see that?

I personally do not believe we have any other choice but President Trump in November 2020.  I’m not saying I want another choice but I see this as binary. No matter what you think of him; love him or hate him, you must be willing to acknowledge that he has been good for the economy in contrast to the Democratic Liberal Leftist Socialist Policies of Obama.  Unless you want to see our American economy go in the tank and your standard of living reduced to ashes, you truly have no alternative but to vote for Donald Trump in 2020.  How can I get you to see that?

I expect some push-back on that and will hear the repeated rhetoric of his character and failures on other fronts, but if America cannot survive economically, it cannot survive in any manner.  How can I get you to see that?

God bless you and God bless America!

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